Speaking to Arthur de Lucy at Carenantilles Shipyard in Martinique

Posted: 9th May 2019

Written by: OnboardOnline

Tucked into the well-protected Le Marin Bay on Martinique, Carenantilles shipyard is forging a sterling reputation thanks to captains' word of mouth. Founded 25 years ago, the shipyard soon became a byword for Martinique's develop... Read More

Planned Maintenance: Bold Predictions for 2019

Posted: 24th Feb 2019

Written by: Sam Wheaton - Seahub

Sam Wheaton, commercial director of Seahub reviews how the market for planned maintenance systems shaped up in 2018 with some bold predictions for the year ahead. Shipyards are pushing design and construction to new limits while ... Read More

Gyms on Yachts

Posted: 20th Dec 2018

Written by: Josh Richardson

It has been a number of years since Larry Ellisson refitted Enigma in 1999 with a basketball court and made sports courts the latest superyacht 'must have'. Whilst many yachts have not got space, some notable newbuilds design acti... Read More

Crew Build a Yacht – Project Assemble

Posted: 4th Dec 2018

Written by: Sam Wheaton

Working within the yachting industry is unique in every sense of the word. In particular, it’s common for superyacht crew to move between vessels as they advance through the ranks or seek pastures green. Being exposed to a wide ra... Read More

Implementing PMS Solutions for Yachts in Build is the New Norm

Posted: 25th Sep 2018

Written by: Matt Hyde - Seahub

New builds are a chance to improve on the way things have been done in the past and give owners and build engineers the opportunity to fulfil their wildest design and engineering dreams. The deployment of planned maintenance syste... Read More

Crew Life in the Shipyard

Posted: 15th May 2018

Written by: Matt Hyde

If you’re a crew member in the superyacht industry you’ll be all too familiar with the process of an annual yard period or even a major refit. There are many factors that make up a great refit facility or haul out centre, all of w... Read More

Before & After: Orams Marine's Refit of Latitude a World Superyacht Award Finalist

Posted: 9th Apr 2018

Written by: Isla McKechnie

Auckland’s Orams Marine has been named as a finalist for the prestigious World Superyacht Awards in the Refit of the Year category. The company, based in the marine industry area of Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter has been lauded for i... Read More

Xavier Nedjam, Nautech Shipyard Group

Posted: 27th Sep 2017

Written by: OnboardOnline

As one of the oldest luxury superyacht refit and repair shipyards in the South of France, the Nautech Group has enjoyed years of continued growth and that development continues in 2017 with the acquisition of additional shipyards ... Read More

Superyacht Refits: The Case for an Independent Project Manager

Posted: 26th Sep 2016

Written by: Pippa Nicholas

The annual refit or yard period of a yacht is a time that many yacht captains and engineers dread. With endless lists of requirements for cost approval and ever more mandatory requirements for commercial registrations, is it more ... Read More

Feadship's 66m M/Y Vanish: Part II

Posted: 16th Jun 2016

Written by: Kelly Sanford

It all starts with a simple binary decision: Am I going to buy a boat? It’s a yes or no question. For the fortunate few for whom the answer is yes, it's an exciting time. But buying a yacht is a major investment, and the pesky de... Read More

Ocea Nemo 44: A Yacht for all Seasons

Posted: 3rd Feb 2016

Written by: Aldo Manna & Fulvio de Simoni

Conceived as the very first Sport Utility Yacht, Aldo Manna delivered his Ocea Nemo 44 Concept to Naval Architect Fulvio de Simoni, with the brief to reconnect owners with a passion for the sea. Read More

Feadship's 66m M/Y Vanish: Part I

Posted: 25th Jan 2016

Written by: Kelly Sanford

Done right, a new construction project is a rewarding effort in making a dream come true. When Captain David was introduced to Northrop & Johnson's Kevin Merrigan through another broker, David had been working for the same yacht ... Read More

Benetti: A Tradition of Italian Yachtbuilding

Posted: 23rd Aug 2015

Written by: Daniel Shea

Since the 1960s, Benetti has been a leader in the yachtbuilding industry. The company has married the finest in Italian craftsmanship with the utmost in modern technology in order to produce some of the world’s most iconic yachts. Read More

A Legend Reborn: The Incredible Transformation of Falcon Lair

Posted: 19th Aug 2015

Written by: Christopher Sardo

Having recently been released by Compositeworks in La Ciotat, France, the newly transformed superyacht Falcon Lair has returned to sea, dressed in a brand new design and exterior appearance. Read More

Lürssen Yachts: A German Legacy

Posted: 7th Jul 2015

Written by: Daniel Shea

Lürssen celebrated its 140th anniversary on 27 June 2015. It is a big milestone, and while so much has changed in that time, the company remains dedicated to a defining principle of quality and performance. As sales director Micha... Read More

Wayne’s World at Rybovich

Posted: 14th May 2015

Written by: Ken Kreisler

Creating the Rybovich Superyacht Yard & Marina is a continuing process for Wayne Huizenga Jr. and his crew. Sometime in 1900, a 16-year old Austro-Hungarian immigrant by the name of John Rybovich, equipped with some carpentry exp... Read More

The Rebound: Why 2014 Was a Great Year

Posted: 25th Mar 2015

Written by: Daniel Shea

By most counts, 2014 was exactly the banner year that the superyacht industry wanted it to be. It may even have been the year we needed it to be, given the somber tone with which many spoke as the previous year drew to a close. Ov... Read More

The History of Ancona Port

Posted: 19th Mar 2015

Written by: Laurence James

East of the Apennine mountains on the Adriatic Coast is the city of Ancona. The central Italian seaport and its shipyards boast a long and colourful history and in recent years has grown in size and importance. With a population o... Read More

Greening Superyachts

Posted: 4th Feb 2015

Written by: Richard Donkin

It’s taken years for boat builders and designers to persuade potential owners that building greener boats is a good idea. But when a fall in the value of the ruble can wipe billions off the fortunes of some of the wealthiest yach... Read More

Galactica Star: Changing the Rules of Yacht Design

Posted: 2nd Jul 2014

Written by: OnboardOnline

What travels faster than a nuclear submarine, Usain Bolt on a good day, or a dolphin? What’s the same length as a jumbo jet, but is built with aluminium three times as thick? Read More

Luxury Yachts: Design Takes a New Track

Posted: 12th May 2014

Written by: Maritime Reporter & Engineering News

While it’s widely recognized that HTC smartphones, Garmin GPS devices and a sweeping array of big-brand laptops are staples of the Made in Taiwan effort, it’s a lesser-known fact that luxury yachts (those measuring 80 - 120 ft.) a... Read More

Cargo Ships on Beaches...Really?

Posted: 28th Jan 2014

Written by: Jacob Sterling

Like most other things, ships don’t last forever. After 25-30 years they are no longer commercially usable and therefore taken out of service to be dismantled. Sometimes, on beaches. Read More

Superyacht Builders Pitch and Roll

Posted: 19th Nov 2013

Written by: OnboardOnline

The golden era of 2008 feels like a long time ago. The tide is turning but, even in difficult times, the global economic impact of superyachts remains immense, providing hundreds of thousands of jobs around the globe. Aside from c... Read More

Monaco Marine: A study in growth

Posted: 19th Aug 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

On the hour-long train ride from Antibes to Monaco, four of the stops along the way have shipyards managed by Monaco Marine. This is no accident. The company has expanded along the French coastline since its founding in 1995, slo... Read More


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