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The Boy in 7 Billion

Posted: 1st Jun 2017

Written by: Karen Hockney

Two years ago I received a call from my mother in law. Little did I know then that this 10- minute conversation would change lives and might even end up changing laws around medicinal use of cannabis in the UK and beyond. Read More

The Batmobile - An Evolution in Film

Posted: 1st Apr 2016

Written by: Select Car leasing

With Batman vs Superman just released, we decided to take a look at the iconic Batmobile car and how this movie icon has changed over the years. We’ve created a truly awesome 3D animation showing the transformation of movie versio... Read More

Sicario (2015)

Posted: 7th Mar 2016

Written by: Ben Browne

Denis Villeneuve makes me uncomfortable. I don't blame the man, it's his job after all. Whilst I rate his previous films Prisoners and especially Enemy, there's no denying that his films aren’t exactly “fun”, considering they inte... Read More

The Martian (2015)

Posted: 2nd Mar 2016

Written by: Ben Browne

There's a special kind of dread that settles in the pit of your stomach when one of your favourite directors starts on a streak of films that don't quite connect. I love me some Ridley Scott. Both Blade Runner and Alien have had h... Read More

Goosebumps (2016)

Posted: 27th Feb 2016

Written by: Ben Browne

The “Goosebumps” series of books, like Stephen King's tales for kids, have sold an impressive 400 million copies worldwide. They became a huge franchise and a cultural phenomenon spawning a TV show, video games and tons of merchan... Read More

The Hateful Eight (2016)

Posted: 20th Jan 2016

Written by: Ben Browne

I’ve been a Tarantino fan for many years. I feel it’s necessary to qualify that bias straight of of the gate. Sometimes Tarantino fans can get carried away stumbling over themselves to call his latest film a masterpiece or somethi... Read More

King Tommy and the God of Beginnings

Posted: 18th Jan 2016

Written by: Monique Gold

When you write two stories that eventually turn into one, you have to dig deep into your own personal experiences and keep it real to the core. King Tommy and the God of Beginnings is about my life with an Indian Therapy Dog who t... Read More

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Posted: 28th Dec 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

In keeping with the traditional nature of the season, now is the time of year where we get a ton of “Best Christmas films ever” lists popping up on websites and blogs, but one film that still doesn't get the recognition it deserve... Read More

Fantastic Four (2015)

Posted: 27th Dec 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

Even as a superhero fan, I will admit it's getting difficult to keep track of all the super-powered films fighting for elbow space in a crowded market. As a reviewer, I feel my job is to sort the wheat from the chaff and tell you ... Read More

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Posted: 24th Dec 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

Any discussion of The Force Awakens is going to involve something that someone out there will regard as a film-ruining spoiler, but I promise I'll tread as lightly as I can whilst still delivering the same level of absolutely-bloo... Read More

Terminator: Genisys (2015)

Posted: 14th Dec 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

I don't think anyone, bar film executives, was clamouring for another Terminator film. Even fans of the series would admit that the films have been on a massive decline since the awesome first two However, the studio climate being... Read More

Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Posted: 7th Dec 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

Unlike many people, I love the post Matrix career of the Wachowskis. I've never understood the critical indifference and/or slatings that met V for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas and Speed Racer when they came out. I think Cloud Atlas is a... Read More

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015)

Posted: 4th Dec 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

I've really enjoyed The Hunger Games series and I'm rather sad it's all over. When the first one came out, initially I dismissed it as Twilight-esque young adult fodder, eagerly chasing the same demographic. However, I was blown a... Read More

Cop Car (2015)

Posted: 26th Nov 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

Largely unknown writer-director Jon Watts caused a stir at film festivals earlier this year with Cop Car. Not only did it remind people that Kevin Bacon is a legitimate actor and not just an enthusiastic mobile phone salesman, but... Read More

James Bond: Spectre (2015)

Posted: 28th Oct 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

Daniel Craig's stint as James Bond has been a re-invigoration for the 50 year old franchise having stagnated since the late '90s. People were tired of the campy, invisible car levels of goofiness during the latter Pierce Brosnan y... Read More

Movie Cars You Can Drive

Posted: 23rd Oct 2015

Written by: Keira Watt

Sometimes it seems like movies were made to show off cars. Some cars are simply so great that they seem ready to drive their way off the screen, or they become iconic by carving out their own place in cinema history. Read More

John Wick (2015)

Posted: 8th Oct 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

There was a lot of positive internet buzz concerning John Wick when it was released earlier this year. However, people too busy and popular to keep up to date with film nerd internet chatter may have missed out on it and that is a... Read More

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

Posted: 4th Sep 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

It's interesting to chart the evolution of the Mission: Impossible series over time. The first was a convoluted “everyone betraying everyone” thriller whereas M:I 2 was unconstrained by logic and physics and had lots of slow motio... Read More

Foxcatcher (2015)

Posted: 3rd Sep 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

Foxcatcher was released at the very start of this year just in time for awards season, conveniently enough. I decided to choose it because it feel it got unfairly lost in the shuffle when it came to the slew of “worthy films” that... Read More

Al from the Blah Blahs- Riviera Playlist

Posted: 22nd Aug 2015

Written by: Al Roberts

Al from the band the Blah Blahs takes us on a musical journey along the Cote d'Azur creating a playlist of his favourites that you can listen to on our 8tracks profile. Listen and enjoy. Read More

Fast & Furious 7 (2015)

Posted: 5th Aug 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

In a move that mirrors Skynet’s terrifying rise of the machines, the Fast and the Furious franchise has become self-aware. As a series, it’s been doing this since the soft reboot 4th installment, the confusingly titled “Fast and F... Read More

Ant-Man (2015)

Posted: 31st Jul 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

I've seen the phrase “superhero fatigue” thrown around a lot over the past few years. Some people have taken exception to the sheer number of superhero films already released and that are planned for the future, especially in rega... Read More

Jurassic World (2015)

Posted: 23rd Jun 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

My expectations for Jurassic World weren't high. Like many others, I consider Jurassic Park to be a formative film. Having being stung by the sequels in the years up to this point and having caught the underwhelming trailer, I pre... Read More

Review: Mad Max - Fury Road (2015)

Posted: 27th May 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

It's natural to be wary of belated sequels to dormant franchises. Most of the time, they turn out to cynical modern products cashing in on the lucrative nostalgia market. Read More

Below Deck – Reality TV That Isn’t Real.

Posted: 21st May 2015

Written by: PYA

Clearly the Bravo TV show had sufficient viewers to be re-commissioned for a second season but, as with many ‘reality’ shows, the setup is artificial and as a result the on-screen presentation is in no way representative of the di... Read More

The Social Network (2010)

Posted: 1st May 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

Colloquially known as “that Facebook movie”, The Social Network is one of my favourite David Fincher films. As far as pitches go, a film about rich tech geniuses suing each other for obscene amounts of money doesn't sound like it ... Read More

Groundhog Day (1993)

Posted: 27th Apr 2015

Written by: Ben Browne

Introductions are a tricky thing. As a new film critic around these parts, I'm very aware of the oddery of turning up out of the blue and asking people to read my opinions on such a subjective medium. Read More

Virtual Regatta now Hosts the RC 44 Circuit

Posted: 26th Mar 2015

Written by:

Starting today, one of the most popular and toughest international regatta circuit events in the word, the RC 44 Championship, will run on Virtual Regatta Inshore. Read More

'Below Deck' Makes UK Debut

Posted: 28th Jan 2015

Written by: Karen Hockney

Following a choppy reception from US critics, Below Deck, the much talked about fly on the wall series charting the ups and downs of yacht crew on board a luxury superyacht, has finally crossed the Atlantic to make it onto UK scre... Read More

Interstellar - Simply out of this world

Posted: 25th Dec 2014

Written by: Scott Payne

To say Interstellar is an emotional piece of work would be a massive understatement. On more than one occasion during the 169 minute run time I found myself so utterly engrossed with the performances that I was close to welling up... Read More


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