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Regional Maritime Security: The Med & The Balkans June 2015

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The Mediterranean Report

Superyachts travel to many exotic and exclusive destinations around the world. However, the two main locations are the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Each year, the yachting community will migrate between these two locations between the months of May to October. A vast majority of yachts will be found within the Mediterranean waters, before heading back to the winter cruising grounds of the Caribbean.

During the European summer months, Allmode will issue a number of ‘Mediterranean Security Reports’ which will outline security based information on different locations across the Mediterranean. The purpose of these reports are to aid vessels and their crews with up to date information that will help them build better knowledge of an area and thus improve their situational awareness.

Situational Awareness (SA) is all about having the information you need to make effective decisions. There will always be occasions when people are required to make critical choices – sometimes at a fast pace – and the vast majority of errors that can occur are as a direct result of failures in situational awareness.

For the majority of vessels and crew visiting the Mediterranean, it will be a very familiar sight. However for some, it may be their first time and often, as with many locations across the globe, looks can be deceiving and can lull people into a false sense of security.

Intelligence is more than information and news gathering. It is the process by which information is collated, verified, analysed and used to respond effectively to time critical information. Current, historical and creditable intelligence not only tells you what the risks are but projects possible hot spots of criminal activity.

At Allmode we do not outsource intelligence but gain real time situational awareness and speed of reporting by continually developing our product, and getting the time critical information out to our teams and clients. These reports will look into areas such as crime, corruption and political issues within certain areas and offer advice on how to stay safe and in some cases advice on areas to avoid. It will also offer advice on any relevant health advisories to be aware of and travel information for those wishing to travel and tour certain areas or regions. 

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To read the full Allmode Security Report for the Mediterranean and the Balkans, go here

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