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The Ida Pfeiffer Project - 70m Ice Class Explorer

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Globe Regal Yachting, in collaboration with Gill Schmid Designs and Dörries Yachts, have been developing a state-of-the-art 70m explorer yacht named the IDA PFEIFFER in homage to the adventurous, audacious spirit of the pioneering nineteenth-century explorer who forged an independent path of passion and curiosity. 

MY Ida Pfeiffer is an ice class vessel of 70 metres in length, driven by diesel electric propulsion to allow her to cruise in some of the coldest waters on the planet. A long-range vessel, capable of covering in-excess of 7000 miles in fully stabilised comfort, whilst carrying an array of tenders to include an H135 helicopter with hangar, 2x 14 metre tenders plus 2x rescue boats, 1x dive support boat and a Triton submarine, an Icon waterplane and up to 2x cars. She will have a side launching garage and large A-frame crane.

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The spacious owners’ suite is designed with every luxury in mind. The 5 additional VIP cabins will offer every comfort available on board.

Globe Regal Yachting developed the project in conjunction with Gill Schmid Designs of New York and Dörries Yachts of Bremerhaven in northern Germany, the latter a family run shipyard with a wealth of experience of many years of fitting out and project managing some of the finest yachts to set sail in the modern day.

Some of the better-known yachts completed with the involvement of the Dörries Yachts team include: 107m Ulysses, 138m Al Salamah, 130m Rising Sun, 125m Octopus among many more.  

IDA PFEIFFER 70 Explorer 2The yacht's namesake, Ida Laura Pfeiffer (1797 - 1858 Vienna), was an Austrian globetrotter who funded her daring expeditions by publishing her travel journals, which the public couldn't get enough of. At a time when women were excluded from intellectual life and denied many opportunities, she was a member of geographical societies in Paris and Berlin and her bestselling books were translated into seven languages.  

She is the inspiration for the striking, go-anywhere Ida Pfeiffer explorer yacht, where exceptional design meets the skill of Germany's most accomplished yacht builders to produce one of the finest vessels in her class.

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