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Wing Ship Superyacht: A Flying Luxury Yacht

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What may become the world’s first flying superyacht is undertaking its final development trials in Korea. Manufactured by Korean Wing Ship Technology Corp, based in Daejeon, Republic of Korea, the project is being supported by DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co Ltd) with the involvement of the Korean government and venture capital institutions.

The project has been five years in development, and uses the Wing in Ground Effect (WIG) phenomena to fly within two to five metres of the surface using substantially less power than float planes, helicopters or hovercraft. Under flight, WIG craft have a steady ride and not  affected by turbulence or wave action. With a wingspan of  29 metres and a weight of 18 tonnes, the Wingship can carry up to 50 passengers in fast ferry mode at a cruising speed of 180km per hour, much faster than a conventional ferry.

According to director Kang Byung Jae: “While the primary market for the craft is for fast passenger transport, we are already designing  variations of the craft targeted at the fast transport of VIPs and as a flying superyacht with accommodation on board that can be used both under flight and when moored.”

The VIP transport and flying superyacht versions target Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) and remote tropical island areas of the world such as Indonesia, the Philippines and the Maldives. Jack Tar are a little skeptical of the claim of  ” the flying superyacht” but what a great long distance fast tender!! It would be a cool way to join your luxury charter yacht

The Wingship uses technology licensed from one of the pioneers of WIG craft, Professor Hanno Fischer from Germany, and is being developed and manufactured under the approval of Lloyd’s Register WIG Craft rules.

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