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The Rise of the Sea-EO: The Changing Role of Yacht Captains

Posted: 29th Mar 2023

Written by: Dom Bulfin

In recent times there has been an unavoidable shift for captains from ‘simply’ being the master of the vessel to effectively acting as CEO of a small to medium size enterprise. Read More

What Insurance Policy is Right for Your Yacht?

Posted: 27th Feb 2023

Written by: Nicholas J. Zeher, Esq. and Rod Dorilas

Incidental risks associated with owning and operating a vessel could be unforeseeable, costing you a fortune after an unfortunate event. Yacht insurance is a critical asset protection tool that mitigates an owner’s unexpected financial liability. Read More

Referrals and Kickbacks: are they both Legal and Ethical?

Posted: 7th Nov 2022

Written by: Nicholas J. Zeher, Esq. and Christina Caristo

When it comes to money and payments surrounding yachts and yacht transactions, a grey area is always present about who can and who cannot receive certain funds, both legally and ethically. The funds referred to here are referral fees and kickbacks. Read More

How HNWIs Use Margin Loans to Borrow Money

Posted: 23rd Sep 2022

Written by: Paul Welch

Margin loans are an effective way for high-net-worth individuals to borrow low cost, short term money. Despite their benefits, awareness of margin loans is relatively low, with many potential borrowers missing out on the opportunity to secure finance. Read More

Modern Financial Accounting for Owners of Multiple Assets

Posted: 20th Jul 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

Discover how Voly solves the financial management needs across a range of assets, including private aircraft and large estates, and why you should consider it for your own asset accounting. Read More

Streamlining Financial Management for Superyacht Captains

Posted: 13th Jul 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

Superyacht captains are no longer responsible only for the safety of the vessel and all souls on board, but increasingly also for the finances aboard a yacht, that can match a medium sized business. Read More

Yacht Transport Issues in a Post Lockdown Economy

Posted: 1st Jul 2022

Written by: Hannah M. McFarland, Esq.

Recently we've seen shipping delays in the yacht transport industry lead to many issues. How can you, as a professional in the industry or an owner seeking timely transport of your vessel, avoid unhappy customers and delays? Read More

Voly’s APA Management is Free for a Limited Time

Posted: 27th May 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

As the 2022 charter season kicks off, Voly has announced that it is offering the yachting industry six months of free access to Voly’s APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) for charters. Read More

The 7 Ps of Passage Planning in 2022

Posted: 16th May 2022

Written by: Dom Bulfin

Any seafarer worth their salt knows that passage planning is essential whether you’re cruising along the coast for a weekend away or exploring the Antarctic in a 100m+ expedition vessel, so why are we talking about it today? Read More

US Sanctions on Russian Oligarchs: What they mean for yachting

Posted: 29th Apr 2022

Written by: Nick Zeher and Robert N. Allen Jr.

As the war in Ukraine rages on, we have all read or heard about, either in the press or in conversation with others in the yacht industry, Russian sanctions. Few know exactly how the sanctions apply though, and what the end result will be for the yachting industry. Read More

Foreign Exchange: How Much Could Your Superyacht Save with Voly?

Posted: 26th Apr 2022

Written by: Voly

If your superyacht is paying too much in foreign exchange fees, here’s how Voly can help thanks to fees that are significantly cheaper than Britain’s business banks. Read More

Voly Founder Ian Flanagan: Tennis Ace Turned Fintech Guru for Yachts

Posted: 23rd Mar 2022

Written by: Richard Hagan

In the high flying, jet setting superyacht industry, vast amounts of money change hands on a daily basis. The UK’s Voly Group has introduced a revolutionary new software solution to help yacht owners, managers and captains manage their yacht’s expenses on a daily basis. Read More

Broker Recommendations for Yacht Transactions: How to Protect Yourself

Posted: 3rd Feb 2022

Written by: Nicholas J. Zeher

Over the past couple years there has been an increase in first time yacht buyers, meaning inexperienced buyers will be looking to their broker for guidance in purchasing a yacht. As a broker, you play an integral role in either the purchase or sale of a yacht. Read More

Crew Management: Behind the Scenes with Sarnia Yachts

Posted: 2nd Feb 2022

Written by: Rachel Ingram

Led by Louise Holloway, Sarnia Yachts’ crew management department is one of the company's three core pillars – comprising Ownership, Management and Crew – and has been one of the busiest areas of the 50-year business during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read More

How to Charter a Yacht with Crypto

Posted: 6th Dec 2021

Written by: OnboardOnline

Denison was the first yacht brokerage firm to accept bitcoin as a form of payment and the first company with the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments without a limit. Today it has completed more than five bitcoin transactions for yacht sales and yacht charter. Read More

Cross-Border Yacht Transactions: Remote Online Notarization

Posted: 6th Dec 2021

Written by: Adrian Karborani

While a global economy increasingly connected by the internet has led to a gradual increase in cross-border yacht transactions, there has been less than comparable development in the use of digital closings in the yacht space. The primary reasons for this are two-fold. Read More

Azul Marine: Presenting Fractional Yacht Ownership at Caribbean Charter Yacht Show

Posted: 4th Oct 2021

Written by: Karen Hockney

As Azul Marine joins forces with IGY by sponsoring the upcoming Caribbean Charter Yacht Show in St. Thomas, it is looking forward to unveiling a new value proposition for its clients while also becoming part of an exciting new charter event. Read More

Speaking with Breaking The Mould Accounting at Cannes Yachting Festival 2021

Posted: 19th Sep 2021

Written by: Rebecca Whitlocke

The Cannes Yachting Festival returned in style last week allowing yachting professionals to catch up in person after 18 month of cancellations. During the event we spoke with Alasdair Milroy, founder of Breaking the Mould Accounting, about the value of attending and the trends impacting his business. Read More

Vessel Warranties - The Importance of Compliance with the Terms

Posted: 18th Sep 2021

Written by: Nick Zeher, Robert Allen Law

For a new yacht owner, warranties are a saving grace as in the first year or two it's possible things are going to break. However, complying with the terms of a warranty is vital to avoid denial of a claim and additional expenses down the line.   Read More

Boarding your Yacht? Please Mind the Technological Gap

Posted: 9th Aug 2021

Written by: Dom Bulfin

For decades now, superyachts have represented the pinnacle of wealth, pushing the boundaries of functional beauty and elegant luxury. But as yachts get bigger, and their interiors ever more opulent, it is surprising how many advances from the technological world have been left behind over the years.
Read More

Wire Transfer Fraud: Check Twice, Send Once

Posted: 28th Jun 2021

Written by: Nicholas J. Zeher

The peaceful pastime of carefree yachting has now become a target for hackers and fraudulent behaviour, and as yachts are getting bigger and bigger, the need for additional security measures is growing too. Read More

Introducing the Next Evolution of Sarnia Yachts

Posted: 9th Jun 2021

Written by: Rachel Ingram

For the past 50 years, Sarnia Yachts has been one of the most trusted names in yachting. Since its launch in 1971, what was originally a fiduciary only business has become the go-to company for owners, family offices and brokers across the UK and Europe seeking yacht ownership and operational services. Read More

Buying a Yacht or Jet in the UK or EU: What You Need to Know

Posted: 20th May 2021

Written by: Lorna Titley

For the uninitiated, the process of buying a yacht or jet anywhere in the world seems complicated enough. Add Brexit into the mix and it can suddenly become even more complex. However, Brexit does bring silver linings, at least for some UK yacht and jet owners. Read More

Economic Substance Requirements – Something to Worry About or Something Out of Nothing?

Posted: 30th Apr 2021

Written by: Dominic Bulfin

The term ‘economic substance’ is not a new one, but for most of those working in the superyacht industry, it's either something they have heard of in passing, or an alien concept altogether. So what is it and what does it mean? Read More

Repatriation of Personal Possessions

Posted: 14th Apr 2021

Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

Last month the crew on the 31m MY La Dolce Vita had to abandon their burning yacht off the Florida Keys before fire totally gutted it and the yacht sank, and they may not have managed to take many of their personal belongings with them when they abandoned the yacht. Read More

My Client is Buying a Private Jet, Now What?

Posted: 14th Apr 2021

Written by: Lorna Titley

Whether it's individuals who have achieved new levels of wealth or those looking for safety and convenience in light of the pandemic, both superyachts and private jets are attracting an array of new buyers. Read More

Yacht and Business Jet Finance: What Does the Future Hold?

Posted: 8th Apr 2021

Written by: Lorna Titley

The adage about luxury asset finance that says: “If you need the finance, then you're probably not eligible for it” may sound confusing, but the fact that wealthy business owners would sooner finance their jet or yacht purchase, rather than pay cash, often makes perfect sense. Read More

Crew NDAs: All You Need To Know

Posted: 28th Feb 2021

Written by: Dominic Bulfin

NDAs go by many names, but whatever you may call them, if you work on a superyacht you have probably been asked to sign one at some point in your career. If you haven’t, here is your chance to swot up before it’s your turn. Read More

The Changing Climate for Superyacht Regulation

Posted: 9th Jan 2021

Written by: Dominic Bulfin

In recent months and years, the topic of making yachting more environmentally friendly has escalated from a simmer across the industry to a bubbling hot saucepan of change, and here's what's to come. Read More

‘Crisis? What Crisis?’ The Resilience of the Superyacht Industry

Posted: 8th Jan 2021

Written by: Quentin Bargate

There are many words I could use to describe the superyacht industry and those who work within it, but if pushed for two key words to sum up the industry in 2020 I would have to choose “resilient” and “adaptable”. Read More


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