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Mediterranean Piracy & Migrant Update: July 2016

Posted: 4th Jul 2016

Written by: Securewest International

The security threat from maritime piracy is assessed as LOW due to the absence of incidents in the Alboran Sea. With regards to migrants and refugees, the Western Mediterranean route is a minor route and the likelihood of an encou... Read More

Basic Weapons Familiarization for Yacht Crew?

Posted: 24th Jun 2016

Written by: Shawn Engbrecht

After several reports of ISIS operatives finding their way onto migrant boats, the question of basic weapons familiarization for crew has been doing the rounds. In the unlikely event of such an encounter it might be useful to know... Read More

Piracy Update: Nigeria / Gulf of Guinea

Posted: 4th Jun 2016

Written by: Securewest International

The piracy/maritime crime threat in the Gulf of Guinea is assessed as HIGH, based on an increasing number of incidents in the area, including suspicious vessel activity, attacks, and kidnappings. Since the beginning of the year th... Read More

Mediterranean Migrant Crisis - Planning Ahead

Posted: 22nd May 2016

Written by: Wayne Britton & David Summerfield - Securewest

The migrant issue is not a new one, nor confined to the Mediterranean, but recent events have highlighted the importance of preparing for such eventualities if cruising in areas where migrants might be encountered and your vessel ... Read More

Mediterranean Incident Report - May 2016

Posted: 21st May 2016

Written by: Securewest International

As we enter the start of the Mediterranean yachting season, it is vital for captains, management and owners to be aware of the latest information concerning the migration of refugees and to plan ahead. With the worsening situation... Read More

Piracy Update: Gulf of Aden

Posted: 11th Apr 2016

Written by: Securewest International

The overall maritime threat in the Gulf of Aden is assessed as LOW; incidents are possible but not likely. Over the past year, the number of confirmed and suspicious at-sea
incidents (e.g. boardings, robberies, hijackings, etc.)... Read More

Personal Safety Ashore - Aide Memoire

Posted: 1st Apr 2016

Written by: Securewest International

In light of the increased number of terrorist attacks upon civilians, Securewest International has produced an aide memoire based on incident response procedures, with practical advice on how to protect yourself if you are caught ... Read More

Piracy Update: Caribbean

Posted: 10th Mar 2016

Written by: Securewest International Inc

In 2015, the Maritime Assistance Center (MAC) recorded a total of 508 incidents worldwide of which 20 involved yachts (excluding General Security Warnings). Although maritime incidents in the Caribbean are not as frequent as they ... Read More

Maritime Piracy Outlook 2016

Posted: 8th Mar 2016

Written by: Sebastian Villyn - SAMI

2015 saw a global increase of 10% in piracy and armed robbery at sea, driven by an increase in the number of cases reported in South-east Asia and the Americas. By contrast, activity levels in East and West Africa continued to fal... Read More

Safe Travel in the Age of Small Terror

Posted: 10th Feb 2016

Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

The USA has not always been in a rush to ratify international treaties, with MLC 2006 and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea being outstanding examples. However, the USA pushed the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facil... Read More

New Cyber Security Guidelines for Shipping

Posted: 11th Jan 2016

Written by: SAMI

A new set of cyber security guidelines has been launched for the shipping industry, the first such guidelines designed to assist global firms to tackle potential cyber attacks. These guidelines are now available to download. Read More

15 Minute Safety Challenge

Posted: 5th Jan 2016

Written by: Jane Innes

To watch a beautiful vessel being destroyed by fire is not pleasant. Recent images of te incident in Marmaris are a chilling reminder of the power and devastation fire can cause. No doubt in the coming weeks we will learn more a... Read More

Is Shipping Underestimating the Impacts of Cyber Risks?

Posted: 11th Dec 2015

Written by: SAMI

Potential cyber-attacks have risen to become the third biggest risk for UK businesses, according to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2015. This is a pattern which is repeated across other nations, and while fear of cyber-attack is risin... Read More

The Human Element in Shipping: Working with Others

Posted: 8th Dec 2015

Written by: Matti Bargfield

What happens when a pilot with 26 years of experience, 10 Chinese crew and a newly delivered 900 TEU vessel meet the San Francisco Bay Bridge? Right - a case study about how humans cooperate with each other, the closure of 27 publ... Read More

Caribbean Piracy

Posted: 4th Dec 2015

Written by: SAMI Sea Security

While SE Asia has been the primary focus of most piracy reports in recent months, there
are other areas in which the problems still pervade. West and East Africa may have seen dips in the volume of attacks, but one hot spot which... Read More

Piracy: Focus on South East Asia

Posted: 30th Nov 2015

Written by: SAMI

It has been an interesting few months from a global piracy perspective – the same problems abound in the same places, but there are calls for a standardised approach to reporting attacks which is perhaps even more important as dat... Read More

Advisory: Reduction in HRA for Best Management Practices

Posted: 3rd Nov 2015

Written by: Allmode Security

This advisory is issued in response to the recent announcement of a reduction of the High Risk Area (HRA) for Best Management Practices (BMP)-4 purposes by BIMCO, the co-sponsors of BMP-4 and the European Union Chair of the Contac... Read More

Flame Retardancy - Myth Busting

Posted: 10th Oct 2015

Written by: Flamescreen

For some, flame retardancy is not something they are familiar with, so Flamescreen want to share some myth busting questions and answers from enquiries we have received over the years. Read More

Piracy Incident Report: Indonesia

Posted: 5th Oct 2015

Written by: Allmode

Four robbers, armed with machetes, boarded a Product Tanker whilst at anchor. Hearing the intrusion alarm, the OOW contacted the duty crew to check. When the aft crew did not reply, the AB keeping watch on the forecastle, was inst... Read More

The Human Element in Shipping - Fatigue and Stress

Posted: 2nd Oct 2015

Written by: Matti Bargfried

When the US National Transportation Safety Bureau (NTSB) investigated the worst man-made environmental disaster at sea (EXXON VALDEZ) it concluded that the company had not adequately considered the significant increase in workloa... Read More

The Human Element in Shipping: Making Mistakes

Posted: 30th Sep 2015

Written by: Matti Bargfield

In part three of 'The Human Element' we examine 'Making Mistakes'. Making mistakes allows us to develop skills and to learn something – by simply working with the notion that real outcomes and desired outcomes are equal. Making mi... Read More

Piracy Incident Report: Phillipines

Posted: 28th Sep 2015

Written by: Allmode

Robbers boarded a berthed Product Tanker unnoticed. They stole ship’s property and escaped. The theft was reported by the AB on rounds, who found the forward mooring rope cut and noticed the ship's property missing. Read More

Allmode Advisory 062: Nigeria

Posted: 28th Sep 2015

Written by: Allmode

On the 24.09.15, the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA), has issued a security alert on the likelihood of Boko Haram attack on Lagos seaports. Read More

Drones: A Vision of the Future

Posted: 25th Sep 2015

Written by: Shawn Engbrecht, Cass Global Security

The arrival of commercial drones has been something of an understated affair. When used in a maritime configuration, drones are one of the most powerful security tools available, especially when fitted with real time video capabil... Read More

Piracy Incident Report: Vietnam

Posted: 24th Sep 2015

Written by: Allmode

Robber’s boarded an anchored Bulk Carrier unnoticed. They stole the ship’s properties and
escaped. The incident was discovered later in the day Read More

Allmode Advisory: Kidnapping

Posted: 24th Sep 2015

Written by: Allmode

At 11.23 pm, eleven armed men entered the dock area at the Oceanview resort on Samal
island. They overpowered the security guards and proceeded to abduct four people from the
resort; 2 Canadians, 1 Norwegian and a Filipina woman... Read More

Piracy Incident Report: Singapore Straits

Posted: 14th Sep 2015

Written by: Allmode

Four robbers boarded an anchored tanker unnoticed. They broke into the engine room, stole engine spares and escaped. The Master informed the CSO of the security breach. Read More

State of Emergency Declared

Posted: 10th Sep 2015

Written by: Allmode

On Tuesday 8th September, the US Virgin Islands acting Governor Osbert Potter, declared a State Of Emergency in the US Virgin Islands, following an upsurge in shootings in St. Croix. Read More

BMF Health & Safety: Boat Building & Repairs

Posted: 8th Sep 2015

Written by: British Marine Federation

British Marine members in the boat building and repair sectors represent a broad range of company sizes, products and services. This business area frequently requires skills in a number of areas, and achieving good health and safe... Read More

The Human Element in Shipping: Risk-Taking

Posted: 7th Sep 2015

Written by: Matti Bargfried

In part 2 of The Human Element we look at Risk Taking and Making Decisions. The guide helps to identify countermeasures to avoid human errors and bad decisions, and how to manage the human element on all levels – from engine room,... Read More


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