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Active Holidays in Slovenia

Aquatic Adventures

In Slovenia the favourite water sports are those that get the adrenalin flowing. The Soča is the best choice for white-water rafting and hydro speeding.

Its smaller tributaries offer the excitement of canyoning.

The Sava, the Savinja and the Krka are all good for kayaking.

For less hectic pursuits such as canoeing and wood rafting, the Kolpa and the Drava are highly recommended.

In Nature

Slovenia is crisscrossed by countless trails running through unspoilt countryside. Hiking is one of the most popular sports and recreations, from easier short hikes along the valleys and hills, to challenging protected trails in the high mountains.

SetRatioSize200300 Canoeists at the start of the Great Gorges of the Soca Photo by Tomo Jesenicnik 1433757674 da2You can get to know Slovenia’s natural beauty and cultural attractions by bike, choosing the relaxation of the valleys and lowlands, the exercise of the rolling hills, or the challenges of the mountain slopes according to your experience and fitness.

In addition to road biking trails, there are more and more mountain biking trails, which can also pass by biking parks.

Slovenia is also a good place to play golf. There are more than ten golf courses, and numerous driving ranges. All are well-designed and within easy reach, and cater for beginners and experienced players alike.

In the saddle

Experiencing Slovenia in the saddle is a pleasure offered by numerous equestrian centres, tourist farms and ranches in the cradle of the world-renowned Lipizzaners. Slovenia’s rivers and lakes are a paradise for anglers. There are 25 different species that can be fished with artificial flies.


The rich underground world of the Karst offers not just tours of caves, but also real caving exploits, such as cave trekking and teambuilding. You can even bike in the galleries of the abandoned mine beneath Mt Peca.

From the air

You can see the landscape from above in a hot-air balloon, or a light sport aircraft. The more courageous can try an aerobatic flight, or for a real adrenalin rush, a tandem parachute jump.

*Courtesy of LOVE SLOVENIA

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