Water Revolution Foundation Celebrates First Birthday

Posted: 11th December 2019 | Written by: Naomi Chadderton


One year on from its founding, it’s clear that Water Revolution Foundation is here to stay. Thanks to the strong support it has received from its partners, the foundation has been able to further its progress towards its goals and begin the first planned projects of year one. In fact, during last month’s The Superyacht Forum (TSF) and METSTRADE, both held last week in Amsterdam, the team delivered two projects. What a way to celebrate their first anniversary!

Yacht Assessment Tool

Great news: The superyacht industry is finally able to assess its environmental footprint. Besides the industry’s positive economic and social impacts it also has an environmental impact, and being able to measure this is the starting point of being able to improve upon it. The goal of Water Revolution Foundation is that the superyacht industry takes a proactive approach towards sustainability in order to future-proof the business.
This has to be done right the first time, therefore the scientifically-developed and superyacht-tailored assessment tool, initiated by Vienna Eleuteri before being accelerated and finalised by Water Revolution Foundation, uses the ten most important environmental indicators and is based on the Life Cycle Assessment approach. This is a far more holistic view of the environmental impact of a yacht and is much more sophisticated than simply calculating CO2 emissions of sailing from A to B.

Like with yachts, after a successful launch comes time for sea trials. At the launch of the tool at The Superyacht Forum, we called on the industry to share their case studies with us. Together we will assess their product or service, discuss the results and identify steps for improvement or alternative choices. You can find more information about our Yacht Assessment Tool on the website.

water revolution 3

Left-to-right: Robert van Tol (executive director), Vienna Eleuteri (iniator), Alessio Bonfietti, Rita Morisi and Elisabetta Zerazion (developers)

Sustainability Management Course

After a pilot for the foundation’s board members to approve the course content, the first edition took place during METSTRADE. Pleasingly, feedback from attendees was very positive. This course is the first delivery in Water Revolution’s educational programme that we will roll out over time. In 2020, four courses at different strategic locations are already planned. View the first dates and locations here.

This management course is tailored to the superyacht industry and is facilitated by the foundation’s strategic partner Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE) who is renowned for its management courses on sustainability and have trained 90% of Fortune 500 companies. It’s a tailored one-day course that is very pragmatic and aims to lower the barrier of starting a sustainability programme inside your company as soon as tomorrow, and provides attendees with useful tools and tips.

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Sustainability at TFS and METSTRADE

Whether it was the programme at The Superyacht Forum, new-product launches by vendors at METSTRADE or just the buzz on the street, sustainability was apparent throughout the entire superyacht week in Amsterdam. Water Revolution Foundation is fortunate to ride this sustainability wave, but recognise that, alongside the increasing attention and good intentions, there are a lot of question marks around the current technology and the best way forward. Fortunately, Water Revolution Foundation was established to help the superyacht industry better understand (the need for) sustainability, assess its environmental impact, ensure actions taken are real and the most effective, accelerate the much-needed shift in order to future-proof the business, and connect the superyacht industry to its most crucial natural resource: the oceans. In short, it is well placed to lead the sustainable revolution.

water revolution 2

Activites for Year Two

Water Revolution Foundation’s board is pleased with the progress and growing support from the superyacht industry, and has set its targets for year two. As the team continue delivering the management courses and welcoming case studies to use and promote its Yacht Assessment Tool, they will also begin with new projects scheduled for their second year. The major project will be a database of sustainable solutions - Water Revolution Foundation will start collecting sustainable solutions for a public database in order to make the superyacht industry, especially yacht designers and builders, aware of existing solutions and ensure there are real improvements. This will yet again reinforce the facilitating role of Water Revolution Foundation to the superyacht industry by making everyone more aware of what environmental choices there are in order to accelerate the shift towards sustainability.

Images: Pixabay, Water Revolution Foundation




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