Clear Ocean Pact Aims for 1000 Yachts by 2020

Posted: 24th November 2018 | Written by: Sam Watson


A new, voluntary initiative called Clear Ocean Pact has launched with the mission to gain commitment across the yachting industry to reduce the level of single-use plastic and microplastic waste entering our oceans.

Founded by yachting veteran Richard Orme, the aim is to raise awareness and stimulate a culture shift from the bottom up by exploring viable alternatives and solutions that yachts can adopt in their daily operations.

One example is the installation of a quality water filter to avoid the hundreds of kilos of plastic waste from bottled water which end up in the ocean. Others include the use of filters in washing machines which collect microplastics for safe disposal, and the avoidance of products using excessive plastic packaging.

Plastic bottles Flikr2Clear Ocean Pact estimates that every 10,000 crew consumes 3.2 million plastic water bottles each year

With a target of 1000 yachts by 2020, the voluntary pact lists five main pledges:

  • Avoid use of plastic bottled drinking water onboard yachts

  • Filter and safely dispose of microplastic waste from washing machines

  • Eliminate all single-use plastic items such as cotton buds, plates, cutlery and straws.

  • Reduce single-use plastic toiletries

  • Source provisions without unnecessary plastic packaging

Another key objective of the Clear Ocean Pact is the sharing of information around products and strategies to reduce plastic pollution. Yachts signed up to the pact are encouraged to share their ideas and join in an industry wide effort to make a real difference.

For more information or to sign up please visit Clear Ocean Pact.

*Image credit Steven Depolo via Flikr CC BY 2.0

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