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Ocea Nemo 44: A Yacht for all Seasons

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Ocea Nemo 44 Concept has now entered the details stage, and here the creator and designer share their experience of the project. Conceived as the very first Sport Utility Yacht, Aldo Manna delivered his idea to Naval Architect Fulvio de Simoni, with the brief to reconnect owners with a passion for the sea.  

Creator, Aldo Manna, discusses the background to the Ocea Nemo 44 Project:

More than 20 years spent dealing with yachts, brought me recently to the following conclusions: Owners of 100ft plus vessels are using their boats as luxury hotels, pampered with all the comforts, but often remain quite remote from the sea itself. 

Even when they drop anchor in a beautiful bay, they often experience a lack of contact with sea with little opportunity to do all those activities which made them fall in love with yachts.

Therefore I conceived a yacht capable of offering all the comforts of a superyacht, combined with an extensive range of the very best amenities for life on the water.

OceaNemo44 Side view

The goal was providing the most discerning owner, anchored in a splendid bay, with everything he might wish for: a super-tender to transport him and his guests in comfort and style, for cruises, fishing trips or overnight stays ashore, even in high winds.  

Ocea Nemo 44 aims to fulfill the growing demand for a brand-new superyacht class that can be compared to SUVs, as a combined “Sport Utility Yacht” concept. In other words an all-round seafarer yacht, with comfort and luxury, but still in close contact with the water and sea-life. We wanted owners and their guests to be able to enjoy what they love most when out on the water, allowing them to experience a real connection with the sea.

OceaNemo44 aft

Due to all of these peculiarities, project Ocea Nemo will not be limited only to 44m. We’re already working on a project range from 38 up to 65m in length. Every single Ocea Nemo model will have the same DNA: “We are willing to set free yacht owners from the static feeling of a rigid luxury floating hotel and get them back living the sea with leisure and real fun.”

Architect & Designer Fulvio de Simoni discusses the design process:

The brief was to provide Ocea Nemo 44 with dedicated areas for a wide range of water-toys and equipment for leisure and fun.

Therefore, Ocea Nemo 44 has been conceived and designed to outfit a full beam water-line garage, able to store an 8m super-tender (the largest tender on a 44m yacht), to commute guests from the yacht to the harbour, or be used as a day-cruiser, together with a 5m crew-tender, a wakeboard runabout, wave-runners and an extensive selection of other water toys for sunny days at anchor.

On the raised-deck, between the main and upper decks, there's the option of a 40 knot walk-around, a sailing day-cruiser, or a deep-sea submarine.OceaNemo44 side aft

As far as outdoor layouts, we aimed to offer the best in terms of facilities for life on board, starting from a 25 square metre beach-club that, together with the raised and upper decks, provide a remarkable 300 square metres of open-air living areas.

For less sporty owners interested in a more sedate glamour, a 20 square metre, sea or fresh-water swimming pool can be placed on demand on the raised-deck, while on the main-deck, we have designed a unique 30 square metre veranda, easily accessible in just five stairs, from both the raised and upper decks. 

OceaNemo44 Deck

Big volumes and stowing areas can also accommodate a drop keel sailboat, a Moth-Sail and numerous other floating devices, including kayaks, kite-boards, sea-bobs, jet-boards and all manner of 'over the rail' installations such as climbing-walls, sea-pools and slides. 

A distinctive and unusual feature of this project is the dramatic reduction of big stairs for connecting decks.

The final layout, thanks to the smooth insertion of the raised deck, produces a seamless flow and a tremendous feeling of space. 

One of the most pleasing achievements is the well balanced design, given the volumes necessary for storing such a huge number of amenities - a case of function enhancing style! 

Aldo 280x224 Fulvio 280x224

Creator, Aldo Manna and Architect & Designer Fulvio de Simoni


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