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OnboardOnline is a popular platform for the yachting community, increasingly addressing the broader context of nautical tourism and coastal travel. Building on our maritime roots, we address a wide audience across the entire sector via one cohesive platform.

For yachting, nautical and coastal businesses, we provide a range of content marketing services for immediate impact and/or year-round publicity at unbeatable rates. 

Evolving Stories 

Across the industry there's a marked shift towards selling the experience of yacht charter and yacht ownership. At the same time emerging destinations are focused on the development of nautical tourism, developing the coastal economy and infrastructure to support a progression from nautical pursuits to the charter and ownership of larger yachts.

There's also a growing appetite for adventure and exploration. New regions are opening up and marinas are expanding to become destinations in their own right. This evolving context provides opportunities for more creative ways to promote your business and in the digital age it's no secret that editorial content is the most effective way to engage interest and influence opinion.

People (and Google) respond to quality information that's relevant, interesting and authentic. This is central to our editorial style and the work we undertake for our clients. It's also why OnboardOnline's editorials consistently attract the highest readership in this sector.

Content Marketing - How does it work?

A story in two halves...

(a) Content 

Content Marketing involves the development of a range of editorial content to inform and engage your target audience to help convert interest to action. Content marketing is all about the story, the human interest, the expertise and opinion, the people and the places. It's about who you are and what differentiates you or makes your business stand out.

Regular content is also vital for achieving your objectives. Like food in a kitchen, content is the raw material and without it we have nothing to work with. This is why we offer you the option to produce your own content to keep costs low but, if you find you don't have the time or the writing skills in-house, we can step in to produce great content for you.

(b) Marketing

However good the content, it also matters what we do with it to ensure it reaches the right people in the right way. A simple copy/paste onto a website will achieve very little so this is where the real work begins. Even if you have invested in your own digital resources, OnboardOnline widens the net and strengthens your digital footprint to make you more visible in online searches. 

Simply put: We work with you to build your visibility and credibility online. We do this by helping you to identify, produce, and distribute meaningful stories that drive tangible results.

We offer an annual subscription for companies wishing to provide their own content, and our expert writers can also produce editorials for you, separately or as part of your campaign. 


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