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Monaco Yacht Show Marks Anniversary of Largest Superyacht Aid Push

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This week marks the anniversary of yachting’s largest ever humanitarian effort - to date. This time last year at the Monaco Yacht Show the industry was consumed with talk of the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Islands in the Caribbean were in an incredibly difficult situation - worsened in some cases by pre-existing poverty and hardship.

Now superyacht aid organization, YachtAid Global has launched the Yachting Pledge; a tool to see the yachting community pull together to strengthen coastal regions before natural disasters strike.

AYSS has been the first organization to take the pledge, making the announcement at its AGM held Tuesday, 25 September in Monaco.

“AYSS is proud to announce we are the first organisation to sign YachtAid Global’s Yachting Pledge. It’s unique within the yachting industry. By signing the pledge, AYSS will donate a percentage of its income this year. We have every confidence in YAG to maximise the benefit from our contributions.”

Rocinante unloading aid in Dominica 2017 002

Rocinante unloading aid in Dominica, 2017

The Yachting Pledge movement comes about after an exceptionally tough, but rewarding year for the organization and the people it helps around the world.

“We appreciate the superyacht industry putting its trust in YachtAid Global to lead last year’s efforts, and we were happy to put our twelve years of experience to use to get the best results with the aid donated by the yachting community,” says YachtAid Global Executive Director, Tim Forderer.

“It showed the extent of what we can achieve for the world around us when we all work together. It was a complex problem but many in the industry collaborated and we were able to direct the collective force of those efforts into effective channels through our connections and experience with NGOs. It made a real difference to the lives of thousands of people,” says YachtAid Global Founder, Mark Drewelow.

So why stop there.

Today, our industry faces a different and more entrenched problem. Climate change is threatening the world as we know it, as well as the future of the superyacht industry. A yachting community acting responsibly and driving inclusive, sustainable development can enhance yachting’s reputation with customers and clients, as well as the people whose communities yachts visit around the world.

The people who are most vulnerable to climate change, are those living in poverty in coastal communities. These are the same coastal communities often visited by yachts, and are in the same regions with the least ability to take the steps needed to reduce the effects of pollution on the environment.

MY Katharine delivering Aid in Anguilla 1 002

MY Katherine delivering aid in Anguilla

"Imagine the ongoing, deeply-entrenched change we could achieve if the whole yachting community committed to strengthening coastal communities. Addressing humanitarian issues and helping communities build for a sustainable future means helping the environment, assisting some of the most vulnerable people around the globe, and ensuring our industry is sustainable for generations to come,” says Forderer.

“It’s been a great 12 months but we hope to build on it this year,” adds Drewelow.

“YachtAid Global is the sum of all of our efforts. Thank you for your commitment, encouragement and ongoing support of YachtAid Global as the yachting community’s humanitar an organization.”

“We’re honoured to be able to lead the yachting community’s humanitarian and sustainability efforts, but we need your help to do so. However we’re only able to do this with your financial support,” adds Forderer.

“The movement starts with you. Please help us by taking this message forward with you through the Monaco Yacht Show to talk about what we can achieve as an industry if we all work together. Not just when disaster strikes and people are in desperate need, but 365 days a year."


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