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FarSounder Sonar on Hapag-Lloyd Expedition Ships

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The Germany-based, luxury cruise operator, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, is including FarSounder-1000s on its two new expedition class ships. FarSounder is contracted to provide their longest range 3D Forward Looking Sonar - FarSounder-1000 - to these ships. These unique sonars will provide real-time data on what is ahead of the ships as they explore. The vessels and passengers will enjoy a heightened level of security when traveling into unknown waters.

The two sibling ships, HANSEATIC Inspiration and HANSEATIC Nature, are state-of-the-art with latest cutting-edge technology and are set to sail in the Arctic in the summer (Europe) and taking expeditions into the Antarctic in the winter (Europe). In addition, both ships will spend time exploring some more unconventional destinations including the Amazon, the Chilean fjords, the Azores, and Cape Verde.

Due to such travels, it's important to have a keen awareness of what is in front of the ship underwater to ensure the safety of the ship. With a FarSounder-1000 leading the way, they will be able to maneuver through the water and see hazards as they approach including icebergs and coral reefs. FarSounder 3D sonars will provide them the reassurance necessary to explore new places safely. 

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About FarSounder

FarSounder, Inc. is a U.S. based high technology marine electronics manufacturer specializing in underwater acoustics. With unique patented technology, the company has a global customer base of commercial, government, and private sector users. The company is the recognized leader in real time 3D sonar systems and has been selling its flagship navigation and obstacle avoidance systems since 2004. FarSounder's product lines include its Ship Protection System, which followed years of both IR&D and U.S. government funded research. The 2015 Tibbetts Award winning FarSounder Ship Protection System is for those owner/operators who demand the best solutions for assuring the safety of their passengers and crew. The system provides detection, classification, and alarms of underwater threats. Portside, platform, and shore based systems are also available for waterfront security.

About Hapag-Lloyd

Hamburg-based Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, a subsidiary of the TUI Group, is renowned as one of Germany’s foremost providers of both luxury and expedition cruises, currently with a fleet of four ships, each with their own personality. With the luxury EUROPA and EUROPA 2 and expedition ships HANSEATIC and BREMEN, the cruise line has succeeded in building a reputation for operating ships, which are outstanding in their class and offering the very highest standards of hospitality.




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