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VAT is the Question

There are many reasons why people choose to cruise the Med’s hotspots, but clarity of regulatory requirements is certainly not one of them. Not only are superyachts struggling to figure out the exact implications of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, but a slew of new VAT laws this year has added to the bureaucratic maze in the Med.

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Parking A Superyacht Isn’t That Easy

YouTube user Andy Wheeler filmed his Chopi Chopi superyacht entering the port of Bonifacio Harbor in Corsica on July 16th, 2014.


Superyacht Super-Chefs: Meet Phil Colicchio

In the last decade, the term “Super-Chef” has come to define a galaxy of creative thinkers who have attached their names to everything from hotel restaurants to beach resorts.


How to Select Security Services for Yachts

The selection of security services providers is often a headache that the captain could very happily do without, notwithstanding the critical safety service they are there to deliver.


Sydney International Boat Show 2014

The Sydney International Boat Show is the only show of its kind in Australia since 1968 and will be held this year from the 31st July to the 4th August.

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    OOW Colregs
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    This is the most useful wine app we've found for yacht stews. An excellent tool since you can never know too much about wine! Read a review.

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    Y.CO's app provides users with up to date information on a vast selection of luxury yachts available for sale and charter worldwide.

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    Balearic Lighthouses
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    Apps for the Constant Mariner
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    Boat Paint Guide
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    Learn a New Language!
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    Crew Work and Rest
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  • My Boat Show
    My Boat Show
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    The official events app for the Miami Yacht & Brogerage Show, FLIBS, St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show and The Palm Beach International Boat Show. Read a review.

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    Charter Digest
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  • ILO MLC Pocket Checklist
    ILO MLC Pocket Checklist
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  • The DC Wire Sizer
    The DC Wire Sizer
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    Diving Dude
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  • Managing Your Money
    Managing Your Money
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    Between countries, between tax codes, between currencies, between banks? Imagine if there was an app... Read a review

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    WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for iPhone and other smartphones, allowing for cross-platform messaging without all the hidden fees. Read a review.

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    From a simple checklist to full-blown projects, 2Do is useful task manager that keeps you organized. Read a review

  • Marine Mate
    Marine Mate
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    A free new smartphone app gives New Zealand water users easy access to any information they need when heading out onto the water. Read a Review

  • Yachtie
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    Yachtie lets you share your yacht's position and keep track of where your boating friends and family are. Perfect for co-ordinating rendezvous or just staying in touch. Read a review.

  • Captain's Tool Box
    Captain's Tool Box
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    One-stop Boat and Ship navigation and seamanship resource. A dozen apps in one – from unit converter to boating regulations. Read a review.

  • AroundMe
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    AroundMe is a great app for finding local businesses and bars when you arrive in port - or anywhere else for that matter! Read a review

  • Sochi 2014
    Sochi 2014
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    Here are some of the best apps for you to follow the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi! Get live video, stats, medal counts and much more. Read a review

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