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Global Piracy Reports from Allmode

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This is a summary of recent piracy activities in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Red Sea.

Incident Type: Boarded - Around 13nm East of Pulau Karimun Besar, Indonesia.

Eight persons armed with long knives, boarded a Product Tanker underway. They entered the engine room, tied up the duty oiler, stole engine spares and escaped. The oiler managed to free himself and inform the bridge. The alarm was raised, the crew mustered and a search carried out on deck and engine room. No-one was found and the ship continued on its way.

Allmode Comment: Slow moving vessels moving through this piracy hot spot will need to be extra vigilant and mindful that this east transit corridor has become the most pirated stretch of water in the world, with the gangs boarding whilst in transit and armed, searching for engine spares and stores. They will stop at nothing to get these and must be prevented from boarding in the first place.

801 02 Piracy Report 313 Indonesia

Incident Type: Boarded Campha Anchorage, Vietnam.

Four robbers boarded an anchored General Cargo ship. They broke into the forward store, stole ship’s property and escaped unnoticed.

Allmode Comment: This type of robbery is opportunistic and commonplace therefore vessels need to help prevent robberies by bolstering their existing security measures, by having regular deck watches and also making entry to the vessel and their stores more difficult, by blocking all access points and locking the stores with good quality padlocks and ensuring decks and vessel perimeter and over the side are well lit.

801 02 Piracy Report 314 Vietnam

Allmode Piracy Update: 315 ( Red Sea)

A vessel reported being approached by 2 skiffs. The skiffs came to 1.5 cables of the vessel and ladders and AK style weapons were sighted. The AST fired warning shots and the skiffs stopped. The Vessel is safe.

Allmode Comment: As piracy equipment was spotted, all vessels the vicinity will need to be on high alert and have round the clock watch-keeping. At night, illuminate the decks and sides of the vessel.

801 02 Piracy Report 315 2Red Sea

The information contained in this report is taken from open source and from sites or messages received from Allmode Teams, UKMTO, MARLO, MSCHOA, IMB ICC and other sources. Allmode will publish with each report what source the information was gathered from.

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