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New Yacht TV Series Revealed at 2014 FLIBS

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On Friday, October 31, 2014 at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, YES Yacht Entertainment Studios along with their production partner Ocean Air Productions held a Press Conference to premier the trailer for the upcoming television series 'UNANCHORED' to be broadcast on the Aqua Television Network during the first quarter of 2015.

7+ Additional Yachts Needed For Additional Episodes!

The press conference started with Captain Doug Hoogs introducing Carlton A. Morris R. and guests to the Press Conference including Mr. Michael Chang, Founder and CEO of IAG Yachts and his son Tim Chang, president of the company. 

Carlton A. Morris R., co-founder and managing partner of YES Yacht Entertainment Studios, stated he and his business partner, Scott Crabtree, created YES Yacht Entertainment Studios to leverage their strategies and relationships for the benefit of yacht owner client/partners that want additional income, cover the usual cost of yacht ownership as well as help those that may be interested in TV/film or have family members or friends with an interest in TV and film.


He continued that YES Yacht Entertainment Studios makes TV productions and films extremely cost effective utilizing proprietary structures, and that goal is not only to provide Net Worth Neutral Yacht Ownership but substantial profit opportunities for our better qualified partners and clients.

Morris went on to explain that YES Yacht Entertainment Studios is only one part of YES Yacht Executive Solutions. The other co-founder of YES, Scott Crabtree is a managerial economist with more than 30 years experience.  YES is designed to take proprietary techniques and strategies originally created for the largest of corporations, banks and investment funds and apply them for the benefit of the yachting industry, yacht owners and those seeking the yachting lifestyle. 

During the press conference, Morris welcomed many of the companies that participated in the first two episodes that were in attendance, including Petersen Fuel, Resort World Bimini, Island Global Yachting, Bahia Mar Marina, VikingSurfSUP, Quintessentially People/Driven/Leisure & Vodka, Jackson Kayaks, Spirits of the Tsars Vodka, DeBilzan Art Gallery, Wider Yachts, Libre Rum&Cola, Bimini UnderSea, Tender Care Boats, Eten Wines, Ocean Dental Care and Tropic Ocean Airways.

YES Yacht Entertainment Studios also announced that it has other yacht and yachting lifestyle projects in the works for a wide range of yachts and yacht owners, ranging from smaller vintage yachts to the newest mega-yachts, and that it is always looking for new talent and opportunities.

Beside Unanchored, two additional TV Series have been pre-approved for broadcast on Aqua TV Network.  Each of these shows will take place on mega-yachts and can offer qualified participants in these shows Net Worth Neutral Yacht Ownership including: 

Up  100% tax deduction for all yacht expenses – both purchase and operational costs can qualify

100% can be deducted against other  ordinary and passive income

100% recovery of all yacht expenses

The potential for substantial additional income

NONE of the issues, rules, limitations and hassles usually associated with charter operations

Works equally well with both new and used vessels

These strategies are designed to provide maximum economic advantages to yacht owners who may not want to share their yachts in a fractional program or subject themselves to the IRS tax audit trap of conventional yacht charter.
To learn if you or your yacht qualify for these and other opportunities, please contact us or your YES representative at your earliest convenience as availability may be limited.  All information is strictly confidential.  Brokers protected. 



Contact www.yes2yachting.com


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