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Understanding Crew Retention: Impact Crew Survey

Crew turnover is still a significant problem in the superyacht industry and if crew stability is to become the norm, then the culture we currently have needs to shift. 

Looking to further our understanding of the issues and create positive change, Impact Crew has joined forces with a number of stakeholders across the industry asking crew to complete a short survey on their thoughts and experiences. This will help us to gain a deeper insight into the issues and make compelling arguments to drive change and make improvements.

Click here to access the survey, and rest assured all entries will remain anonymous.

What are the benefits of happy, engaged and stable crew?

 - Owner sees familiar faces

 - Less down time

 - Returning charter guests know what to expect & broker knows what they are selling

 - Higher standards and a more compliant vessel – higher performance and fewer deficiencies (Flag state observations when attending yachts with ‘happy crew’)

 - Fewer incidents / accidents (reduced costs)

 - Reduced expenditure (recruitment / hidden expenses)

 - Justification to invest in crew training and more broadly

 - Improved crew morale – greater harmony

 - Justification to invest in crew more broadly

 - Longevity – developing and training crew – better consistent service for owners and guests

Unsurprisingly the solutions identified above are not a quick or simple fix, and everything from data gathering to education will need to be undertaken across all aspects of the industry. In order to do this, the priority has to be to better understand what crew actually need and want, with Impact Crew's survey being an important stepping stone.

To take the survey, click here.


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