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MLC 2006 Ratification

Posted: 1st Mar 2013

Written by: Captain Rod Hath

Before ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006 could come into force, it required ratification by enough nation states representing a specific proportion of the world’s shipping tonnage. These two criteria have now been met and the Co... Read More

Things to Know Before Contracting to Build a Yacht

Posted: 25th Feb 2013

Written by: Andrew High

The current worldwide economic climate has forced shipyards to reduce prices for new construction in order to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Oftentimes, prospective purchasers will find it more cost-effective to p... Read More

LY3 Main Changes from LY2

Posted: 24th Jan 2013

Written by: Mike Sanderson

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is a world leading maritime administration and the originator of the Large Commercial Yacht Code. Ensign is the Large Yacht Survey unit of the MCA. Read More

Vessel Arrest in the USA

Posted: 13th Jan 2013

Written by: Danielle J. Butler Esq.

The arrest of a vessel in the USA, whether she is private or commercial, is part of the process by which a Court in Admiralty gains jurisdiction over the subject matter of a lawsuit. These lawsuits are known as "in rem" actions, m... Read More


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