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New Dockendo App for Superyacht Crew Launches

Dockendo, a new app that acts as a unique digital job platform for the superyacht industry has been launched. Instead of visiting crewing agencies and marinas to give paper CVs by hand, otherwise known as dockwalking, Dockendo provides a new  and modern way for crew to apply for superyacht positions.

"Nowadays, over 50% of candidates look for jobs on mobile devices, and most employment industries are following that trend. Therefore, the superyacht industry can't neglect that trend, even more so when our crews are scattered all over the world with just mobile internet access," says Michal Niegowski, Dockendo’s CEO.

Dockendo has introduced its unique application for Android and iOS at the beginning of 2022, following the start-up company's outstanding success since 2020. The new app allows yacht owners, captains and agencies to create vessel profiles and advertise job openings for qualified crew members.

Candidates can submit their CVs, videos and other required documents by uploading them. Thanks to revolutionary matching algorithms that examine soft and hard skills to discover the perfect fit, both crew members and recruiters will explore an effective filtering option and enjoy the multi-device friendly experience.

Michal Niegowski assured that "(we) have invested in having a modern, easy-to-use app both for crews and for yacht employers to match their needs, while at the same time filtering quickly through several job offers and candidate skills. Actually, soon we will also have some new features like document verification and soft skills analysis all within the same digital platform to increase crewing efficiency as this industry deserves".

He added: "Dockendo has the mission of improving all yacht crewing needs by making recruitment processes faster, easier, cheaper, and with a better result in matching crews with job offers."

One of the most exciting features of the new app is the video CV. Any recruiter would want to assess an employer's personal abilities before hiring, and including a video in the application will undoubtedly provide a number of advantages, particularly for crew, such as pitching and reflecting their best selves.

The app is available for IOS, Android and web.

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