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Superyacht Technology Summit - Rookie in the House!

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) was a destination not to miss on our route plan for the year 2022.

In April we launched a product called ZediSense which takes presence detection to the next level. ZediSense captures real time data that enables us to develop case usage in safety, security and energy optimisation in ships and buildings, which was not possible until now.

ISE was a great opportunity to see if similar technology is being applied by the big automation players. When I realised that there was the Superyacht Technology Summit as a side event in ISE, I could not have been happier. What a perfect opportunity to combine industrial espionage with an introduction to the superyacht industry!

Great speaker line up

As a total rookie in the superyacht industry, I was very interested to learn more. A range of speakers represented different parts of the industry, with experts on AV systems, cyber security, yacht management, integration and big OEMs.

For me, Captain Derek Munro’s presentation was the most interesting of all. He went through the whole process of how an idea becomes a ready to sail superyacht. He also made the point that if there are two equally good solutions, they will choose the lighter one. That’s good news for us, as our pretty little sensor comes in a very small and light package.

Niilo Hautala from Loisto Pro also made an impact with his call for Systems Thinking in superyacht systems design. It is important to think holistically and understand how everything is connected.

Ambitious thinking

Superyachts amazed me. The level of ambition in terms of integration in the interior was mind blowing. There are systems to entertain guests and enhance guest comfort that are designed to fulfill every imaginable need of the owner. Every little detail is planned and executed perfectly.

I myself have worked on board offshore vessels where the focus is to be more powerful than the vessels belonging to the ship owner in the neighboring fjord. Superyachts do the same, but they do not compete with kilowatts or bollard pull, rather with innovation and how best to hide the technology being used.

A new generation of owners with new demands

One of the speakers highlighted the generational shift among superyacht owners with next generation owners having different desires and a greater interest in high technology. They did not specify what these technology areas are, but as an ex-navigator and an expert in maritime autonomous technologies and operations, I hope the owners see value in technologies that can be used in the wheelhouse as well. For example, autonomous and remote solutions in maritime are now well beyond demonstrations; they are making their way into real operations and the product portfolios of big OEM’s.

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Next to these big players there are several startups producing interesting technologies to support decision making and situational awareness. It was also said by one of the speakers that many products are brought to superyachts first, being delivered to bigger audiences later. It’s still possible for the superyacht industry to be on the frontline when applying these interesting new technologies. Any volunteers?

Key take aways:

* Make your product lighter than your competitors

* There is a new generation of superyacht owners arising – and they want high tech

* Make it look good - integrate everything into the interior

By the way, my little espionage round confirmed that we truly are walking in the frontlines with ZediSense. I did not come across any companies applying the same technology that we are.

Anu Peippo is a Master Mariner and Master of Marine Technologies. Before starting her land based career in product development she navigated tankers and offshore vessels worldwide. Her all-time favourite place visited in a ship is Kangerlussuaq in Greenland.

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