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Boot Dusseldorf: 21-29 January 2017

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The Düsseldorf International Boat Show, boot Düsseldorf, runs from 21-29 January, with 1,800 exhibitors from 65 countries presenting state-of-the-art developments from a range of watersports, maritime activities and yachting. 

This year the show launches a new campaign with an advertising campaign and brand relaunch using athletes as ambassadors of their sport. A key theme this year is protection of the oceans and sustainable development, with a range of innovative, interactive stands and an impressive line-up of speakers, including HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Highlights at boot this year:


boot showcases 11 categories of watersports, making it the biggest water sports trade fair in the world, with the focus on fans in action. 'Play Now’, showcased in this short video is a new event to encourage watersports enthusiasts to come and experience this unique event for themselves. 

Protection of the Ocean Habitat

Protection of the world’s oceans has global support nowadays and, being the most important water sports trade fair in the world, boot Düsseldorf is proud to provide the the German Ocean Foundation and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation with a platform to present their commitment to the sustainable development of international waters.

“Healthy seas and oceans are the basis for all life on our earth and thus for water sports enthusiasts too. At boot, we aim to bring the business and scientific communities together with society in general, so that they can all present their proposals for sustainable interaction with our environment”, explains boot Director Petros Michelidakis.

Prince Albert II of Monaco has been actively involved in protecting our oceans for many years and, through his foundation, he initiates and funds a number of major projects around the world. The foundation operates internationally and mobilises the general public, politicians, scientists and economists committed to nature conservation to preserve mankind’s joint heritage.

The German Ocean Foundation is also committed to tackling the challenges facing our oceans and has been operating the research and media ship, Aldebaran, all over the world since 1992. 

Love Your Ocean

The 'Love Your Ocean' stand organised by the German Ocean Foundation in co-operation with Messe Düsseldorf will present information about ocean and water conservation and offer an interactive experience of the research projects in progress.

Frank Schweikert, Director of the German Ocean Foundation said, “The aim of our stand is to encourage water sports enthusiasts to be pioneers and ambassadors for healthy oceans and waterways and, as a result, to strengthen support for sustainable ideas in the water sports community as well.”

350 square metres of the “Love Your Ocean” stand will be devoted to sustainable projects, alongside a programme on the 'Water Pixel World' stage, where the British ocean activist Emily Penn, and boot ambassoador will deliver a keynote speech on the problem of ocean debris.

Meanwhile in Hall 4, a 20m replica of a sperm whale will be an eye-catching central feature of the interactive stand in Hall 4 focussing on the subject of recycling.

In the “Research Cockpit”, visitors will be able to search for plastic particles in water and examine samples in the on-site laboratory.

Recycling and Upcycling

“Upcycling” is the new trend in recycling, and a recycle workshop will be be organsed by sailmakers and environmental organisations to teach children and teenagers how old sails can be re-used to make attractive bags and pendants. 

Sounds of the Sea

Listening to sounds of the sea is a wonderful experience and this year the Cousteau Society will mount a display set in the skull of the sperm whale using headphones and loudspeakers to recreate an authentic underwater experience of 'Sounds of the Sea'. 

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable and renewable raw materials like flax and cork will be playing an increasingly important role in the boatbuilding sector as well in future. The “Green Building” project will be demonstrating convincingly the many different potential application areas for these raw materials in the water sports industry.

boot Director Petros Michelidakis sums up the goal of boot this year, saying, “On the ‘Love Your Ocean’ stand, every visitor to the trade fair is certain to become aware of the options for sustainable interaction with our earth and the waters on it. I am already looking forward very much to the interesting experiments and exciting results.”

This theme of sustainability and the many activities around it will culminate in the Ocean Symposium in the Congress Center Düsseldorf (CCD.Süd) on 24 January, with esteemed keynote speaker, Prince Albert II of Monaco. Organised by the German Ocean Foundation, the Prince Albert II Foundation, the industry, the scientific community and water sports associations, the event aims to highlight sustainable boat manufacturing and innovative, environmentally sound marine propulsion solutions. 

About the German Ocean Foundation:
the German Ocean Foundation is an interdisciplinary platform for stakeholders to encourages information sharing and co-operation to promote the protection and sustainable development of the world’s oceans. The foundation’s mission is to identify and promote projects and to spread knowledge in oder to increase awareness, particularly in the education of young people. 

About the Prince Albert Foundation:
Prince Albert II of Monaco established the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation in June 2006 to focus attention on the many dangers to our environment, and to promote environmental protection and sustainable development. With representative offices in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore and the USA, the foundation engages the general public, politicians, scientists and economists committed to conservation and the protection of our heritage. 

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