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At a Furious Pace

Andrew Trujillo Design’s studio was busy last year conceiving a number of projects for Ross-Smith Marine under their trade name of Supermarine.

The latest project is the 56’ fast motor yacht “FURY”. As with other projects for Supermarine, the yacht will use an Adam Younger designed hull. In this case it is one that has been designed for the Hendricks 55, an exciting racer that is currently on sea trials.

Andrew says of the Fury project: “when I last went to visit the Ross-Smith Marine yard I saw the Hendricks 55. I immediately thought that although designed for racing, the hull would make an excellent starting point for a fast leisure boat. Early last year I had designed the Thunderbolt, a 36’ retro fast day boat. I thought that what she needed was a larger sister”

ATD Fury view 34blue sea

“Fury” however is a different animal in many ways. Aside from the obvious size difference, she is designed to be a very practical twin cabin boat. She can be used as a day boat, but she will have a very complete galley, twin day heads and useful levels of interior accommodation. She is not meant to compete head on for instance against a Sunseeker Predator 57 in terms of interior space,  or in many other respects really, but she is a special fast and retro styled yacht. Intended as the marine equivalent of a supercar. She will not be the most practical but she will generate a fair amount of interest and excitement.

ATD Fury view 28

The decision to go retro came along early as I had just completed Thunderbolt and my thoughts had already begun on Fury. However, I wanted to experiment with the retro style. This time round I wanted to create a retro design that was actually not inspired on any existing yacht or speedboat designs. This time I decided to seek inspiration on the beautiful (mostly) Italian supercars of the 1970’s. I did not seek to recreate a classic car and copy it wholesale, just placing it onto a hull. I however did love the flying buttresses and felt that they would work well. The gull wing doors would also add a sense of theater and occasion too. For the rest though she has been designed to look like a boat, and she has a classic mahogany deck. She is not completely retro though; she has a lot of modern touches and detailing as well as modern standards of fit, finish and equipment.

ATD Fury view 30

She will feature a double master cabin in the bow and have a second guest double cabin situated under her pilothouse/helm. She will have a well-sized galley and two heads. The open cockpit area will be accessed from the pilothouse, and will have space to entertain guests alfresco. She also will have a further lounge /dining space below deck.

Based on a racing hull means that she will be swift. Speeds in excess of 70 mph being achievable using twin engines, either petrol or diesel, as desired.

ATD Fury view 36d

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