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Heath McCormack on Riviera Cbay - the eBay for Superyachts

Posted: 16th Mar 2020

Written by: OnboardOnline

Known as the eBay of the superyacht industry, Riviera Cbay is a platform for selling your used tenders and toys, furniture, galley and interior items, giving money back to the yacht while reducing storage costs and waste. Managing director Heath McCormack tells us how it works... Read More

Behind the Scenes with DYT Yacht Transport

Posted: 16th May 2019

Written by: Sam Watson

Yacht Transport is not a common topic of conversation, and vessels just magically appear wherever they're supposed to be, wherever in the world. But behind the scenes there are some hefty logistics and a team of highly skilled peo... Read More

First Bonded Warehouse in the Balearics

Posted: 2nd Nov 2017

Written by: OnboardOnline

As yachts continue to flock to the Balearics attracted by beautiful cruising grounds, the abundance of yacht services, excellent marinas and a great service ethic, the islands now have another string to their bow - the first bond... Read More

Unsung Heroes: Meet the Load Master with DYT Yacht Transport

Posted: 22nd Jul 2017

Written by: Karen Hockney

Like many industries, yachting has its share of unsung heroes doing all manner of skilled and important jobs that we never hear about. Following Matt Hyde's article about riding a yacht in transit, we wanted to know how these yach... Read More

Going Local with BWA Italy

Posted: 3rd May 2017

Written by: Sam Watson

When your clients are anywhere and everywhere you need a global presence to take care of business. For successful yacht agents this means having a local network on the ground with the expert knowledge and passion to give clients t... Read More

What do You Know About Yacht Transport?

Posted: 25th Apr 2017

Written by: Sam Watson

For decades yacht owners have been using yacht transport services to get around the problem of range or to save on engine time and avoid wear and tear. It's also an opportunity to give the crew some down time between seasons. What... Read More

Asia Pacific Superyachts New Zealand with Duthie Lidgard

Posted: 31st Jan 2017

Written by: Linda Cartlidge

As Asia Pacific Superyachts New Zealand goes from strength to strength, Managing Director Duthie Lidgard provides an insight into his role as an agent providing the very best service and support for yachts visiting the region. Read More

Sevenstar Yacht Transport - Sailings to and from ASIA

Posted: 24th Dec 2016

Written by: Sevenstar Yacht Transport

Update on Sevenstar Yacht Transport's sailings from Asia to the Mediterranean and the USA, from the Med and USA to Asia, and within Asia. Check out routes, ports of call and
approximate dates. Read More

Duty-free French Fuel for Commercial Yachts

Posted: 20th Jun 2016

Written by: Bruce Maltwood

Despite some confusion in recent months, commercial yachts will still be able to fill up with duty-free fuel in France this summer. The uncertainty surrounding duty-free fuel stems from the wording used in current charter contract... Read More

Evolution Saves the Day

Posted: 20th May 2016

Written by: Guillermo Garcia

Evolution saves the day for captains and crew, every day, this is Evolution’s mission and why Evolution exists. “With the #EVOSAVEDMYDAY campaign we want to launch a key message that crew can identify with. Our main objective is t... Read More

Asia Pacific Superyachts is Official NZ Inbound Tour Operator

Posted: 6th May 2015

Written by: Albatross PR

New Zealand-based superyacht agent, Asia Pacific Superyachts New Zealand (APSNZ), is proud to announce that effective immediately it has been registered as an official New Zealand Inbound Tour Operator (ITO) with the Tourist Expor... Read More

Duty Free Fuelling Facility in St. Kitts

Posted: 7th Apr 2015

Written by: Albatross

It’s the end of the Caribbean yachting season and where else for crews to refuel, re-provision and rejuvenate than conveniently docked within an alongside berth at The Marina at Christophe Harbour. Read More

Joining an Urgent Mission to Save the Oceans

Posted: 12th Dec 2014

Written by: DY Yacht Transport

DYT Yacht Transport Partners with Ocearch. Lots of interesting vessels have been floated on and off DYT Yacht Transport’s semi-submersible ships, but none have been so intriguing as the 126-foot research vessel M/V OCEARCH, which ... Read More

Agent Provocateur: A Yachting Survey Backfires

Posted: 4th Aug 2014

Written by: Sam Watson / Karen Hockney

In May of 2014, The Superyacht Report published a report naming the 'best' and 'worst' yacht agents in the industry. The article prompted much debate over whether the survey methods were flawed and whether the article should have... Read More

Complete Marine Freight Partner with Superyacht Cup

Posted: 12th May 2014

Written by: Complete Marine Freight

Complete Marine Freight has been announced as the official shipping and logistics partner for the Superyacht Cup 2014, held in the Bay of Palma 18 – 21 June. Read More

Complete Marine Freight and Cigisped Announce New Joint Venture in Asia.

Posted: 10th Apr 2014

Written by: Complete Marine Freight / Cigisped

Following the recent announcement at Dubai Boat show of their new partnership in the Middle East, CMF and Cigisped are pleased to be launching the new joint venture covering the Asia market at the 2014 Singapore Yacht Show. Read More

Titans of Boat Shipping Partner to Serve the World

Posted: 19th Feb 2014

Written by: DYT Yacht Transport and Sevenstar Yacht Transport

Now that the partnership between leading yacht transport companies DYT Yacht Transport and Sevenstar Yacht Transport has been finalized, it’s great news for yacht owners. Read More

How to Effectively Recycle 168 Eiffel Towers

Posted: 2nd Jan 2014

Written by: Maersk:

For each Triple-E ship we will use approximately 60,000 tonnes of steel, which amounts to 1.2 million tonnes of steel for the twenty vessels in the series, equivalent to 168 Eiffel Towers. The challenge we set for ourselves was: ... Read More

DYT Yacht Transport Appoints New Agents in Australia

Posted: 19th Dec 2013

Written by:

In its new partnership with Sevenstar Yacht Transport, DYT has gained access to Sevenstar’s network of agents in Australia and now has a presence in Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne, Newcastle, Port Kembla and Sydney. Read More

NAO Victoria’s Adventures Continue with Transatlantic Voyage on DYT’s Super Servant 4

Posted: 7th Dec 2013

Written by:

While observing yachts onboard ships can be an amazing sight, even Captain Jack Sparrow would have been impressed watching the historic replica of Ferdinand Magellan’s galleon, NAO Victoria, sail onboard DYT Yacht Transport’s semi... Read More

Sevenstar Yacht Transport - Major Yacht Transporter Down Under

Posted: 25th Nov 2014

Written by: Sevenstar Yacht Transport

As the leaders and pioneers in yacht transport, Sevenstar Yacht Transport in partnership with DYT Yacht Transport—the only float-on, float-off yacht carrier—offer sailings year round to and from New Zealand and Australia. Read More


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