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40 Years of Sea Shepherd in Photos

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International marine conservation society Sea Shepherd has opened an online photo exhibition where stunning photos from their 40 year history can be viewed and purchased: Sea Shepherd: On the Frontline of Marine Conservation.

In 2017, Sea Shepherd celebrated 40 years of Direct Action campaigns and the online exhibition gathers shots of some of the most evocative, decisive and historic moments from these campaigns.

Visit the exhibition to see a young Paul Watson, other legendary Captains of Sea Shepherd, jaw-dropping seascapes and landscapes of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, including dramatic photos of the sinking of the M/V Thunder during Operation Icefish.

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Antarctica is the world’s coldest and most isolated continent in the world. Cape Adare, is the north-eastern most peninsula in Victoria Land, East Antarctica, and is enveloped in thick cloud. 

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The M/V Bob Barker (left) and the M/V Sam Simon (right) pursue the illegal toothfish poaching vessel the M/V Thunder for 110 days in the Southern Ocean during Operation Icefish II in February 2015. 

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Our founder, Captain Paul Watson (born in 1950), founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in December 1978. “This is not just a movement to defend whales and sharks, seals and fish, it is a movement to defend humanity and all other species in the ocean,” Paul Watson said on World Oceans Day in 2013.

Prints are available for a limited time only, until December 31, 2018 and are available for delivery within Australia only.

Please visit: Sea Shepherd: On the Frontline of Marine Conservation

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