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Radical Innovation of Sweden - Radinn's Wakejet

The Wakejet offers a new way to experience water sports, without the need of wind, waves or a boat. Wakejet means power without sound and speed without emissions and no need for oil change or maintenance.

The Wakejet is the world's first electric wakeboard, reaching speeds of up to 45kmh in almost complete silence with the custom 15HP brushless DC motor.

Alexander, CEO of manufacturers Radinn, says, "We are in the forefront of a new era in extreme sports. Our technology enables brand new ways to explore the sport. If people go down rapids - sitting down in a kayak - why shouldn't we be able to do the same in the future? Standing up?"

The Wakejet is designed for all levels of user, from beginners to more experienced riders. You can sit, kneel or stand up for a total thrill!


Radinn's CEO exploring the possibilities on the fjords and rivers of Norway. 

Wakejet is not designed to be used in this harsh environment. Radinn took the Wakejet to the Norwegian wilderness to jump water-falls, slicing through ice in near total silence, showing the power of the 10kW electric motor. 

Naturally it will damage your board and shouldn't be done, but we couldn't resist! 

Radinn has been working on the next generation boards to achieve lower cost production to launch a version that is accessible to a wider market.

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