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Fitness 'Boost-Camp' in Antibes

Posted: 13th Apr 2015

Written by: 'Boost Camp' in Antibes

Are you up for a Challenge? Bored with lifting weights and watching the same old music video on eternal loop? Want to get those abs beach/boat or pool ready in a team environment? Tired of changing rooms mirrors that do nothing fo... Read More

Boat Friendly Yoga - 5 Poses for Eternal Youth

Posted: 7th Apr 2015

Written by: Sonja Lockyer

Working in the yachting industry is heaven for the young, the fit and the adventurous. A major attraction to the industry is the places you’ll go and the fun you’ll have going there. Read More

Crew Workout: Legs and Butts

Posted: 6th Apr 2015

Written by: Mark Healy

Since the 'Belfie' seems to be taking over social media these days, this month offers a 'butt developing' exercise in readiness for your contribution. Read More

More Men Should do Pilates!

Posted: 3rd Mar 2015

Written by: Marika Gruber

First of all, I am a woman, but I think I can say without hesitating that most men love sports, which require strength, flexibility, stability and balance - so why aren’t more men doing Pilates? Read More

Deliciously Ella and the Food Revolution

Posted: 18th Feb 2015

Written by: Karen Hockney

Ella Woodward, a Londoner who was left bedbound four years ago after contracting Postural Tachycardia Syndrome - a disorder of the nervous system - cured herself through changing her diet and giving up gluten, refined sugar, meat ... Read More

Crew Workout: Exercises for Core Strength

Posted: 21st Jan 2015

Written by: Mark Healy

Instead of bombarding you all with yet another fitness article in January, we've decided to target those of you who are still serious about their exercise and begin a month later. This month Mark Healy Dina Balint share three exe... Read More

How to Avoid Seasickness

Posted: 14th Jan 2015

Written by: Alison Clements

Restlessness, cold sweats, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting….there’s no mistaking seasickness. Once it has set in when you’re out on a boat, you can’t do much to overcome the misery and discomfort of it. Yet for recreational sailo... Read More

New Year, New Food?

Posted: 2nd Jan 2015

Written by: Karen Hockney

For most of us, good nutrition means eating a balance of fresh, seasonal produce, trying not to snack between meals and limiting junk food, sugar and alcohol intake to a minimum. Throw in a dash of exercise (medical guidelines rec... Read More

Yachting & Healthy Living: Can they Co-exist?

Posted: 16th Jun 2014

Written by: Angela Orecchio

Does your boat have a snack cupboard that would make make Willie Wonka jealous? Are you eating crew dinner and then the boss' leftovers? Are you going out every night possible and not getting enough sleep? Read More

Overcoming Temptation Onboard

Posted: 6th Jun 2014

Written by: Angela Orecchio

You're feeling exhausted and the guests haven't even arrived yet, and the season has only just begun. This hectic schedule may be unavoidable in the busy world of yachting, but how you look after yourself within this scenario is ... Read More


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