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Composite Services Directory

So you’re planning on carrying out some yacht construction and you want to work with designers, architects or shipyards that specialise in using composite materials. We can put you in touch with hundreds of businesses all around the world that will match your requirements. Simply log onto the internet, any time of the day or night, find our composite services directory, enter your criteria and we will come straight back to you with a list of relevant businesses for your perusal.

We have hundreds of businesses listed in our directory, but we know you’re likely to only be interested in those within a certain corner of the globe. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to refine your search. Simply use our drop downs at the top of the page to select your chosen region or country.

Want to be even more specific? Enter key terms which describe your requirements into the ‘Keyword Search’ field. Then you can be sure that, once you’re happy with your selections and you’ve hit that search button, we’ll come back to you with only the most relevant results that fit your specifications.

Amongst our list of information, you’ll find the businesses’ addresses and telephone numbers; everything you need to make your decision and get in touch with the company of your choice.

Our composite services directory will provide you with all the information you require. But if you’re focusing on a specific port or marina, why not use our Port and Shoreside directory? Here you’ll find information on local businesses in more than 620 superyacht marinas all around the world.