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Vanquish with Vinegar!

Posted: 13th Feb 2015

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

Keeping within the spirit of natural cleaning products that I have been discussing over the past few columns, it would be almost irresponsible of me not to dedicate an entire column to the most magic natural cleaner of all – good ... Read More

Laundry Disasters and Stain Removal

Posted: 4th Dec 2014

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

As promised in our previous article in September, this month, we are focusing on undoing some of those laundry horrors that many of you have had to deal with. Read More

Be My GUEST: Why Interior Courses are Vital

Posted: 9th Nov 2014

Written by: Jo Morgan

Like many others, I thought that interior training courses were unnecessary money-spinners, after all, we all managed fine without these courses before, didn’t we? Well I’m not sure that most of us did, not at the beginning of our... Read More

Is Technology Killing Hospitality?

Posted: 31st Oct 2014

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

When I was in yachting – back in the day – my laptop weighed more than my aeroplane luggage allowance, a cell phone was something you kept in your cabin all season and needed dusting off at the end of the summer, we still used to ... Read More

4 Essential Cocktails in 5 Easy Steps

Posted: 10th Oct 2014

Written by: Lauren Williams

We've got four cocktails that cover all the taste bases. If you learn to make them well, you'll pleasantly surprise your guests every time. (And the crew probably won't mind being your guinea pigs.) Read More

PYA Table Setting Competition: Monaco Glam

Posted: 9th Oct 2014

Written by: Lauren Williams

This year at Monaco Yacht Show the PYA held their first ever table setting competition. OnboardOnline were invited to cover the event, following the judges on their journey through various interpretations of the theme ‘Monaco Glam... Read More

Stew Disasters!

Posted: 22nd Sep 2014

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

Steward/esses work in an environment where a 'disaster' is something that people on land might discount as merely a little accident, but for yacht crew, could spell the end of their job. Read More

When Would You Walk?

Posted: 27th Aug 2014

Written by: Bianca Meyjes

I stood on the dock in the baking summer heat, with my bags next to me and nowhere to go. I'd never jumped ship before that day, and had never thought I would. Read More

Yacht Uniform: Are You the Right Fit?

Posted: 12th Aug 2014

Written by: Lauren Williams

Most of us have encountered it. Sitting in a guest cabin, watching the chief stew pulling out the uniform from under the bed, only to find that the size you requested doesn't fit. Read More

Stew Tips: Natural Cleaning Products (Not) to Die For

Posted: 10th Jul 2014

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

Healthier products in cleaning caddies mean healthier stews and a healthier ocean, and it's naive to think that strong, chemically laden cleaning products will do a better job. Read More

Stowage That Won't Break the Bank

Posted: 25th Jun 2014

Written by: Superyacht Operating Systems

Wouldn't it be great if it didn't cost a fortune to create professional stowage. Doesn't everyone want a beautiful walk in china store to house the yacht's collection of plates, flatware, glassware and accessories? Read More

Stew Tips: Fear suede? Fear not!

Posted: 19th May 2014

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

Stews often fear or dislike cleaning suede. In her third Q-Tips and Toothpicks column, SYSA's Isobel Odendaal gives some advice about the care and cleaning of this difficult fabric. Read More

Ten Things I Didn't Know: Dockwalking is Fun!

Posted: 28th Mar 2014

Written by: Nikki Ridley

I thought I knew a lot about yachting when I made the decision to join the hordes in Antibes. I suspected dockwalking was a thing to be feared and that I was immune to seasickness. Read More

Stew Tips: The Dreaded Orchids

Posted: 24th Mar 2014

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

Most stews have had to look after those dreaded Phalaenopsis orchids. This month’s column is dedicated to tips for keeping them alive for longer than the guests’ arrival day. Read More

Ten Things I Didn't Know: Yacht Origami

Posted: 7th Mar 2014

Written by: Lauren Williams

To kick off the new '10 Things' series from OnboardOnline, Lauren Williams tells us 10 things she didn't know before joining yachting, starting with the wonder that is toilet paper origami. Read More

Introducing the Stew Tips Column

Posted: 21st Feb 2014

Written by: OnboardOnline with Isobel Odendaal

Steward/esses, as a group, have a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to solving problems on board, but are often unable to take advantage of each other’s experience. Read More

Cabin Fever

Posted: 2nd Feb 2014

Written by: Jo Morgan

If someone had asked my teenage self where I expected to be living in my 30’s, it’s unlikely I would have said I was aiming for a bunk-bed situation. Read More

What Floats Your Boat?

Posted: 30th Oct 2013

Written by: Paula Herbert

Some people are sailing yacht people, others are motor yacht people, but rarely is someone both. In fact a (mostly) friendly rivalry runs through the water between these two worlds. Each has perceptions about the other; perception... Read More

Stewardesses: Keep Calm and Drink Tea

Posted: 25th Sep 2013

Written by: Mrs Steele

Chief stewardesses often get a bad wrap for nagging and over-reactions to trivialities. But, as Mrs Steele argues, sometimes you just have to stand your ground. Read More

Top Tips- Bed Linens

Posted: 24th Sep 2013

Written by: The Cabin Shop

Charter guests and owners will use, touch and sleep in the linens on board. They will notice and appreciate luxurious softness, but will also remark on scratchy towels or bed linen. The interior of the cabins need to make a great ... Read More

The End of Uniformity

Posted: 12th Sep 2013

Written by: Paula Herbert

10 years ago, choice in yacht uniforms was limited. The fit mattered, but not how uniforms matched the yacht or the personality of the crew. Fortunately, as the industry evolves, suppliers are pushing the boundaries, with fashion... Read More

Gin Cocktails for Connoisseurs

Posted: 6th Sep 2013

Written by: Andy Ives, Bar Life UK

Tired of serving the same old cocktails? Ever thought of garnishing a cocktail with a sprig of lavender and a macaron? Do sherbet, olive oil and pink peppercorns feature in your cocktail repertoire? In the first of his series fo... Read More

Astroboy and the Mystery of the Odd Sock

Posted: 29th Jul 2013

Written by: Jo Morgan

Odd socks, whingeing crew and mugs left in the's clearly time for a mid-season hissy fit.Jo Morgan on what drives us batty when life in the crew mess gets messy. Read More

M/Y Pet Hate: When did yacht crew get so fussy?

Posted: 8th Jul 2013

Written by: Jo Morgan

In an industry where ‘attention to detail’ needs to be ‘obsession to detail’, it is perhaps no surprise that yacht crew have a bewildering array of ‘pet hates’ and phobias. Read More

Journey Over Water: Nautical Horoscopes

Posted: 3rd Jul 2013

Written by: Jo Morgan

There's an excellent chance that you'll travel over water this month. The forecast is for blue skies, except for when it will be raining, or gloomy. Or nighttime. Read More

An Argument Against the 'Half Tip' Policy

Posted: 6th May 2013

Written by: Jo Morgan

Imagine if you found out that half the generous tip you gave to the waitress last night for outstanding service had been confiscated by her manager and was being held ransom for a year, in a bid to coerce the waitress into staying... Read More

Making the Transition to Purser

Posted: 24th Apr 2015

Written by: Jodie Clarke

I'm frequently approached by Chief Stewardesses that wish to make the transition to Purser and need some tips to help them succeed in their first Purser position. Read More


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