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Choosing Your Yacht's AV/IT System - 7 Things to Consider

Welcome to this, the first of many blogs in which we’ll question all aspects of our yachtie AV/IT life. Today, we’re looking at the reliability of the on board systems.

Despite there being such a high demand for it, the word ‘reliability’ is consistently overlooked when sourcing a new AV/IT system. Cost is a leading factor for some clients, while others tend to go for the very best in class equipment, integrators and even mediators, to carry out the management of the install. 

The ship’s crew can start with the best intentions, needing or wanting to upgrade to a modern and reliable system. That's until they hand the quote to their management company, when all dreams of that vital upgrade can be squashed. Even if the AV system’s specifications are high in the planning stage, the powers above might choose ways to cut corners to achieve a middle ground.

We’d add that it’s important not to confuse the issue here, or to think that the most expensive systems are always the most reliable - the equipment needs to be designed correctly to make your AV/IT system all jive together.

With this in mind, my question is: if the concept of the upgrade starts with ‘it doesn’t seem right’, then why continue to spend vast quantities of money on a system that you aren’t totally confident in, or didn’t really want, because your management team approved it in a ‘half attempt’ of a system upgrade because they know best?

Let's consider the seven parts that make up your new AV/IT systems, all of which play an important role in the outcome of its ‘reliability’.

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