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King Tommy and the God of Beginnings

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When you write two stories that eventually turn into one, you have to dig deep into your own personal experiences and keep it real to the core.

In ‘King Tommy and the God of Beginnings’ the main human character is a woman lost at sea, based on a true story.  Some years ago, I made a crossing on a stunning Swan sailing yacht from the east to the west Caribbean, a fairy tale voyage across the Caribbean Sea.

One night the winds pick up and a storm hits. We were sailing at 19 knots and the whole crew was up, cheering the vessel on. Where we had spent beautiful star filled nights with no wind at all, coughing diesel out of a tiny engine, all of a sudden it was like a wild horse broke loose, but  this is what she was made for. It’s a turning point for the main character, when everything must change.

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That same night, in India, King Tommy is born, an Indian Therapy Dog with special talents that will mark his destiny forever. Fast forward a year when we meet, and this amazing little dog decides to follow me to America. I have to make it happen, so I take a job on a yacht in Antibes in the south of France to pay for his flight.


Every sheet I folded, every line I threw, every 3 meters, 2 meters, 1 meter was for him. All the cleaning and ironing, cleaning toilets and making beds was for him.  A few months later he was on a plane to California, to join me on a life-changing adventure in America.

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The years pass and King Tommy touches the lives of countless people, in this world and en route to the next. He has a special gift, as do I. ‘King Tommy and the God of Beginnings’ is a book about doing the right thing, a journey across the world in search of forgiveness.

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I still dream of life back on the Islands. We spend a few months on the Cote d'Azur every year and I often walk past the dock where that yacht was moored, just in case, to say “Thank you” to the  owner and show him the most beautiful creature in the world.

King Tommy is the first street dog from India ever to achieve the Therapy Dog status in America. Our story, King Tommy and the God of Beginnings, is available as an e-book on Amazon.

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