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Cruising Turkey: Fethiye to Bodrum

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The Turkish Riviera is still one of the most stunning yachting destinations in the Mediterranean. Whether you want to relax in a quiet bay and explore the many ancient ruins that litter the coastline, or pull into port and party the night away in some of the top nightclubs and bars, its all there to explore and enjoy.

This area of the world has had such a rich and important history, which has left its mark on the Aegean coastline. The islands, cliffs, bays and towns are still alive with the ruins of the civilizations that have lived here over the millenia. You can visit ancient cities, temples, bathhouses and artworks all along these  8,000 miles of coastline. There is so much to see and do both on and off the water that here we are going to focus on the area from Fethiye to Bodrum.


Fethiye sits at the southern end of a large bay with Gocek at the other end. Surrounded by mountains and pine forests it is nestled in a gulf  filled with bays, small islands and therefore amazing anchorages with cristalline waters. Fethiye is a great place to start off a Turkish cruise. Do stop in Cleopatra Bay Cove for a swim amongst these amazing ruins where Cleopatra and Mark Anthony allegedly once bathed.

More information on the marina in Fethiye.

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Legends claim that Gocek is also the hometown of Icarus, who flew to the sun but fell down to his death according to mythology. It is also believed that Gocek served as the main port town of Lycia in the times of Strabo and Herodotus.

Today, Gocek hosts six significant marinas that serve the yacht tourism in the region. A prominent characteristic of the town is the fact that it harbours islands and coves located in a large and secluded bay. Owing to its location, it naturally enjoys a high potential for yacht tourism.

Gocek became known to groups of artists and poets and to some fisherman from Bodrum as a result of their cruising along the Turkish Turquoise Coast, a journey later called the “Blue Voyage”. Gocek coves and the 12 islands, which are described as a hidden paradise, with clean Mediterranean water, green pine forests and beaches, have rendered Gocek an indispensable destinatioon.

Excerpt about Gocek by www.superyachtturkey.expert

For more information about Club Marina in Gocek click here.



The traditional fishing town of Dalyan is situated in the delta of the Dalyan river. A fascinating destination with much to explore. Take a tour up the river and see the weathered facades of the Lycian Tombs which date from 400BC  or visit the famous Iztuzu beach, a nesting site for the endangered Loggerhead turtle.

Dalyan carvings


Marmaris is a town which has expanded in recent years to keep up with tourist demand but has managed to retain its original and traditional feel. Explore the bustling bazaar and the wide choice of  bars and restaurants. Visit the Ottoman castle of Suleyman the Magnificent, built in 1522 as a base for his assault on Rhodes against the knights of St. John. The Bay of Marmaris itself offers a unique and protected anchorage surrounded by pine covered hills.

For more information on the marinas in Marmaris see Marmaris Yacht Marina, Marti Marina and Netsel Marina.


English Harbour

Named from when the Special Boat Squadron used it as a base during WWII, this well protected bay this is one of the best known hidey holes in the Gokova Gulf. Swim in clear, blue water surrounded by pine forests and the sound of cicadas, or walk through the fragrant amber forest.  There are two restaurants on the eastern side of the cove where you can eat locally caught fish.  


Bodrum has gained a reputation over the past 20 years as a party town and it is, but it so much more than that. Bodrum is is a beautiful town of white-washed houses overlooking a dazzling blue bay  which is guarded by the medieval castle of St Peter built by the Knights of Rhodes. The Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet here and the palm lined waterfront and its marina with its elegant yachts are a beautiful backdrop. A stop in Bodrum would not be complete without  visiting The Mausoleum,  the Amphitheatre and Myndos Gate.

For information on the marinas in Bodrum see Milta Bodrum Marina and Palmarina Budrum.


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