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WIDER 150 MY Genesi and TEAM Italia I-Bridge®

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Wider has always stated that "one must keep away from boring convention and have the conviction to follow great new ideas in order to create really exceptional modern yachts". It singled out TEAM Italia as its partner for navigation electronics, entrusting development of the new, highly innovative bridge development project for Wider 150 M/Y “GENESI” to the company.

TEAM Italia I-Bridge® is an innovative navigation system thanks to which the wheelhouse for M/Y Genesi is unique in terms of design and integration. The console enables users to choose from a variety of settings depending on the navigation context in which they find themselves, thanks to the use of mechatronic technologies which have been specially studied and designed for this superyacht.

From the very beginning, the project for Wider 150 M/Y Genesi was devised and developed giving special importance to the bridge and to the concept of navigation. More specifically, the study of the ergonomics required special solutions and customised electronics.

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Combinations and ergonomics were developed and implemented with regards to mechatronics which allow users to adapt the bridge to the navigation context in which they find themselves.

Indeed, besides contextualisation of the navigation equipment for the various possible scenarios (deepsea/bluewater, approccing, mooring, docking) the configuration also provides for variations in the ergonomic settings of the entire dashboard (from linear to C shape configuration). User friendliness and integration are made possible through TEAM Italia's MULTICONTROL System.

The complexity of the project was dealt with through in-house pre-building and pre-mounting, making it possible to implement a series of functions and solutions actually during the work. The bridge was built at the TEAM Italia DEVELOPMENT CENTRE thus offering the shipyard greater versatility in terms of technical and functional solutions, and most importantly without hindering the onboard production processes.

The last few parts of the installation work were considerably simplified and most importantly made it possible to respect the pre-set timeline for the work.

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