MarNavProgram Rewrites Rules of Ownership and Charter

Posted: 4th June 2013 | Written by: MarNav


After two years of intensive, strategic research, a unique service aimed at revolutionising Superyacht ownership and charter will be launched in the latter part of 2013.

Developed by Superyacht captain and veteran yacht management professional Werner Trotz, TheMarNavProgram™ tailors Superyacht ownership to the current global economic climate and new ownership trends. The objective of MarNav is to make yachting more appealing for existing owners and to attract new owners by offering shared ownership of a fleet of five Superyachts.

“It is an ideal concept for first-time owners who wish to enter the Superyacht world without huge expenses. With a very conservative and controlled entry budget, they can enjoy this exceptionally thrilling Superyacht fleet experience with multiple locations worldwide. This is just one of many advantages over single yacht ownership,” explains Managing Director Werner Trotz.

MarNav Superyacht owners share ownership of five Superyachts, ranging from 35 to 60 meters, one of which is an Explorer. The fleet is strategically located in the best cruising areas around the world. For the cost of just one yacht, MarNav owners have an entire fleet of yachts at their disposal! The fleet is fully commercially surveyed, insured and flag compliant.

Operating costs are equally shared among the owners and are further reduced through volume purchasing and specially negotiated fleet rates. More importantly, TheMarNavProgram™ fleet owners can wipe out exorbitant ocean crossing expenses forever. They simply pick a continent to cruise, board a plane and lift anchor in a matter of hours, instead of waiting weeks for their yacht to complete an ocean crossing at high expense.

Another major advantage is the Malta Tax Code, under which the Superyachts operate on the high seas. All VAT paid in Malta is reimbursed quarterly by the Maltese VAT Department. A VAT exemption certificate accepted in other EU countries has been issued 

“Selling a Superyacht is hard work and can take years to complete. MarNav owners wishing to sell their ownership will find exiting the program quick and painless. They can offer their ownership to the remaining owners, who have the right of first refusal. Should they all pass on the option, MarNav will buy the ownership share and reserve it for equal distribution among the owners or for a potential new entry,” further commented Werner Trotz.

Working under contract, MarNav (Malta) Ltd. provides complete and transparent Superyacht fleet management services for the owners. The directors and members of the MarNav team come from the Superyacht industry, bringing with them more than 80 years of combined professional practice. Thanks to their many nautical miles of valuable experience a turnkey and hassle free maritime-compliant operation is guaranteed. 


For further information please contact:

Werner Trotz

Chairman / CEO


MarNav (Malta) Ltd.

Direct line: +356 999 00 356

Office: +356 999 00 357

The Strand Park Mansion

Suite 6

72 St. Pius V Street,

Sliema, SLM1427


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Readers Comments

  • Comment by: kat - 18/11/2014 5:39pm (5 years ago)

    Dont let this guy manage your money & Crew! I was employed by this company as a director. I was not paid wages for 3months and upon the umpteenth request for my salary I was fired and to date I have not been paid. There were no social security contributions, no insurance despite travelling to many locations.I have known Trotz for over 10years and I hope to warn everyone of his untrustworthy character. Myself and another colleague who resigned with the same issues of not receiving salary, have a court case against MarNav in France with a ruling next month. His current PA and only employee also has trouble getting paid and is fed up being illegally employed in France again without contributions or insurance. He will probably take me to court for writing this, as he is anything but a gentleman. Yachting is supposed to be a gentlemans game. Very sad, people like Trotz make the world an ugly place. Marnav you are welcome to comment here on why you have not paid me or Mr Goodbody. Shame on you.