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Evolution Yachting Launches a Unique Pricing Structure

Evolution Yachting has announced the introduction of a revolutionary new unique pricing model for yacht agency fees, divided into three tiers according to different geographical regions that is clear and easy to understand. This marks a true milestone in not only the strategic positioning of the group, but the agency industry as well.

This is the first time ever in the agency business that a yacht agent has created a unique price structure. With every country and indeed ports within the same country having their own set of prices and costs, the disparity has always been problematic. For years, captains and management companies have been calling for complete transparency in agency rates and fees in a format that is clear and easy to understand. This new structure will now allow them to budget their expenses properly for the season and winter period.

The unique pricing model was planned from the outset, when CEO Stefano Tositti originally set up Acquera Yachting back in 2018, which was later rebranded Evolution Yachting following the purchase of Evolution Yacht Agents in September 2019. The timing could not be more relevant, as COVID-19 has made captains, management companies and ultimately owners more sensitive to how they are spending their money, with invoices being scrutinised.

Prior to developing the pricing model, extensive research was carried out, where captains, management companies and charter brokers were asked about what they are really looking for in terms of pricing. All of the feedback was taken onboard and what came across very clearly was the desire for a transparent unique pricing structure.

The strength of the Group clearly lies in the 20 offices across nine countries throughout the Med. With no sub-agents involved, the agency goes straight to their suppliers, resulting in a faster, more economical service. The harmonisation of costs means the days of unforeseen charges and unexpected invoices is over.

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The team, after so many years in the industry, welcomes this shift in the way of doing things.

Bea Alonso, Balearics, Spain & Portugal Area Manager stated: "The pricing model is based on our tried and tested method that we used prior to joining the group and when we just used to provide services in Spain & the Balearic Islands. We have worked hard to listen to what our clients are asking for and have improved the structure that will be implemented across the whole company. I am 100% certain that captains and management companies are going to welcome our pricing structure with open arms.”

Caterina Oliviero, CCO said: “With our pricing package a yacht can now spend the summer cruising and for example spend time in the Balearic Islands, SOF and Sardinia, and be charged exactly the same prices. The beauty of our pricing model is that it is transparent and easy for our clients to understand and will most certainly facilitate their budgeting. It will give them peace of mind knowing that they can cruise in 9 different countries with us with the same method of charging.”

Mike Brewer, Greece & Turkey Client Manager commented: "After all my years in the industry, one of the biggest problems that we have always faced as agents is the discrepancy between costs. It was always frustrating for everyone and we have just created one level playing field which is of huge added value. This is without a doubt what the yachts have been asking for."

Chris Peacock, Ionian Islands & Albania Area Manager said: "Questioning the way we work, so that ultimately we can do things even better, is paramount for us as a company and indeed as an industry as a whole. I certainly think that we will become the benchmark within the agency sector and hope that our actions will trigger a drive for more transparency in the industry."

Stefano Tositti, CEO added: “We have taken the yacht agency to another level: we are one company, one price structure, one point of remittance and one billing format. No other group operating in the Mediterranean has ever created a unique pricing model. We have a duty of care to our clients and want to drive very necessary changes in the market that clients have spent years asking for. Transparency for them is key, and it is indeed aligned with Evolution Yachting’s philosophy and core values as a company. We are disrupting the market, something that we said we would do from the outset. At the end of the day it all comes down to transparency, budgeting and accountability.”

For more information on our pricing packages please contact Caterina Oliviero here


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