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Iguana Yachts Launches Iguana X100 White Edition

Iguana Yachts has officially launched a new edition of its bestseller, the White Iguana X100, which combines all the power and versatility of the Iguana X100 with white French elegance as extra in shades of ivory and cream. Three years after its launch, around 20 Iguana X100s have been delivered all over the world.

The model has proven to be widely popular throughout the years. More and more people were asking for a larger set of option, and Iguana Yachts has a strong history of providing customised boats to meet customers' demands. With this new edition, the French Shipyard offers a new possibility of colours for its most popular model. Three orders for this new model have already been registered before the official launch of the White Edition, and with the increasing demand for this new design, the shipyard has decided to officially offer this edition to the entire market.

With the X100 White Edition, Iguana Yachts not only offers the most all-terrain, rugged and practical amphibious RIB worldwide, it also meets with the elegance of the most exclusive models of the Iguana range. With 2x300 HP and a speed up to 50 knots, owners will enjoy all the nautical activities in safety, refinement and ease.

“With the White edition of the X100, Iguana Yachts reaffirms its unique concept where designers and engineers work together to offer a boat as beautiful as it is reliable,” says Antoine Brugidou, founder and president of Iguana Yachts. “This is what we promise to our customers: a new way of boating that com[1]bines simplicity, elegance and freedom."

Six Shades of White

From the tubes, the T-top, the hull, the upholstery, the deck and the engines, to the Iguana mobility system (optional), the Iguana X100 White Edition sublimates the Iguana's sleek lines with a monochrome of white and cream that invites refinement and style.

Iguana Yachts 1200x630

An Alliance of Technology and Design

The main purpose of Iguana Yachts is to reinvent yachting by providing more simplicity and freedom, and its success lies in the alliance of technological innovation and design efficiency. The Iguana X100 White offers all the versatility and performance of its sister ship, the Iguana X100:

Iguana Mobility System (IMS). Equipped with the latest technology and tested for over 10,000 hours, the IMS ensures outstanding reliability and enables embarkation and disembarkation in complete safety even in waves of 1.20 metres. The landing gear deploys and locks in eight seconds. The tracks can tackle any terrain (sand, pebbles, mud and inclined slope up to 40%), and reach a speed of 7km/h.

Performance at sea. With the ingenious use of carbon fiber combined with an innovative design providing a perfect integration of the IMS into the hull, an Iguana is as seaworthy and fast as a traditional boat of the same size. These advanced construction techniques make it possible for the Iguana to reach speeds of 56 knots.

High technology and luxury craftsmanship. With its high-level research and development office, the Normandy shipyard builds the most technologically advanced amphibious boats and prepares a simpler and more sustainable future for motorboating. Iguana Yachts also works with the best materials and offers quality service and impeccable finishing touches. From the elegance of the hull to the embroidered finish of the upholstery, every detail is the subject of special attention to offer a French luxury amphibious boats.

Genesis of the Iguana Concept

Bringing people closer to the sea is the main goal for Iguana Yachts. This leitmotiv was born from a personal constraint to reach the sea with greater ease, safety and speed. "I like to sail in Normandy where the tides are very important which makes launching a boat very complex,” says Brugidou. “Ports are full and expensive. There is little infrastructure on the coast, maneuvering with a trailer and tractor on the beach can be dangerous. Iguana Yachts comes from a desire to simplify boat launches and the overall boating experience. Solutions of amphibious vehicles existed, but none of them made it possible to completely free navigation from all constraints. This is how the totally new concept of Iguana was born: an amphibious boat with a tracked mobility system that enables you to land anywhere and enjoy a powerful boat."  In 2011, after three years of research, development and four-handed work with Antoine Fritsch, designer and founder of the Fritsch & Durisotti design studio, the first Iguana was built.

Innovative French Manufacturer

For 12 years, Iguana Yachts has been offering effortless boating experiences with its unique amphibious technology. Iguana innovative amphibious boats are hand built in Normandy by a highly experienced team of designers, engineers and craftsmen. Iguanas are all over the world across six continents used for superyachts, waterfront properties, private islands, hotels and resorts.


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