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Introducing Yacht Profiles™

If the goal is to attract a wider range of individuals to charter, buy or build a yacht, let's not forget who we're speaking to. The scope is increasingly diverse and everyone is looking for something different or unique. And it's not all about the boat!

Charter marketing typically focuses more on targeting and tracking clients than creating the content that clients actually need or want. Searching online for a yacht yields endless listings and content written for SEO, with no real information to guide choice. Shiny boats, shiny people; they all look the same.

Yachting is about people and emotion and adventure, yet we seldom see a real human face or glimpse the crew. Ask any broker and they'll tell you the captain and chef are a big part of the conversation, but their stories are rarely told.

And with the explosion of online information, consumer behaviour is also changing. Across the board, people expect to be empowered with knowledge more than ever before and charter clients are no exception:

When searching for high price items, 78% of people read three to four
pieces of content before establishing any sales contact.

Providing relevant, useful content and relatable imagery shapes a different conversation with the outside world. It's also the most powerful way to convert interest to an enquiry, which inspired us to create a platform for precisely this purpose. is a new platform using stories to promote individual yachts for charter or sale to attract a broader range of clients and drive growth.

For the Industry - attracting a greater diversity of clients to charter, buy or build a yacht.
For Central Agents - differentiating yachts in the fleet and converting interest to enquiries.
For Charter Brokers - providing quality resources to include in client proposals.
For Yacht Owners - enhancing reputation, increasing revenues or opportunities to sell.

A Superyacht Profile contains a range of unique content on a single link:

The yacht - the story of the boat, her history and defining features.
The experience - the experience on board and the people who make it happen.
The chef & cuisine - the story of the chef, their inspiration, cuisine and specialties.
Itineraries - the yacht's cruising grounds and local hotspots.
Specifications - the nuts and bolts, equipment and toys on board.
Testimonials - a word from the yacht's captain and previous charter guests.

Our new platform is launching in March 2020!

Please contact us for further information and rates:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: UK +44 (0)207 193 5520/ France +33 (0)621 486 081

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