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Announcing the ACREW & IMM Crew Lounge at MYS 2018

ACREW is pleased to welcome International Marine Management (IMM) as the title sponsor of the Crew Lounge at La Rascasse during the Monaco Yacht Show 2018. The 'ACREW & IMM Crew Lounge' will open for crew and business guests from 9.30am- 5pm each day from 26th - 28th September 2018.

Extreme Sailing: No Rest for the Wicked

Nick Moloney, one of the world’s most respected Ocean Sailors, is all too familiar with sleep deprivation on the front line of extreme sailing. While offshore racers are well trained in maintaining their physical fitness, the effects of sleep deprivation on health and performance are often underestimated. Here Nick shares some insights and lessons from his time out on the beautiful but unforgiving oceans.