Girls on Deck: Female Exterior & Engineering Crew

Posted: 3rd Jun 2016

Written by: Robyn Santa Maria

Luxury yachting has long been an industry in which men have traditionally held deck and engineering roles while women have automatically filled stewardess and interior positions. However, thanks to passionate women – and men – who... Read More

Interview: Superyacht Scholarship Winner James Benning

Posted: 28th May 2016

Written by: OnboardOnline

James Benning was the winner of the Exterior Department in the Superyacht Scholarship Competition launched earlier this year by Alison Rentoul. Just a few months on and James has already landed his first job as Deckhand onboard 55... Read More

You Know You're a Superyacht Steward/ess When...

Posted: 21st May 2016

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

For this column, I'm stepping away from the educational side of Facebook group, Yacht Stewardess Tips, and I'm taking a light-hearted look at our ‘more serious’ personality (dis)orders and how these affect us each and every day, e... Read More

Onboard Core Wine List

Posted: 16th May 2016

Written by: Jessica Evans

The summer charter season is fast approaching and now is the time to think about stocking your yacht's wine cellar. Here are some suggestions for a basic core wine list to have on board to ensure you're ready for any occasion. Read More

Interview: Superyacht Scholarship Winner - Zhara Bathe

Posted: 15th May 2016

Written by: OnboardOnline

Chosen from a total of 263 applicants from all over the world, Zhara Bathe was the Interior and Grand Prize winner of the Superyacht Scholarship Competition launched by Alison Rentoul, The Crew Coach. Just two months on and Zhara ... Read More

Interview: Superyacht Scholarship Winner - Trystan Irwin

Posted: 10th May 2016

Written by: OnboardOnline

The four winners of the Superyacht Scholarship Competition, launched by Alison Rentoul, The Crew Coach, were announced in a live webinar in March, chosen from a total of 263 applicants from all over the world. We recently caught u... Read More

An Innovation in Water Technology

Posted: 2nd May 2016

Written by: Steve Wright

In the beginning, there was light, then earth, then water. Approximately 97 percent of the earth’s water is salt water, 3 percent is fresh water and less than 1 percent of that is fit for human consumption. It's time we got smart ... Read More

Superyacht Crew Giving Back

Posted: 1st May 2016

Written by: Lauren Williams

As yacht crew, sometimes we forget just how fortunate we are. The positions we are in are well paid and we have few, or no, responsibilities outside of the yacht. We make a lot of money which we sometimes spend unwisely, and when ... Read More

Your STCW Could be Invalid on 1st January 2017!

Posted: 27th Apr 2016

Written by: Alison Rentoul

Q: Tiffany, Stewardess: “I heard something about STCW certificates needing to be updated by the first of January next year but I’m confused who this applies to and whether I need to do it - can you clarify? Read More

Updating Training: Don’t get Caught Out!

Posted: 22nd Apr 2016

Written by: Lars Lippuner / Warsash Superyacht Academy

When the STCW Convention was conceived in 1978 and finally came into force in 1984 there was no requirement for mandatory safety training. This only changed with the 1995 Amendments coming into force in 2002 and we have since grow... Read More

Hold out for a Couple's Job or go it Alone?

Posted: 20th Apr 2016

Written by: Alison Rentoul

Q: Lisa, 28, Chef: “My boyfriend and I are in Antibes looking for a couple’s job: he is a deckhand and I am a chef. We’ve been told by practically everyone that because we’re new in yachting we don’t have much hope of getting a jo... Read More

Interview: Abigail Doherty - Superyacht Engineer

Posted: 20th Apr 2016

Written by: Jason Scott

YPI Crew speaks to Abigail Doherty, a superyacht engineer, about her experience of gaining employment in the yachting industry. One of the most exciting things about the yachting industry is the sheer variety of yacht crew jobs an... Read More

Who Needs a Food Hygiene Certificate?

Posted: 13th Apr 2016

Written by: Alison Rentoul

Jess, prospective stewardess, 22: “I’m about to come to Antibes and have booked my STCW, but now I hear that I have to do a food hygiene course as well. People I’ve spoken to are a bit confused about it. Which level will I need as... Read More

Mastering Cape Epic!

Posted: 13th Apr 2016

Written by: Bianca Ljungberg

Chief officer Arvid Ljungberg and his team mate Markus Jokinen recently completed their first Cape Epic, a gruelling eight-day mountain bike stage race which takes place in the Western Cape, South Africa. Coined as one of the toug... Read More


Posted: 7th Apr 2016

Written by: Carey Secrett

The Professional Yachting Association (PYA) has worked with ACREW to endorse the content of certain workshops on offer at their professional development events. It will be clear which workshops are endorsed by the PYA when registe... Read More

Palma or Antibes: Pros and Cons for Crew Jobs

Posted: 30th Mar 2016

Written by: Alison Rentoul

Rob, 22: I’m trying to decide whether to fly to Antibes or Palma to start my job search. I’ve got friends who work on yachts but they are completely divided on which place is better. I’m not ruling out motoryachts but I think I wa... Read More

Fitting Out a New Build: Linen & Tableware

Posted: 18th Mar 2016

Written by: Jodie Clarke

The rate of expansion in our industry in the last twenty years, combined with natural attrition, has resulted in a shortage of experienced interior crew. Training opportunities have certainly improved, and relevant experience alwa... Read More

The Secret of Hungarian Charcuterie

Posted: 15th Mar 2016

Written by: Gabor Ivanacz

It is well known that charcuterie is a branch of cuisine devoted to prepared meat products, such as bacon, ham, sausage, salami, terrines, galantines, ballotines, pâtés, and confit, primarily from pork, but it also can be made fro... Read More

Interview: Chief Steward, Stig Spiessens

Posted: 10th Mar 2016

Written by: Stig Spiessens

After working in luxury hospitality for eight years, a passion for the ultimate hospitality experience led Chief Steward Stig Spiessens to pursue a career in yachting. Having worked on motor yachts Tatoosh, Dilbar and Aquila (ex-C... Read More

PYA Update on Training and Certification

Posted: 9th Mar 2016

Written by: PYA

When MSN 1858 came out to replace MSN 1802, there was an error made with the wording for required service to gain exemption from completing the Training Record Book for OOW 3000gt (Y) candidates. Read More

Crew Workout: Resistance Bands for Abductors

Posted: 9th Mar 2016

Written by: Mark Healy

This article features three simple exercises to blast the muscles around your hip and the lateral aspect of your leg, as well as getting your heart pumping of course. All these can be performed without any resistance, but we have ... Read More

Superyacht Scholarship Winners Announced!

Posted: 2nd Mar 2016

Written by: Alison Rentoul

Winners of the Superyacht Scholarship Competition, launched by Alison Rentoul, The Crew Coach, were announced in a live webinar today, 2 March. Read More

How Multitasking Makes you less Productive

Posted: 25th Feb 2016

Written by: Alison Rentoul

Q: Captain, Alastair, 37:
“I hate to admit this, but I’m really bad at multitasking. By nature, I like to finish a job before I start another one, and don’t like being distracted by other things. The problem is that as a new Capt...
Read More

Yacht Crew Start Your Wine Collection!

Posted: 16th Feb 2016

Written by: Jessica Evans

We all like a spot of plonk every now and again but, have you ever thought about having a decent collection of wine for your home once you leave the yachting industry? Or have you ever thought about wine as a long-term investment?... Read More

Interview: Chief Stew Charlotte Morris

Posted: 16th Feb 2016

Written by: Charlotte Morris

Fresh from the five day Interior Management Course with Interior Yacht Services, Chief Stewardess Charlotte Morris talks about her passion for travel and adventure, building a dream team and the importance of continuous profession... Read More

Interior Training: Strive to be the Best

Posted: 27th Jan 2016

Written by: Karen Hockney

When it comes to interior, crew and leadership skills training, there aren’t many individuals with more passion or zest for the business than Peter Vogel. A veteran who managed Paul Allen’s superyacht stable for nine years, Peter ... Read More

How to Spot a Faulty Wine

Posted: 26th Jan 2016

Written by: Louise Sydbeck MW

As a crew member in the yachting industry I´m sure that you have had your fair share of faulty wines! With (in some cases) inappropriate storage conditions on yachts resulting in dry, hot and moving environment, wines tend to matu... Read More

5 Reasons to Study a WSET Wine Course

Posted: 25th Jan 2016

Written by: Emma Laval

Are you a stew or stewardess and thinking of completing a course during the winter? Why not learn all about wine and spirits by completing WSET Wine & Spirits qualification. Riviera Wine are offering these internationally recognis... Read More

Chefs...The Competition Begins!

Posted: 25th Jan 2016

Written by: Gabor Ivanacz

Venison Gusto is proud to launch their Chefs Competition. Entries must be received by the 19th February and the lucky winner will receive a 500€ Venison Gusto voucher. Read More

Taste and Quality with Natural, Unfarmed Meats

Posted: 22nd Jan 2016

Written by: Gabor Ivanacz

You cannot see it and you cannot always recognize it by reading the label but, unfortunately, most of the meat in the supermarket these days has gone industrial and it is also affecting the food on board superyachts. Read More


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