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GLP - Great Little Places

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You may have just stumbled across the world’s greatest ever city guide. GLP helps you discover the best restaurants, bars, pubs and coffee shops off the beaten track all over the world, from London to New York, Cape Town to San Francisco, Dublin to Sydney and filling the gaps in between every day - wherever our brilliant members have uncovered somewhere brilliant.


Life is short and playtime is even shorter so we've made the app ridiculously simple to use, but pretty slick with it. First things first, we’re making the basics brilliant:

● Swipe through the finest places with personality, nearby or elsewhere. A bit like Tinder for places, but only ones you’ll love and never forget.
● Tell us what you like and what you don’t like (so we get to know you better and are able to suggest more of the right stuff just for you in the future)
● Beautiful photography and all the location info you could possibly want.
● All personally recommended by locals with a lovely little tip off. It’s like asking your friend in the know. Think of it as a circle of trust.
● Let’s get this straight – you can’t buy your way onto GLP. We ONLY show places real people love.


Everyone has a hot spot too good to keep secret. A little somewhere special you keep up your sleeve. So we thought, what if we could bring everyone together to trade the great little place they know in return for those of others? We thought if we could get everyone to finish the sentence “I know this great little place...” we'd have something pretty special on our hands. And so GLP was born. A guide to every undiscovered gem in every city on planet Earth. This is our shout out to the little guys, the labours of love.


It's somewhere that has that certain something, or, as the French say, “zat zertain zomzing”. Quirky spots you stumble upon, stumble out of and tell stories about the next day. From a bar that serves cocktails out of shoe to a restaurant where the chef sings arias or a museum where the curator’s cats run wild. It’s all about charm and character, places with personality, places you’ll love.


The real treasures behind all our amazing finds are the incredible people out there (GLPers) unearthing more golden nuggets every day and adding them to our collection of the greatest little places ever. They also help us weed out the predictable or samey, which means you're left with the finest your city has to offer. And once you get a taste for experiencing someone else's much-cherished hidey-hole, you'll want to pass on the good karma yourself.  


We'll never stop improving and updating our app because we want you to stay with us over the long haul, through good times and bad. Maybe even go exclusives. We're fine-tuning the engine and adding new features all the time, because GLPers aren't like normal people, they want something amazing, different and original.

We want to be the best we can be, which means we need to know what you think. Send your thoughts in email form to or stalk the hell out of us on social media. 

Strength and honour, GLP.

What's New in Version 1.2.4

We've fixed a few troublesome bugs, specifically:
- Some people not being able to sign up with Facebook.
- The app saying that you're not connected to the internet, when you clearly are.

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