• Inspiring and Motivating Crew Across Generations

    Posted: 8th October 2019 | Written by: Karen Passman

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    How do you engage crew to do what needs to be done? Gone are the days where a simple “do it because I told you to!” was enough - the younger generations now vote with their feet. If they don’t feel valued, empowered, or have clear and timely career progression, they will simply up and go to pastures greener.
  • How to Choose the Perfect Job for you

    Posted: 7th October 2019 | Written by: Karine Rayson

    This season, I’m seeing more and more crew leaving their jobs not because of unfair pay, but because their roles are not in alignment with their values. We guide you on how to find a job that is just right for you as, for many of us, the idea of finding that perfect position sounds impossible.
  • Beginner’s Guide to European Wines for Yacht Crew: Part 1

    Posted: 2nd October 2019 | Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

    A guide for all those New World stewards and stewardesses who are new to the industry and to the Old World of Europe, Captain Rod Hatch takes us on a journey through France and Italy in part 1 of 'A Beginner’s Guide to European Wines'.
  • Luxury Hospitality Academy Debuts Sleek New Website

    Posted: 18th September 2019 | Written by: Naomi Chadderton

    Providing the ultimate guest experience on a superyacht involves much more than knowledge and technical skills, and no-one knows this better than Luxury Hospitality Management (LH), which has just launched a new website to showcase their unique approach to superyacht hospitality training.
  • Jenny Matthews Talks Female Empowerment

    Posted: 16th September 2019 | Written by: Naomi Chadderton

    Jenny Mathews 2
    While gender inequality is alive and well in the superyacht industry, it’s very rare that people actually talk about it. That’s where First Officer Jenny Matthews comes in. We speak to her about the persistent gender gap in the industry, and what she thinks we need to do to make a change.
  • Conflict Happens and Here’s how to Deal with it

    Posted: 16th September 2019 | Written by: Karen Passman

    Is conflict good or bad? There are some people who will claim that they’ve never had a cross word with a colleague and, if true, we have to ask how they respond when they disagree with someone. At some point they will have felt otherwise; and if the answer is that they bite their tongue, there is a downside...
  • Work Smarter, Not Faster: Time Management Tips

    Posted: 9th September 2019 | Written by: Karen Passman

    How do those people who seem able to fit twice as much into the day as you do, or make the time to do the things you only dream of having time for, do it? If you want to manage your time more effectively, here are a few ideas to help...
  • Managing the War of Words Onboard

    Posted: 4th September 2019 | Written by: Sara Ballinger

    nik macmillan YXemfQiPR E unsplash 1
    At Crew Glue we’ve worked with a number of teams with issues from their past which still hang in the air like a toxic smog, never to be spoken about or dealt with. Then there are the conversations that no one wants to have, and the obvious truths that are being avoided when things just don’t seem to be working on board.
  • Nautilus Commercial Yacht Service Record Book

    Posted: 11th August 2019 | Written by: Nautilus International

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    A major attraction of Nautilus membership for yacht crew is the Nautilus International Commercial Yacht Service Record Book. If you're new to Nautilus – or new to the superyacht industry – here's how it works.
  • Earning After Yachting

    Posted: 6th August 2019 | Written by: Jodie Clarke

    Earning Ashore FB Comp
    So you dream of shorebased life with a dog or three, with weekends off, entertaining friends in your back garden and enjoying life. But adjusting to land life has many challenges, beginning with feeling shell-shocked at how much time and effort day-to-day living actually requires when you’re lacking a team of stewardesses, laundrymen, deckies and chefs. Pretty soon you’re burning through those yachtie savings, and you definitely need an income.
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