• Superyacht Crew Are Signing Up to Nautilus International in Record Numbers

    Posted: 28th May 2019 | Written by: Gary Crossing - Nautilus Int.

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    With its MCA-accredited Service Record Book and a strong history of winning employment cases, Nautilus is attracting a growing number of members in the superyacht sector. Gary Crossing looks at what the Union has to offer and meets some of the Nautilus partner organisations who deliver services to yacht crew worldwide.
  • Preparing your Crew Team for the Season

    Posted: 14th May 2019 | Written by: Sara Ballinger

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    Training, qualifications and experience – these are the things we look for when hiring great crew, but what about their ability to work as a team? This is always seen as a ‘nice to have’ when in fact it’s crucial to the whole operation.
  • How Crew Can Avoid Burnout

    Posted: 7th May 2019 | Written by: Karine Rayson

    Burnout jessica to oto femal crew on bow 140
    Unfortunately, burnout is a term often associated with the yachting industry, says Karine Rayson from The Crew Coach. She hopes that if crew are more aware of the warning signs we can help ourselves and each other take preventative measures before reaching breaking point.
  • Women in Maritime Leadership

    Posted: 30th April 2019 | Written by: Karen Passman

    Captain Heidi Hansenfus
    In 2018, Maritime UK established a Women in Maritime Taskforce to identify practical steps to increase the number of women working in the maritime sector, specifically in senior roles. It also addresses the knock on effect on shoreside roles traditionally occupied by ex-seafarers, since fewer women in senior roles at sea results in fewer women in senior jobs ashore. Such a comprehensive review is long overdue but it's an important step on the road to change.
  • Improve the Gender Balance to Improve Crew Retention

    Posted: 16th April 2019 | Written by: Nautilus International

    US Navy Christa Ratcliff credit Danny Kelley
    Nautilus contributed to a top-level meeting last month to develop a ‘roadmap’ for improving seafarer recruitment and retention practices across the global shipping industry. Delegates agreed that there should be a ‘creative approach’ to ‘attract a sufficient number of quality new entrants and retain experienced seafarers – including women seafarers and other under-represented groups’.
  • Why Listening Gives You the Leading Edge

    Posted: 28th March 2019 | Written by: Karine Rayson

    Karine Portrait
    Do we truly know what it is to listen? Great leaders are great listeners and The Crew Coach, Karine Rayson, explains why. Whether you are in a leadership role or not, if you find yourself doing more talking than listening this article has relevant insights for you.
  • Training the Future Leaders of the Maritime Industry

    Posted: 28th March 2019 | Written by: Lars Lippuner

    Lars Lippuner portrait 3
    When it opens its doors in June 2019, the new ship and port simulation centre at Warsash School of Maritime Science and Engineering will be the largest and most sophisticated maritime simulation centre in the UK, making hundreds of ship models available for the cadets and maritime professionals who come to train each year.
  • Crew Welfare at the Heart of Yachting

    Posted: 28th February 2019 | Written by: Karen Passman

    Karen Passman 2
    In December last year, ISWAN revealed disappointing findings from a study into crew welfare in the superyacht industry. A shoreside organisation revealing similar findings would be under investigation by a raft of governing bodies, yet the superyacht industry remains in a bubble decades behind. The question is why, and how do we change it?
  • How to Set up a Successful Yachting Business

    Posted: 25th September 2018 | Written by: Josh Richardson

    Josh portrait 5
    Have you spotted a gap in the market serving the global superyacht industry? Do you dream of starting your own business? Josh Richardson of Superyacht Tenders and Toys and Shipyard Supply Co. offers his insights on how to succeed at serving a demanding market.
  • Six Unusual Culinary Courses for Yacht Chefs

    Posted: 19th June 2018 | Written by: Chrissie McClatchie

    Relevance YPI Le Notre 140
    In the yachting industry every aspect of service must be impeccable with the utmost commitment to excellence. The galley is no different and superyacht chefs go above and beyond to become the best they can be, often pursuing unusual culinary courses to refine their gastronomy and give them the edge for the top jobs. Meet the yacht chefs who have taken their culinary skills to the next level.
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