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How are Drones Impacting Superyachts?

Posted: 28th Jul 2021

Written by: Richard Hodder

Drone technology has greatly advanced, allowing for smaller, longer lasting and higher resolution videos at a fraction of the earlier costs while providing innovative solutions for a number of modern day problems. Read More

How Cyber Aware Are Your Yacht's Crew?

Posted: 8th Jun 2021

Written by: Richard Hodder

With cybercrime becoming a growing global issue, can you afford not to be cyber aware? What does it even mean to be cyber aware? Richard Hodder discusses some common threats and the practical steps you can take to minimise your risks. Read More

Cyber Security in the Yachting Industry – What’s the story so far?

Posted: 12th Apr 2021

Written by: Richard Hodder

During the first part of 2021 there have already been a number of high-profile breaches affecting the yachting industry either directly and indirectly, the most notable being the Microsoft Exchange server vulnerabilities that were discovered during March. Read More

2021 Scams and Cybersecurity Threats: A Summary

Posted: 12th Jan 2021

Written by: Richard Hodder

There have been many scams related to COVID-19 over the past year, where unscrupulous criminals use the fear and uncertainty of a pandemic to trick people. Here’s just a handful of things to be aware of. Read More

Yacht Cyber Security - Preparing for IMO2021

Posted: 9th Dec 2020

Written by: Dominique Smit & Bec McKeever

With many yachts preparing for the IMO's new cyber security legislation in January 2021, it's sobering to hear that by 2025 the annual cost of cyber crime is expected to exceed the total cost of damage from natural disasters and profits from the trade of illegal drugs combined. Read More

Personal Safety Ashore - Aide Memoire

Posted: 9th Dec 2020

Written by: Securewest International

As the threat of terrorist attacks upon civilians still remain, Securewest International has produced an aide memoire based on incident response procedures, with practical advice on how to protect yourself if you are caught in the midst of a terror attack, civil unrest, organised or opportunistic crime.
Read More

Cyber Security On Board - Get Ready for IMO2021

Posted: 19th Oct 2020

Written by: Richard Hodder

The IMO2021 regulations regarding cyber risk management required compliance by 1 January 2021, or no later than the first annual vessel verification and audit. The overall uptake across the yachting industry has been slow, but Founder of Pelion Consulting, Richard Hodder, tells you how to be prepared. Read More

Cyber Security Onboard - Know Your Suppliers & Vendors 

Posted: 19th Aug 2020

Written by: Richard Hodder

Experts have been advising for several years that the risk of cyber attack is rapidly increasing, with superyachts being an obvious target for hackers due to their value and high-profile status. Yet we still find complacency among yacht owners, crew, management companies and suppliers.  Read More

Protecting Your Privacy with Pelion Consulting

Posted: 9th Aug 2020

Written by: Karen Hockney

The recent Twitter security breaches have given many people food for thought on the subject of cyber security. “I don’t think people are fully aware of the extent of their digital footprint,” explains Richard Hodder of Pelion Consulting based in Palma.
Read More

Mediterranean Migrant Update: April 2017

Posted: 28th Apr 2017

Written by: Securewest International

As we approach the start of the Mediterranean yachting season, it is important to be aware of the latest information concerning the migrant and refugee crisis to enable you to plan ahead. The Mediterranean Sea remains the main gat... Read More

Basic Weapons Familiarization for Yacht Crew?

Posted: 24th Jun 2016

Written by: Shawn Engbrecht

After several reports of ISIS operatives finding their way onto migrant boats, the question of basic weapons familiarization for crew has been doing the rounds. In the unlikely event of such an encounter it might be useful to know... Read More

Mediterranean Migrant Crisis - Planning Ahead

Posted: 22nd May 2016

Written by: Wayne Britton & David Summerfield - Securewest

The migrant issue is not a new one, nor confined to the Mediterranean, but recent events have highlighted the importance of preparing for such eventualities if cruising in areas where migrants might be encountered and your vessel ... Read More

Safe Travel in the Age of Small Terror

Posted: 10th Feb 2016

Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

The USA has not always been in a rush to ratify international treaties, with MLC 2006 and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea being outstanding examples. However, the USA pushed the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facil... Read More

New Cyber Security Guidelines for Shipping

Posted: 11th Jan 2016

Written by: SAMI

A new set of cyber security guidelines has been launched for the shipping industry, the first such guidelines designed to assist global firms to tackle potential cyber attacks. These guidelines are now available to download. Read More

Is Shipping Underestimating the Impacts of Cyber Risks?

Posted: 11th Dec 2015

Written by: SAMI

Potential cyber-attacks have risen to become the third biggest risk for UK businesses, according to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2015. This is a pattern which is repeated across other nations, and while fear of cyber-attack is risin... Read More

Drones: A Vision of the Future

Posted: 25th Sep 2015

Written by: Shawn Engbrecht, Cass Global Security

The arrival of commercial drones has been something of an understated affair. When used in a maritime configuration, drones are one of the most powerful security tools available, especially when fitted with real time video capabil... Read More

Global Trafficking - Letter to US Secretary of State from HRAS

Posted: 1st Sep 2015

Written by: Darren Winter

Human Rights at Sea, alongside 25 international NGOs, have jointly submitted a letter to the US Secretary of State, The Honourable John F. Kerry concerning the on-going issues of slavery and abuse at sea and abuse of human rights ... Read More

Is Sea Piracy a Mask for Rogue Security & Lawlessness at Sea?

Posted: 6th Aug 2015

Written by: Ian Urbina/NY Times; Darren Winter/Solarglide

A New York Times article 'Murder At Sea: Captured On Video, But Killers Go Free' by Ian Urbina, discloses a graphic video of four unarmed men being gunned down in the water. Despite dozens of witnesses, the killings went unreporte... Read More

A Renegade Trawler, Hunted for 10,000 Miles by Vigilantes

Posted: 3rd Aug 2015

Written by: Darren Winter

The final part of the Ocean Outlaw series (by Ian Urbina of The New York Times), highlights the role of organisations such as Sea Shepherd, to hunt down one of Interpol's 5 most wanted ships at sea. Read More

Regional Maritime Security: The Med & The Balkans June 2015

Posted: 10th Jul 2015

Written by: Allmode

Superyachts travel to many exotic and exclusive destinations around the world. However, the two main locations are the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Each year, the yachting community will migrate between these two locations bet... Read More

Global Maritime Security: June 2015

Posted: 10th Jul 2015

Written by: Allmode

Allmode's latest global security report with a detailed piracy update, health advisory, security alerts and the most recent maritime intelligence. Read More

Global Maritime Security: May 2015

Posted: 11th Jun 2015

Written by: Allmode

Allmode's latest global security report with a detailed piracy update, health advisory, security alerts and the most recent maritime intelligence. Read More

Migrant Boat Encounter: Procedures for Captains

Posted: 25th May 2015

Written by: Captain Rod Hatch & Allmode Security

Following on from OnboardOnline's recent articles regarding the increased risk to superyachts of encountering a migrant boat, Captain Rod Hatch, Captain Adrian Croft and Allmode Security have produced a set of guidelines for yacht... Read More

Seas of Change

Posted: 21st May 2015

Written by: Peter Cook, CEO - SAMI

Terrorism at sea is not new and, whilst it is estimated that only 2% of terrorism attacks are classed as maritime terrorism, this figure doesn’t reflect the potential disproportionate impact that an attack at or from the sea could... Read More

Round Table Addresses Cyber Security

Posted: 19th May 2015

Written by: SAMI / theBridge

The Round Table of international shipping associations (RT) comprising BIMCO, ICS, Intercargo and INTERTANKO are developing standards and guidelines to address the major cyber security issues faced by the shipping industry. Read More

The Rising Tide of Terror Facing Shipping

Posted: 19th May 2015

Written by: Steven Jones, SAMI/ theBridge

In the wake of the tragic terrorist attack in Tunis which killed a number of cruise ship passengers, academics, analysts and researchers have been assessing what went wrong, how can passengers be protected and the small matter of ... Read More

Management Practices for Large Scale Operations At Sea

Posted: 18th May 2015

Written by: Allmode

The recent increase in migrant movement around the world and most specifically the
Mediterranean Sea has raised a significant safety issue for the maritime sector.
Read More

Sequel - Migrants and ISIS: Proactive Measures

Posted: 23rd Apr 2015

Written by: Rod Hatch

Sequel to my OnboardOnline article of 21st April 2015 - On 22nd April included in its news bulletin a feature giving an update from MYBA regarding the Dryad analysis of 18 March 2015. Read More

Migrants and ISIS: Whatever the Risk, are you Prepared?

Posted: 21st Apr 2015

Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

Regarding Shawn Engbrecht’s OnboardOnline post of 1st April last, entitled “The Future of Yacht Security”: There is a fine line to be drawn between promulgation of identifiable risks following a considered analysis of facts and ob... Read More

STCW Security Awareness Requirements

Posted: 18th Apr 2015

Written by: David Goldie, Akula Yachts

Why am I still hearing about Superyacht crew attending the new STCW Security Awareness course - Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA)? This course is NOT suitable for Superyacht crew and does not meet the formal STCW requirement... Read More


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