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New Zealand Superyacht Industry Bands Together to Help Tonga

Posted: 24th Jan 2022

Written by: Isla McKechnie

The local superyacht industry in New Zealand, led by the Pasifika Collective and alongside superyachts in the region, is collecting aid and donations for the benefit of Tonga. Read More

ISWAN to Provide New Training on Suicide Prevention

Posted: 17th Jan 2022

Written by: OnboardOnline

For those who have completed Modules 1 and 2 of ISWAN's Maritime Mental Health Awareness training, Module 3: Suicide Prevention provides a more advanced level of training to provide a greater understanding of suicide awareness, risk and prevention. Read More

Plastic Soup: Yachting's Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Posted: 14th Jan 2022

Written by: Peter Franklin

In my last two articles for OnboardOnline I referred to the three main threats to environmental sustainability and the fact that they are all inexorably linked to the conservation of our oceans and waterways. They are climate change, loss of biodiversity and plastic pollution. Read More

Gulf Craft Highlights Commitment to Ocean Conservation

Posted: 12th Jan 2022

Written by: Gloria Belloni

Gulf Craft, a leading boat and yacht manufacturer, has underlined its commitment to conserving the ocean through its support to the Water Revolution Foundation’s Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) programme.

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Victor Vescovo Becomes First Person to Dive all Four 10,000 Metre Trenches

Posted: 3rd Jan 2022

Written by: John Cotton

Caladan Oceanic, led by explorer Victor Vescovo, along with expedition partners EYOS Expeditions, Triton Submarines and Greenroom Robotics, successfully dived to the deepest point of the Kermadec Trench in the South Pacific Ocean on December 11th. Read More

YachtAid Global Launches ‘Operation Pearl’ Disaster Relief for Philippines

Posted: 31st Dec 2021

Written by: K.C. Wenger

YachtAid Global has launched ‘Operation Pearl’ to provide emergency disaster relief to the Philippines in the wake of the devastating super Typhoon Odette/Rai which struck the island nation on 16 December. Read More

Five Star Private Jet Terminal to Open in Phuket

Posted: 20th Dec 2021

Written by: Linda Cartlidge

A five star fully integrated private jet terminal in Phuket designed to attract high end superyacht visitors and tourists worldwide was announced at a grand opening ceremony by Siam Land Flying last week Read More

New Nautical Storybook ‘Sail Away with Anna Cabanna’ Inspires Sustainability

Posted: 17th Dec 2021

Written by: Marcela de Kern Royer

Sail Away with Anna Cabanna, a nautical storybook for children, has been released. Written by Marcela de Kern Royer, the book teaches the basics of sailing through engaging storytelling accompanied by beautiful illustrations by the Mumbai-based artist, Neha Patil. Read More

MB92 Releases First Report on Superyacht Industry Sustainability

Posted: 28th Oct 2021

Written by: Júlia Quintana

The superyacht industry is running out of time to course-correct on sustainability if it and its playground – the oceans – are to survive the century, a new report finds. Read More

Scuppered Dreams, Abandoned Boats: An environmental threat in pictures

Posted: 7th Oct 2021

Written by: Peter Franklin

The Centre for Aquatic Environments at Brighton University in the UK has released a video outlining current environmental hazards in decommissioning leisure boats, stressing the urgent need for more sustainable practices.

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Laguna Golf Lang Co Retains EarthCheck ‘Gold’ Status

Posted: 21st Sep 2021

Written by: Duncan Forgan

Laguna Golf Lang Co has restated its credentials as one of Vietnam’s greenest clubs by retaining its EarthCheck “Gold Certification” for 2021. Read More

The Caribbean Charter Yacht Show: IYBA Webinar

Posted: 12th Aug 2021

Written by: Rebecca Whitlocke

On Wednesday 4th of August, an informative webinar was hosted by the International Yacht Brokers Association and IGY Marinas to discuss the inaugural Caribbean Charter Yacht Show taking place at Yacht Haven Grande in St Thomas, from 9-12 December 2021.  Read More

'Sleeping With Art' to Take Place in Herefordshire this September

Posted: 14th Jul 2021

Written by: John Cotton

Sleeping with Art will take place on 23 and 24 September at Lemore Estate in Herefordshire and will welcome 200 visitors who are passionate about cars and art. Read More

Dates Announced for Cannes Yachting Festival 2021

Posted: 24th May 2021

Written by: Camille Iparraguirre

The continuous improvement of the health situation in France and in Europe following vaccination campaigns and the loosening of health measures announced by the French government augur well for the reopening of trade shows from June onwards. Read More

Resetting the Model for Boat Shows in the Caribbean

Posted: 18th May 2021

Written by: Rebecca Whitocke

For many years, the superyacht industry has debated a reset of boat shows to better fulfill the needs of a variety of regional and international stakeholders. IGY Marinas and IYBA have listened and joined forces to deliver.   Read More

MB92 Barcelona Collaborates with the Seabin Project

Posted: 28th Apr 2021

Written by: Harry Green

MB92 Barcelona has collected 570kg of waste over the past year thanks to two sea bins installed in its facilities. The waste included everything from industrial plastics, bottles, cans, packaging, disposable PPE such as masks, textiles to organic ocean waste. Read More

Implementing Real Change: Sustainability and Superyachts

Posted: 2nd Apr 2021

Written by: Rachel Rowney

As the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the daily realities of the superyacht industry, how many well-intentioned sustainability initiatives have continued and had a genuine impact? And what lessons can we learn from other sectors such as aviation and automotive? Read More

Ship's Cook Certificate: About Time, or Waste of Time?

Posted: 5th Mar 2021

Written by: OnboardOnline

Seven years on, we have a clearer idea of the requirements for the Ship's Cook Certificate for yacht chefs, but there is still some confusion. With the help of OceanWave Monaco, we clarify what's involved and do away with some of the myths. Read More

New Inmarsat Report Helps Superyacht Professionals Withstand Threats At Sea

Posted: 12th Feb 2021

Written by: Peter Broadhurst

With the IMO introducing a new cyber security regime for the industry, Inmarsat’s Peter Broadhurst outlines how superyacht professionals can protect their vessels and comply with the on-board cyber risk management rules. Read More

Crew Retention - How to Build and Keep a Great Team

Posted: 9th Feb 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

Crew retention is generally perceived to be one of the biggest headaches in the yachting industry yet the most important in maintaining a happy ship. We spoke to leading industry figures to ascertain the issues surrounding crew retention and how to improve longevity. Read More

Crew Placement - Should You be Exclusive to One Agent?

Posted: 5th Feb 2021

Written by: Freddie Jones

In the world of Hollywood, actors have agents just as superyacht crew have crew placement agents.The difference is that yacht crew are rarely, if ever, exclusive to one agent, but could this work in our industry too? Read More

Sarnia Yacht's Bruce Maltwood Talks Fiduciary in the Marine Industry

Posted: 31st Jan 2021

Written by: Sam Watson

As director of Sarnia Yachts and a member of the board, Bruce Maltwood discusses the ever-changing complexities of a fiduciary business operating in the superyacht industry and what actions owners and charterers need to explore post-Brexit. Read More

Growing Demand for Elite Chefs for Private Dining

Posted: 25th Jan 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

Kate Emery, Founder of the prestigious Amandine Chef Placement sourcing the best chefs for superyachts, villas, ski chalets and events, discusses the growing demand for elite chefs for private dining experiences on board an ashore. Read More

Cybersecurity - Next Gen Firewalls for Superyachts

Posted: 24th Jan 2021

Written by: Ryan Porter

Firewalls were designed to protect conventional networks against cyber threats. However, on board a superyacht it's not so straightforward as the firewall is instrumental not only to protect your yacht's network but also to manipulate the owners/guest experience. ETO Ryan Porter explains. Read More

Four Ways The Ocean Race Is Helping Our Blue Planet In 2021

Posted: 21st Jan 2021

Written by: The Ocean Race

In 2021 there needs to be urgent action to help the ocean, including ambitious work to fight climate change. Here are four ways that The Ocean Race is taking action this year. Read More

Save The Med Launches 4th Edition Of The Changemakers Project

Posted: 21st Jan 2021

Written by: Sabrina Barceló

Save The Med Foundation is pleased to launch “The Changemakers Project” for the fourth year in a row, while announcing that the programme has also expanded, inviting students from all over the Balearic Islands to participate. Read More

The Changing Climate for Superyacht Regulation

Posted: 9th Jan 2021

Written by: Dominic Bulfin

In recent months and years, the topic of making yachting more environmentally friendly has escalated from a simmer across the industry to a bubbling hot saucepan of change, and here's what's to come. Read More

Below Deck - How Accurate is it Really?

Posted: 9th Jan 2021

Written by: The K Flag

Welcome to our new column, with straight talk and humour from our resident insider waving The K Flag. This month we kick off with a view on Below Deck, the show we all love to hate, but why? And how accurate is it really? Read More

Yacht Crew Recruitment - What's the Outlook for 2021?

Posted: 8th Jan 2021

Written by: Nicola Morgan and Liam Dobbin

2020 was a year like none of us had ever experienced before. Not only did we find ourselves coming to grips with a deadly virus, each one of us no doubt experienced our own challenges within the industry we work in, whether this was from a business or crew perspective. Read More

‘Crisis? What Crisis?’ The Resilience of the Superyacht Industry

Posted: 8th Jan 2021

Written by: Quentin Bargate

There are many words I could use to describe the superyacht industry and those who work within it, but if pushed for two key words to sum up the industry in 2020 I would have to choose “resilient” and “adaptable”. Read More


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