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Superyacht Favourite Maldives Wins ‘Best Island in Asia’ Award 2022

Posted: 24th Jul 2022

Written by: Linda Cartlidge

The Maldives has won ‘Best Island in Asia’ at the Travel + Leisure Asia’s Best Awards 2022, which was launched in March this year to highlight the excellent travel and hospitality across Southeast Asia. Read More

NZ Millennium Cup 2023 Notice of Race Released

Posted: 24th Jul 2022

After a hiatus in 2022, the destination of choice for superyachts in February is back, as racing returns to the South Pacific with the New Zealand Millennium Cup in 2023 Read More

OpenOceans Global Launches Citizen Science App to Map Coastlines Fouled by Plastic

Posted: 11th Jul 2022

Written by: Carl Nettleton

OpenOceans Global has announced the launch of an online application allowing citizen scientists to map coastlines around the world that are pervasively fouled by plastic. Read More

Pelorus Foundation Announces new Climate Investment Fund

Posted: 11th Jul 2022

Written by: Olivia Graham

Pelorus Foundation’s new Climate Investment Fund is a dynamic investment portfolio made up of nature and technology-based solutions to remove carbon from the atmosphere, addressing travel emissions responsibly. Read More

The Ocean Race Calls for a Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights

Posted: 1st Jul 2022

Written by: The Ocean Race

The Ocean Race, the round-the-world sailing event known as the toughest test of a team in sport, and its global collaborators - including the Government of Cabo Verde - took a major step forward in their efforts to give the ocean a voice and make it an international legal entity. Read More

Prada Group and UNESCO-IOC Announce Winners of Sea Beyond Second Edition

Posted: 30th Jun 2022

Written by: Jana Hannoun

Prada Group and UNESCO-IOC have announced the winners of the second edition of the Sea Beyond project at a press conference moderated by marine advocate Patricia Furtado de Mendonça. Read More

Swinging the Moral Compass: What Should Crew Do?

Posted: 17th Jun 2022

Written by: The K Flag

There’s a new attention on the industry that has just never been there before. It’s all got a bit…heavy. Russian-owned yachts are listed as assets of Very Bad People. The crew? Well, they’re the new Stormtroopers on the Deathstar. Read More

The Distinction Between AV/IT and ETO Roles and Certification

Posted: 6th Jun 2022

Written by: Scott Molloy

The subject of AV/IT and ETO roles is a popular one that I would like to explore in this article, with an exclusive insight into a future superyacht AV/IT certification. Read More

Superyacht Technology Summit - Rookie in the House!

Posted: 25th May 2022

Written by: Anu Peippo

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) was a destination not to miss on ZediSense's route plan for the year 2022, and a great opportunity to see if similar technology is being applied by the big automation players. Read More

The 7 Ps of Passage Planning in 2022

Posted: 16th May 2022

Written by: Dom Bulfin

Any seafarer worth their salt knows that passage planning is essential whether you’re cruising along the coast for a weekend away or exploring the Antarctic in a 100m+ expedition vessel, so why are we talking about it today? Read More

Sensing the Future of Onboard Automation with ZediSense

Posted: 16th May 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

VTT SenseWay’s CEO Jere Laaksonen sat down with OnboardOnline to talk about their pioneering ZediSense product and the profound value in knowing, for sure, whether or not a space is actually occupied. Read More

Magician Tony Steward Unveils New Onboard Experience for Charter Guests

Posted: 13th May 2022

Written by: David Smith

Courtesy of magician Tony Steward and his new onboard experience Immersion, superyacht charter guests can now share in appreciating some real magic that will inevitably be recalled as among the standout memories of any trip. Read More

Helping Ocean Life to Save the Planet

Posted: 6th May 2022

Written by: Peter Franklin

Now is the time for us all to focus more on how improved stewardship of the oceans can contribute positively to the total climate change mitigation planning, as well as restoring our critical aquatic biodiversity. Read More

Foreign Exchange: How Much Could Your Superyacht Save with Voly?

Posted: 26th Apr 2022

Written by: Voly

If your superyacht is paying too much in foreign exchange fees, here’s how Voly can help thanks to fees that are significantly cheaper than Britain’s business banks. Read More

Save The Med: 2022 Highlights So Far

Posted: 25th Apr 2022

Written by: Save the Med

From The Changemaker's Project which continues to engage students in the reduction of single-use plastics to its marine protection work on the Cape of Formentor, Save the Med has been extremely busy over the first four months of the year. Read More

Impact Crew Survey: The Realities of Crew Turnover

Posted: 29th Mar 2022

Written by: Karen Passman

We know that the rate of crew turnover is higher than most owners, managers and crew themselves would like. With it comes disruption, inefficiencies and the need to re-train; not to mention the cost. Read More

The Expense Card that Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Posted: 14th Mar 2022

Written by: Voly

For the past few years, we’ve been working on an epic new project that we hope you’ll be as excited about as we are: the new, sustainable and eco-friendly Voly Prepaid Mastercard has just launched and will soon be in our clients’ hands. Read More

EYOS Expeditions Welcomes News of Discovery of the Endurance

Posted: 10th Mar 2022

Written by: John Cotton

EYOS Expeditions has welcomed the news of the discovery of Ernest Shackleton’s historic ship, Endurance, 106 years after it sank in the Antarctic, at nearly 10,000 feet in waters that are among the iciest on earth. Read More

PYA Advice for Crew on Russian-Linked Vessels

Posted: 7th Mar 2022

Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

There are concerns among some of our PYA members regarding their legal and financial status if they are working on yachts which are Russian flagged or are owned by Russian individuals or Russian entities. Read More

The Ocean Race to Call for Greater Action to Protect the Seas

Posted: 23rd Feb 2022

Written by: OnboardOnline

The Relay4Nature initiative, which aims to give the ocean a voice on the critical issues affecting our planet, will feature at the ICUN World Conservation Congress. Read More

Covid-19: Updated Bali Travel Information for Yachts

Posted: 21st Feb 2022

Written by: Linda Cartlidge

The first Singapore Airlines flight to land in Bali in nearly two years received a warm welcome on February 16th, with the plane carrying the largest number of passengers on a commercial international flight to the Indonesian island since it closed to foreign tourists. Read More

Trekking Spitsbergen in Support of Yacht Crew in Crisis

Posted: 21st Feb 2022

Written by: OnboardOnline

Superyacht Master Mariner Brendan O’Shannassy is taking on an extreme challenge in freezing temperatures this March to raise funds for ISWAN’s Yacht Crew Help.

Read More

The Edmiston Foundation Broadens Sustainability Efforts

Posted: 28th Jan 2022

Written by: Isobel Abel Smith

The Edmiston Foundation is delighted to announce a new partnership with Conservation Collective, a global network of locally-focused environmental foundations, which will help rectify and protect the marine environment in which the yachting industry ventures. Read More

New Zealand Superyacht Industry Bands Together to Help Tonga

Posted: 24th Jan 2022

Written by: Isla McKechnie

The local superyacht industry in New Zealand, led by the Pasifika Collective and alongside superyachts in the region, is collecting aid and donations for the benefit of Tonga. Read More

ISWAN to Provide New Training on Suicide Prevention

Posted: 17th Jan 2022

Written by: OnboardOnline

For those who have completed Modules 1 and 2 of ISWAN's Maritime Mental Health Awareness training, Module 3: Suicide Prevention provides a more advanced level of training to provide a greater understanding of suicide awareness, risk and prevention. Read More

Plastic Soup: Yachting's Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Posted: 14th Jan 2022

Written by: Peter Franklin

In my last two articles for OnboardOnline I referred to the three main threats to environmental sustainability and the fact that they are all inexorably linked to the conservation of our oceans and waterways. They are climate change, loss of biodiversity and plastic pollution. Read More

Gulf Craft Highlights Commitment to Ocean Conservation

Posted: 12th Jan 2022

Written by: Gloria Belloni

Gulf Craft, a leading boat and yacht manufacturer, has underlined its commitment to conserving the ocean through its support to the Water Revolution Foundation’s Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) programme.

Read More

Victor Vescovo Becomes First Person to Dive all Four 10,000 Metre Trenches

Posted: 3rd Jan 2022

Written by: John Cotton

Caladan Oceanic, led by explorer Victor Vescovo, along with expedition partners EYOS Expeditions, Triton Submarines and Greenroom Robotics, successfully dived to the deepest point of the Kermadec Trench in the South Pacific Ocean on December 11th. Read More

YachtAid Global Launches ‘Operation Pearl’ Disaster Relief for Philippines

Posted: 31st Dec 2021

Written by: K.C. Wenger

YachtAid Global has launched ‘Operation Pearl’ to provide emergency disaster relief to the Philippines in the wake of the devastating super Typhoon Odette/Rai which struck the island nation on 16 December. Read More

Five Star Private Jet Terminal to Open in Phuket

Posted: 20th Dec 2021

Written by: Linda Cartlidge

A five star fully integrated private jet terminal in Phuket designed to attract high end superyacht visitors and tourists worldwide was announced at a grand opening ceremony by Siam Land Flying last week Read More


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