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Taking Global Traveller Healthcare to the Next Level

Posted: 21st Sep 2022

Written by: Karen Hockney

Jennifer Bell, Global Client Services Account Manager at VIGILINT and Jonathan Schaffer, MD, GMAP Program Director within International Operations at Cleveland Clinic, discuss what Trident Collective members can expect when a healthcare issue strikes. Read More

Peter Vogel on the Road to Success with Luxury Hospitality

Posted: 21st Sep 2022

Written by: Sam Watson

Speaking with Peter Vogel, we take him back to the very beginning, to what inspired him, what he has learned and what he hopes to achieve long term for those working within the superyacht industry. Read More

Navium Marine’s Innovative Insurance Exclusive to the IGY Trident Collective

Posted: 12th Sep 2022

Written by: Georgia Tindale

As the hectic Mediterranean summer yachting season comes to an end, this year has also heralded some major news for the industry: the launch of the IGY Trident Collective, an exclusive membership program for superyacht owners. Read More

Regina Petra Meyer: From Sailing Novice to Superyacht Crew

Posted: 1st Sep 2022

Written by: Regina Petra Meyer

There is no doubt that travel was my drug, at times a distraction, and my personal money pit. When others pursued higher education, took up lucrative careers and later began rearing offspring, I was either boarding or disembarking a plane. Read More

"Now is the Time for Change": Jenny Matthews on Diversity in Yachting

Posted: 17th Aug 2022

Written by: Sam Watson

If you work in the superyacht industry, you will have heard the name Jenny Matthews. A chief officer and co-founder of She of the Sea and Legasea, Jenny is no stranger to the obstacles faced by those who don’t fit the traditional narrative of what it means to be a yachtie. Read More

Fairport Yacht Support and IGY Marinas: Powering Choice for the Superyacht Elite

Posted: 4th Aug 2022

Written by: Karen Hockney

Graeme Lord, the founder and CEO of Fairport Yacht Support, has an impressive sea-faring history dating back generations. Indeed, it has shaped the DNA and very identity of Fairport and everything it offers. Read More

eLogbook Founder Liz Jackson on Building Business Success

Posted: 2nd Aug 2022

Written by: Georgia Tindale

Liz Jackson was offered her first job on a boat “because farmers' daughters are typically hard-working”, a quality that quickly propelled her through the ranks as chief stew and purser before she moved ashore to start her own company. Read More

Broker of the Month: Josh Francis, TJB Super Yachts

Posted: 28th Jul 2022

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

Be it property, fine wine, champagne or superyachts, Josh Francis is a born salesman. Here Josh discusses life as a sales and charter broker, his favourite cruising grounds, and his predictions for the market. Read More

The High-Speed Engineering Talent Behind ZediSense

Posted: 15th Jul 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

The lead developer behind the ZediSense sensor, Jaakko Saarela has had an illustrious career working for some of the world’s biggest brands. He speaks to us about how he built ZediSense, his passion for programming and his need for speed. Read More

Navigating a Sensory Revolution at SenseWay

Posted: 13th Jul 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

Previously a chief officer working offshore, today Anu Peippo has a different type of command navigating the development of marine engineering projects at VTT SenseWay.
Read More

Logging on: The World's First Digital Log Book for Superyachts

Posted: 24th Jun 2022

Written by: Georgia Tindale

Launched by industry veteran Liz Jackson, eLogbook is the industry’s first-ever cloud-based platform which is set to revolutionise the digital log book market. Read More

Taking Home Gold at MYBA with Chef Anders Pedersen

Posted: 27th May 2022

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

Highlighting the exceptional culinary talent that owners and guests can enjoy on board, there’s no higher accolade than taking the stop spot at the MYBA Chef's Competition, and in this year’s 48m and over category that award went to Chef Anders Pederson. Read More

Sensing the Future of Onboard Automation with ZediSense

Posted: 16th May 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

VTT SenseWay’s CEO Jere Laaksonen sat down with OnboardOnline to talk about their pioneering ZediSense product and the profound value in knowing, for sure, whether or not a space is actually occupied. Read More

Backing Jack: The Man Supercharging Superyacht Technology

Posted: 11th May 2022

Written by: Georgia Tindale

When someone is described as having a ‘strong personality’ in British English parlance, it is safe to say that it is sometimes used in a less than flattering manner. In the case of Jack Robinson, however, this phrase should be viewed in an entirely complementary fashion. Read More

Voly Founder Ian Flanagan: Tennis Ace Turned Fintech Guru for Yachts

Posted: 23rd Mar 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

In the high flying, jet setting superyacht industry, vast amounts of money change hands on a daily basis. The UK’s Voly Group has introduced a revolutionary new software solution to help yacht owners, managers and captains manage their yacht’s expenses on a daily basis. Read More

Navigating Berth Sales in the South of France with Zen Yachting

Posted: 16th Feb 2022

Written by: Karen Hockney

As the unofficial home of yachting on the Cote d’Azur, Antibes is one of the most picturesque spots in the Med and the perfect spot to choose a mooring. Finding the right berth at the right price, however, is more challenging – this is where Zen Yachting comes in.
Read More

Shirley Janssen Powering Luxury Hospitality

Posted: 3rd Feb 2022

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

With extensive experience organising corporate events and delivering custom incentive journeys for global companies, Shirley Janssen was surely destined to join forces with Luxury Hospitality. Read More

Ethical Yacht Wear Founder Lauren Wardley on the Importance of Giving Back

Posted: 12th Jan 2022

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

Passionate about ocean conservation and sustainability, Lauren launched Ethical Yacht Wear back in 2019, supplying unique crew uniforms that are 100% sustainable, all while giving back and removing plastic out of our oceans at the same time. Read More

Top Tips for Yacht Stewards and Stewardesses with Isobel Odendaal

Posted: 5th Jan 2022

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

In the second part of our interview with Isobel Odendaal, the owner and director of Super Yachting South Africa talks us through her top tips for both green and established stews and stewardesses. Read More

Isobel Odendaal of Super Yachting South Africa on 25 Years in the Industry

Posted: 29th Dec 2021

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

Isobel Odendaal is celebrating 25 years in the superyacht industry this year, and on speaking to the owner and director of Super Yachting South Africa, it’s clear that she has relished each and every one of them. Read More

Speaking with LH's Ceri McVittie, Head of Client Services

Posted: 9th Dec 2021

Written by: Sam Watson

Armed with tertiary qualifications in psychology and qualified in the use of psychometrics, Luxury Hospitality’s new head of client services, Ceri McVittie is an expert in understanding how people think, feel and behave. Read More

Tito’s Handmade Vodka: Shaking up the Caribbean Charter Yacht Show

Posted: 3rd Dec 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

Tito’s has joined us as a sponsor for the Cocktail Challenge at the upcoming Caribbean Charter Yacht Show, taking place December 9-12 at Yacht Haven Grande in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Read More

Powering up Charter Success with Ward's Marine

Posted: 9th Nov 2021

Written by: Richard Hagen

With its 71 year history, electrical manufacturer and service provider Ward’s Marine is a staple of the Florida superyachting scene. Its president Kristina Hebert discusses her family business, and why electrical systems on board superyachts are the unsung, unseen heroes of every charter.
Read More

Broker of the Month: Advait Deodhar, TJB Super Yachts

Posted: 15th Oct 2021

Written by: OnboardOnline

An avid sailor and successful racing car driver, it’s clear that Advait Deodhar enjoys life in the fast lane. Hailing from a family of ship captains, he grew up on the sea, competing in various events in India and discovering the lesser-known anchorages of the country he calls home. Read More

AERÉ Marine Group Bringing World Class Docking Solutions to Caribbean Charter Yacht Show

Posted: 15th Oct 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

With the inaugural Caribbean Charter Yacht Show less than three months away, many companies have been keen to signal their support of IGY’s pioneering new event by signing up as show sponsors. Read More

Battling Mental Health On Board with Seas The Mind

Posted: 4th Oct 2021

Written by: Naomi Chadderton

As a crew member for more than 15 years, Emma Ross has been through her fair share of ups and downs. Long periods of time spent away from family, minimal privacy, breakdowns, drug addiction, deaths and suicide, Emma has seen it all. That’s where Seas the Mind comes in. Read More

Azul Marine: Presenting Fractional Yacht Ownership at Caribbean Charter Yacht Show

Posted: 4th Oct 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

As Azul Marine joins forces with IGY by sponsoring the upcoming Caribbean Charter Yacht Show in St. Thomas, it is looking forward to unveiling a new value proposition for its clients while also becoming part of an exciting new charter event. Read More

Commissioner Joseph Boschulte to Boost USVI Tourism at Caribbean Charter Yacht Show

Posted: 4th Oct 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

As a headline sponsor of the upcoming Caribbean Charter Yacht Show in St. Thomas, the USVI Department of Tourism is aiming to showcase the region to a new clientele and play a prominent role in supporting the inaugural event. Read More

Spotlight on Cyber Security at the Caribbean Charter Yacht Show

Posted: 4th Oct 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

London saw cyberattacks increase five-fold and with internet fraud and hostile software attacks ramping up at such a rapid rate, the burning question is why the superyacht industry is not taking this potentially devastating issue more seriously. Read More

Speaking with Breaking The Mould Accounting at Cannes Yachting Festival 2021

Posted: 19th Sep 2021

Written by: Rebecca Whitlocke

The Cannes Yachting Festival returned in style last week allowing yachting professionals to catch up in person after 18 month of cancellations. During the event we spoke with Alasdair Milroy, founder of Breaking the Mould Accounting, about the value of attending and the trends impacting his business. Read More


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