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YachtCloud Launches Wardrobe Management for LaundryBoard

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YachtCloud is delighted to announce the launch of Wardrobe Management within LaundryBoard, based on feedback from interior yacht crew. This new feature offers a practical solution for the management of an owner’s complete wardrobe by providing crew with an instant overview of the location and status of all wardrobe items. 

Conveniently displayed on an iPad with an easy to use interface, Wardrobe Management is a useful tool for interior crew to improve improve onboard operations, processes and service.  Crew can take photos to record the exact layout of the wardrobe ensuring all interior crew, both old and new, have a visual guide for which items go where when unpacking, an full inventory of clothing items and a photographic record of any garment damage or stains.

LaundryBoard also allows garments to be checked out of the laundry and back into the wardrobe and vice versa. Crew can effectively track all items of clothing throughout a cruise from arrival to departure and beyond. If something is left behind, the owner's landbased housekeeping can check with the onboard crew to see if a certain item is still onboard or when it was ‘checked out’.

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Wardrobe Management was developed to meet the practical needs of interior crew through the application of technology, promoting accountability, efficiency and operability to make an integral part of their job easier to manage. 

Wardrobe Management is an add-on to LaundryBoard which facilitates the monitoring, tracking and handling of laundry loads onboard via an iPad. It also records and alerts crew to garment care requirements as well as providing dry cleaning status tracking and automated notifications related to overdue items.

Wardrobe Management is available to purchase directly from Luxury Hospitality Management (LH), YachtCloud’s product partner for LaundryBoard. LH played a key role in the development of Wardrobe Management defining the precise needs of interior crew so that YachtCloud could develop a solution. Untitled14

“We aim for crew to be able to operate at their very best at all times so the highest level of service can be achieved continuously. Providing crew with useful and productive products is key to helping them accomplish this and Wardrobe Management and LaundryBoard are amongst them. They are fundamental when it comes to a smoothly run yacht interior.” explans Peter Vogel, Co-Founder of Luxury Hospitality Management,

Commercial Manager at YachtCloud, Roel van der Zwet, continues, “Following the launch of LaundryBoard we received many requests asking if we also had a product that could manage wardrobe-related processes on board. Extending LaundryBoard to incorporate such a feature seemed the most natural solution and so Wardrobe Management was born! The result of listening to what it is that crew need to address and solve the actual issues and frustrations they face in their day-to-day interior operations.” 

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Image credits: thumbnail via Flikr  CC BY 2.0; product image YachtCloud

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