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Top Superyacht Toys of 2013

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The superyacht toy market is exploding with new and exciting toys that can be carried on board and used on the surface, in the air or underwater.  A selection of tried and tested, realistic options can be seen below. All of these are all currently available to purchase.

  • Jetlev-Flyer
  • Seabreacher
  • Sea pool
  • Customised jet skis and toys
  • Seabob Cayago Magnum
  • Hovpod
  • Hydrofoils
  • Inflatable slide and toys
  • Jetsurf board
  • Submarine


The Jetlev is the brainchild of Canadian inventor, Raymond Li, who became fascinated with the idea of using a strap-on jetpack after watching James Bond in the movie ‘Thunderball’.

Costing between €84,000 (£74,000 or $110,000) and €129,000 (£114,000 or $170,000), this ground-breaking new toy is designed to be used above water.

The Jetlev comes in two models: the JF-250 which is made of Carbon Fibre and has 250 horsepower, and the JF-220 which is made of fibre glass and has 220 horsepower.

Able to carry a person to a maximum speed of about 22 mile per hour, the jetpack is tethered to a fibreglass pod with a 33-foot hose. The pod's 4-stroke engine takes in water and sends it through the hose to the jetpack in a similar way to a jet-ski. The water is expelled from the pack's two adjustable nozzles, propelling the pilot while towing the pod.

A 57-litre fuel tank enables a flight time of 2 to 2.5 hours on a full tank.


The Seabreacher Watercraft range allows the owner to drive across the water at a high speed whilst piloting an aerodynamically designed vessel, shaped just like a shark or a dolphin!

Custom-built for each client by her designers at Innespace, this ground-breaking watercraft gives the pilot the ability to dive 5 feet under the water and launch out from underneath the wake to gain some impressive air.

The Seabreacher X Watercraft will allows the pilot to reach an astonishing top speed of 50 miles per hour on the water and 25 miles per hour under it.

Prices vary on each model, starting at €50,000 (£42,000 or $65,000) and going up to €65,000 (£55,000 or $85,000) for a high-performance and heavily customized model. Custom paint jobs can be done as required along with interior modifications.

All Seabreacher models are designed to operate in both sea water and fresh water, giving you the opportunity to visit any destination and deploy your secret weapon – speed, diving, barrel rolls, and the inevitably satisfying desire to do it all again.


The sea pool was introduced as an attempt to combat the problem of swimming off the boat with the large amount of jellyfish and other marine creatures in the ocean. The sea pool provides a safe ocean swim by allowing seawater into the pool through grid-covered holes, designed to stop any unwanted sea creatures appearing. This net is held down by weights.

The pool is made with PVC or more tough hypalon material, and can be set up in a matter of minutes with a high inflation pump and either tied to the vessel or anchored separately. For owners with young children this secure swimming area is proving especially popular.


Whilst the jet-ski is not a new toy, customising jet-skis to match superyachts and clients preferences has become increasingly popular so that they are unique and individual. This could be simply seen as making the best, better.

Specialties offered by companies like Venom Design can include colour matched bodywork, upholstery, rope rubbing strakes, underwater lights, plus AV/iPod and Sat Nav options.

SEABOB – Cayago Magnum

The CAYAGO MAGNUM 'Special Edition 100'. CAYAGO MAGNUM is marketed as the ultimate superyacht toy. It features a navigation system with sonar location technology and LED headlights, allowing the super toy to be navigated perfectly under water at high speeds and in poor visibility.

The CAYAGO MAGNUM also has a high-performance engine, which is fitted with 10 gears and can operate for up to four hours. An energy pack comprising a 33kg Lithium-lon accumulator provides power to the powerful engine, which is configured as an E-jet power system. This retails at a hefty €78,800 (£66,000 or $102,000). The standard top-of-the-range production Seabob Cayago F7 retails at €12,680 (£10,700 or $16,500) per unit and is capable of 16 km per hour underwater and 22 km per hour on the surface.


While personal Hovercraft offer the ultimate in watersport fun, their typical outer shell of glass-fibre is unable to withstand too many hard knocks, whilst the speed and range left something to be desired. UK-based Reaction International Ltd has come up with a new and improved line of personal leisure hovercraft, and the Hov Pod SPX 120 Turbo is the cream of the crop.

Powered by a 120-horsepower 4-stroke Weber engine that offers greater range and performance, the SPX 120 Turbo hovers at a height of 9 inches over any flat surface, reaching speeds of 50 miles per hour on water. Additionally, the SPX 120 Turbo is buoyant enough to take on over a ton in weight before water encroaches on the hull, making it very safe.

All SPX models can seat three adults, weigh in at 310kg and measure 11.9 feet by 6.1 feet. This has proved to be a popular toy on a number of high-profile charter boat this past year.


Ever wanted to wakeboard or waterski and it is too choppy? Ride above the waves! This inexpensive toy (£1,000) is a must for every superyacht. The Limited Evo has all the bells and whistles: Lightweight Limited Edition board, Limited Edition foil, as well as the sturdy and lightweight Evolution tower. Wakeboard and Kitesurf boards are also available for guests and owners wanting that little extra!


Made to measure for each vessel, these PVC inflatable slides are great fun; a must for any charter or family yacht and they are becoming increasingly popular. All slides are custom made to fit the yacht and it must be noted that careful selection and design is needed to ensure that they are useable due to their cumbersome size and weight – often in excess of 200kg.

Prices vary with the average price for a slide to fit a 40m (130 ft) yacht around €10,000 (£8,400 or $13,000). 


The latest sight to be seen off superyachts and support vessels are full inflatable waterparks! These can be created at the stern of the yacht with slides, climbing frames, sea pools, trampolines, sailing boats, paddle boards and more. The sky is the limit! Due to the small pack-down size and ease of storage these can be used on almost any sized yacht.


There are a number of powered boards on the market but none as advanced or high-tech as the Jetsurf. Made of carbon, weighing just 13kg and being capable of 57km per hour, the Jetsurf has a running time of up to four hours. It is fast becoming a must-have toy. All Jetsurfs come with full maintenance and riding tuition, which is required in order to activate the warranty. Riding is possible for anyone who is comfortable in the water and the board can be ridden on your knees until confident enough to stand up. The Jetsurf has a hand-operated throttle control.


The submarine is still at the top of the list of desirable toys on megayachts and support vessels, giving owners and guests a unique underwater experience. Models range from one-man subs to submarines which will transport six-plus people. Many yachts have underwater garages where submarines can float in and out giving owners and guests complete privacy. The most advanced submarines can dive to 36,000 ft with dive times of over 10 hours offering a true chance to explore the underwater world. One of the reasons they are so exclusive and only on the largest yachts is their price tag, with five-person submarines ranging in price from €1.3 million (£1.1 million or $1.7 million) to €2.5 million (£2.1 million or $3.2 million). 

(Photos provided courtesy of Superyacht Tenders and Toys.)


Josh Richardson is the managing director of Superyacht Tenders and Toys, a one stop shop for all your yacht tender and yacht toy needs. Areas of expertise include new build production and custom tenders, chase boats, RIBs, plus popular yacht toys such as the Jetsurf, Seabob, Inflatables, Yacht Slides, Jetlev-Flyer, Submarines and all Watersports gear. Give us your requirements, size, type, budget and location and we will provide you with all options available, all at the best price. Superyacht Tenders and Toys is able to assist with the consultancy, purchase, rental and support of all aspects of tender and toy ownership servicing the worlds finest yachts and backing this up with excellent after-sales support.

The U.K.-based company also has offices in Cannes and Fort Lauderdale. Find out more at


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