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Searide International presents First Hydrogen Luxury Catamaran

The first two units of the Searide 66 will be presented this next 18th of November and inaugurated in June 22.

Designed by the London based company Searide International, the Searide 66 embodies the concept of ‘green autonomy’: it is 100% eco- friendly with zero-emission, green-hydrogen powered, assisted by artificial intelligence for sailing autonomy and anti-Covid certified.

The Searide 66 is a luxury cruiser, fully equipped to function as a true 500 sqm houseboat, with a length of 24m, an oversized aft platform of 4m, and a beam of 11m.

This elegant and modern catamaran offers a 100 sqm crystal seeing main deck, a configurable number of instances for (up to six) suites, gym or office room, invitees’ bathroom, and crew cabins.

It also offers a large fly with a saltwater SPA, a chill out area, a solarium, a bar with barbecue and plenty of storage space for toys like RIB, jet skis, paddle boards, and diving equipment.

The Searide 66 is 100% eco-friendly, generating its own 40Kwh renewable energy thanks to the combination of supercell solar panels, helicoidal wind turbines and hydraulic turbines, all of this with special design for high efficiency, sea boat environment and full respect of the marine fauna and flora.

To complete the ‘eco-friendly’ commitment, the Searide 66 uses only water-based paints and varnish as well as recyclable materials, avoiding chemical particles to contaminate the sea eco-system.

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The two units to be presented are hydrogen powered, equipped with their own PEM system to produce green hydrogen, stock it, and convert this hydrogen in electricity through an advanced fuel-cell, powering two electric engines of 400 kw (548 hp in each hull).

This PEM system, in collaboration with hydrogen solutions industry leaders, will be revealed the 18 November in the presentation of the Searide 66.

A new development of Artificial Intelligence Autonomous Navigation (AIAN) is used to make this boat simple to drive and maintain, by connecting to the weather system and a complete set of sensors in the boat in order to calculate the most safe and efficient route, control both engines and automated sails and navigate autonomously to the selected destination.

Furthermore, A.I. is used to create an efficient energy management system, a preventive maintenance program for vessel's key components, and a smart voice interface for controlling all the systems onboard, even remotely from an iPad, Smartphone or Smartwatch.

Many features of the boat have been adapted to comply with the anti-Covid protocol of the intensive care units of the German health agency, like the application of nano technology antivirus surfaces and the inclusion of individuals AC air purifiers with HEPA filtration, same as used in aviation.

The Searide 66 also generates its own free of bacteria and free virus drinkable water through watermakers with production of 2.000 liters per day.

The Searide models are offered through an all-included and peace of mind program, with both a full-ownership or co-ownership model, for a starting price that slightly exceeds 1.5 million euros.

The full-owners and co-owners of the Searide models will be able to enjoy their luxury catamaran in different top locations, relieving them from all recurring costs, headaches, and responsibilities such as mooring fees, transfers, insurance, security, cleaning, and maintenance.

Searide International offers also an excellent plan for return on investment, with a yield of up to 10%, taking care of chartering the boat when not used by the owner.

On top of the two units yet to be presented, Searide International has on its book-order to develop another 8 eight units of the same concept of Catamaran than the 66, but with major length (up to 36m) and higher hydrogen-based propulsion power (up to 1.000hp in each hull), that will come with a special promotion for the first 10 full or co-owners.

To get more information, or to get a VIP Pass for the presentation of the 18 November (Águilas, Murcia), as well as for the inauguration of June 2022 in Puerto Banus, click here

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