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OnboardOnline is 100% digital, with no connection to On Board Magazine. 


OnboardOnline is not Just Another Yachting Website! 

OnboardOnline is a content marketing platform to increase your exposure and brand awareness among potential clients operating in this sector. We use a broad mix of editorial and promotional content with a range of unique proprietary features that differentiate us from other titles.

Over the past four years OnboardOnline has built a regular following of industry professionals, superyacht captains and crew and now has the highest traffic of all editorial titles in this niche.

Digital Content Marketing

Digital marketing involves much more than banners and directory listings. It's a process that requires your input, sharing information, news and stories that tell us what you do, who you are and what you stand for. This allows us to present your business in a number of interesting ways, targeting the people you want to reach.

As well as expoure to our regular readers, OnboardOnline's presence in search results places you in front of potential clients who are searching for a product or service but may not be aware of your brand. 


Google’s algorithm strongly favours quality, relevant editorial, and this is the most powerful tool for raising your visibility in search results. 

But not all websites are equal in the eyes of Google. OnboardOnline has high authority in this sector so new content is quickly indexed and referenced, putting your brand directly in front of the people you want to reach.

Even if you have invested heavily in your own digital resources, publishing content on OnboardOnline widens the net, putting you in front of broader range of clients at different stages in the buying process, greatly enhancing your own efforts.

Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps can be useful if they offer something different to what's available online. However, content on an app is not referenced by Google so it has no impact on your visibility online. Exposure on an app is wholly dependent on the number of downloads - which is not the same as traffic.


Pay-per-click campaigns can be effective short term in boosting a broader strategy, but your visibility ends when you stop paying. On the other hand, publishing regular, quality content about your products or services builds a profile that endures, increasing your visibility in online searches over time.

Why the Smart Money is in Digital 

  • For immediate impact, digital marketing is fast, targeted and measurable.

  • For the long term, investing in digital content marketing is the most effective way to build a    footprint that endures, increasing your visibility to a wider audience over time.

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