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The iPhone App "Ship's Bell"

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Ship's Bell is primarily an acoustic clock that sounds half-hourly or hourly time signals. Without taking the phone out of your pocket you can easily keep track of time.

The principle of this bell was founded in traditional seafaring. Seafarers used the bell to keep track of their four-hourly duty watches. The first half hour is signaled by a single bell strike. Another bell strike is added every half hour, ending with eight bell strikes. To hear the bell strikes better, they are grouped into double chimes. Eight bell strikes signaled a watch change – at midnight, 4 am, 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm. With just eight different signals, being repeated in six cycles during the day, you will know what time it is every half and full hour.

  • Ship's bell according to the seafaring tradition
  • Two different kinds of chimes: 
    classic bell or a modern synthesized sound
  • Option to strike only once each hour
  • Two different chimes for hourly signals: 
    a single beep or a triple signal counting down to the full hour
  • Displays the current time on a maritime 24-hour clock face
  • Shows Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Switch to quickly enable or disable the acoustic signals

Important note for iOS 5 Users

After upgrading to iOS 5 notification sounds are disabled by default. To enable them again please do the following:

  • Open the Settings application
  • Navigate to Notifications and scroll down to the "Ship's Bell" application
  • Click "Ship's Bell" and enable the switch next to "Sounds.
  • If you're installing Ship's Bell on iOS 5 for the first time this problem will not occur. 

Download the app here.


About 2K Yachting

Helmut Kraus channels the design office exclam! in Düsseldorf, Germany. To expand his activities in the nautical areas he founded the company 2K Yachting in 2008.
The function of this company is teaching training courses on high tech-navigation, photography of maritime images as well as developing new software. The iPhone app “Ship’s Bell” and the visual encyclopedia “World Ensigns” are his big achievements as developer of nautical software.


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