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Superyacht Nautique - Shaping the Wave

There are many reasons for owning or chartering a superyacht but, for many, there’s no greater thrill than getting out on the water with the latest tenders and toys. When it comes to wake boats, there’s one brand that stands out in the shape of market leaders Nautique, which recently selected Superyacht Tenders and Toys as their global dealer for the large yacht market. We spoke to Angus Gilmour, project manager for the newly formed Superyacht Nautique to discuss his vision and what’s on the horizon.

What prompted the partnership between SYTT and Nautique and what does each party bring to the table?

The partnership between Superyacht Tenders and Toys and Nautique has developed over the last few years. At SYTT we aim to work with the highest quality brands that really understand the end goal of a great client experience. Nautique not only manufacture a high-quality product but are also constantly striving to improve the customer experience.

At SYTT we share the same values as Nautique and can offer a great deal of experience and knowledge within the yachting industry. Superyacht Nautique seemed like a no brainer for both companies and combines the awesome product that Nautique manufactures with the industry knowledge of SYTT to offer our superyacht clients the ultimate yacht toy.

Nautique has a giant share of the market for wake boats, what did they get so right?

I think there are probably a few answers to this question, as Nautique have done so many things right. However, I believe at the core of it Nautique are committed to giving their customers a great experience and creating a community of people who all enjoy getting out on the water and having some fun. As Superyacht Nautique, we would like to continue these values into the superyacht industry, creating a community of yachties and owners who all enjoy being out on the water.

What power options are available and what’s the best seller?

Petrol is currently the best seller by quite a way but giving yachts the ability to choose a more environmentally friendly electric option such as the GS series, and a more convenient diesel option such as the G series is something that no other brand can do.

Which models will Superyacht Nautique supply to yachts?

Each Nautique in the range offers something slightly different and we are fortunate enough to offer all of them. This enables the team at Superyacht Nautique to match the correct model to the requirements of the client and the amount of space they have available.

To view videos of Superyacht Nautique's models please click here.

SYTT SYN 1 1200x630

To what extent can you customise wake boats for superyachts and what would be a typical request?

We don’t like to limit what customisations are available on these boats and will always try to accommodate a client’s request. Having said that, the most common customisations come around when integrating the Nautiques into the yachts. We can offer custom lifting solutions to complement a yacht’s crane arrangement, removable windscreens or towers to allow for low garage heights and we can even fabricate towers out of carbon to make them easier to remove. However, we are always up for a challenge and custom paint, upholstery and decking are all also available.

With the trend for explorer yachts and remote cruising do you anticipate greater demand for electric?

The demand for alternatively fuelled tenders is on the rise as the industry looks to become more sustainable. Alongside this explorer yachts are having to adhere to more and more environmental regulations when it comes to certain cruising grounds. Therefore, I believe the ability to offer an electric solution to yachts, in particular new build explorer yachts, is absolutely vital.

How do the different power options vary in price and is this likely to influence choice in the superyacht sector?

Nautique have done some major research and development into ensuring that both the Electric and Diesel configurations are seamlessly integrated into their current models. This means that there are no compromises when it comes to choosing these options. This does also mean that there is a slight increase in price for these options, but in my opinion, this will not influence the decision on power train. When it comes to our clients, I believe that these decisions are normally driven by the requirements of the yacht’s operations and the integration of the tender into the storage space.

Which watersports activities can wake boats be used for and what’s the most popular?

The major focus of these tenders is for wakeboarding, wakesurfing and waterskiing and with the Super Air Nautique range (the 210/230, G-series and Paragon series) you can tailor the wave to match the activity and rider ability. However, they are also fully set up for towing all inflatables and have plenty of storage to fit boards, skis and towables. These boats are really versatile and are perfect for a day on the water with the guests.

SYTT SYN 3 1200x630

Talk us through Nautique’s wave system and how the hull design impacts wave size?

The way Nautique makes such a good wave starts with the hull design of each model. The latest hull innovations on the Paragon, G series and GS series, channel the water into the right area behind the boat so that even before you start to shape it you have a great wave. Nautique have then spent years developing their Nautique Surf System (NSS) which includes full control of the inbuilt ballast and Waveplates (which shape the wave) directly from the helm station. This means that you have full control over the size, length and surf side of the wave.

What’s new about the Paragon Series?

Nautique really have stepped their game with the Paragon series with a whole load of new features. Developing on from the award-winning G series hull, Nautique have engineered the running surface of the Paragon to create an even better wave. Not to mention all of the other awesome new features including Garmin Watch integration, Telescopic Flight Control Tower, Dual Linc Panoray Displays and Convertible Transom Seating.

What type and size of vessel can accommodate these wake boats on board?

I wouldn’t like to put a limit on the vessel size, as there are usually solutions that can be found. As a trend, we usually get requests from yachts with capacity for two tenders but in regard to the type of yacht this varies hugely.

SYTT has years of experience designing and outfitting superyacht garages, but how do you get around space issues with a retrofit?

Coming from Superyacht Tenders and Toys this is something we are used to doing on a daily basis, which is part of the reason that Superyacht Nautique works so well. We would start by either visiting the yacht or looking at drawings and models of the garage space, to better understand the requirements. We can then either take live measurements or model the tender on the drawings, to see if there are any modifications needed. Finally, we would then design and manufacturer custom lifting points, removable windscreens or whatever is needed to get the tender into the required space.

Thinking of the deck crew, how easy is it to deploy your wake boats?

This is where Superyacht Nautique can really show its value to the crew. From the initial enquiry stage, we will work with the crew to ensure the launching of each Nautique is as easy as possible. Using our yachting experience, we can look at the garage space and crane arrangements to suggest the best operating procedures. We also have the ability to customise the lifting points, manufacture removable towers out of lightweight carbon and provide suitable chocks, among other thing, to help with the launching and stowing process.

SY Nautique 1200x630

Do you also offer watersports training for the yacht’s crew?

Absolutely! When we deliver the tender to the yacht we will ensure that a member of our team is there to run through it with the crew both out of the water and in. Superyacht Nautique will then offer the option for some water sports training with a qualified instructor, that can be made available for both the crew and the owners. We want to make sure that our clients are 100% happy with the operation of the boats and that they are getting the most of the Nautique experience.

At SYTT you’re all watersports fans so which model gets your vote and why?

Despite the introduction of the awesome new Paragon series, for me it’s difficult to look past the classic Super Air Nautique G23. This model has won Wakeboarding Boat of the Year seven times and Wakesurfing Boat of the Year five times. With its recent alteration to the hull design, it combines a tried and tested platform with an amazing new wave. If I was an owner, this would be the first tender/toy on my list.

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