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Covid-19 Guidance for TYHA & British Marine Members

Posted: 8th Apr 2020

Written by: British Marine

British Marine has released the following guidance for marina operators designed to assist readers in supporting the nation’s focus to fight COVID-19. The most important action we can all take in fighting coronavirus is to stay at home in order to save lives. Read More

Weather Forecasts, Safe Passage and Safe Berths

Posted: 20th Mar 2020

Written by: Carri Woodburn

Adverse weather enhances the risks for yachts and crew, not only in open waters but also in bays, anchorages, ports and marinas. The key to controlling damage is advance planning. Read More

Crew Look After Superyachts, but who Looks After Crew?

Posted: 28th Oct 2019

Written by: Melanie Langley

Superyacht crewing has become one of the go-to careers for young men and women looking to earn great money while sailing to exotic locations aboard multi-million-dollar luxury yachts. It's crucial you protect yourself with an indi... Read More

Safety Afloat: There’s no Excuse for Being all at Sea

Posted: 10th Sep 2019

Written by: John Dodd

The sheer number of leisure sailors who take to the water each year with an inadequate or careless understanding of the equipment, processes and services needed to keep their vessels and themselves safe is a constant source of con... Read More

What is Travel Risk Management?

Posted: 16th Apr 2019

Written by: Nicky Demellweek

You wouldn't leave port without referring to the charts and checking the forecasts, so why leave other potential risks unmapped? In an unsettled world where yachts are venturing further afield, Travel Risk Management is fast becom... Read More

Who Owns Your ISM History - The Yacht or Management Company?

Posted: 14th Mar 2019

Written by: David Clarke

At Superyacht Operating Systems we frequently hear from yachts that would like to change their Management Company or ISM provider. But they feel stuck. They fear they’ll lose the yacht’s historical data if they make the change. So... Read More

Annual Insurance Review: MSCB Has Your Back

Posted: 26th Feb 2019

Written by: Michael Weare

Another year, another insurance review. It doesn’t sound
too exciting does it, but there is no doubt, as a busy yacht
crew professional it’s vital to get your insurance needs
in order before another hectic year of sailing gets ... Read More

10 Travel Safety Resolutions You Should Make in 2019

Posted: 10th Jan 2019

Written by: Elizabeth Dann

Crew are no strangers to stringent security protocol when it comes to ensuring smooth operations and the safety of all onboard. Meanwhile employers are responsible for the security of crew whether working or on holiday, as well as... Read More

Tips for Personal Safety While Travelling

Posted: 10th Dec 2018

Written by: Securewest

According to new research, 83% of women have experienced at least one safety-related incident while travelling for business over the past 12 months. Here are some tips to increase personal safety. Read More

7 Reasons For Having Your Own Medical Insurance

Posted: 10th Dec 2018

Written by: Melanie Langley

While superyacht crew are exceptionally good at giving first class service to their guests, they’re also notoriously bad at looking after themselves when it comes to the vital area of medical insurance. But to ensure a long and he... Read More

Safety Questions Left Unanswered

Posted: 27th Aug 2018

Written by: Nautilus International

Nautilus, has expressed concern at a new study highlighting the failure of many major ship registries to produce accident investigation reports on time – or at all. The Union says valuable lessons that could prevent seafarer death... Read More

Maternity Cover for Seafarers

Posted: 23rd Jul 2018

Written by: Melanie Langley

Pregnancy onboard can be a difficult voyage for the unprepared and the uninsured female and your employment rights may not be protected in the same way as they would be on dry land. As a woman you need to equip yourself with the f... Read More

No Better Reassurance than Adequate Medical Insurance

Posted: 12th Feb 2018

Written by: Simon Dixon

As hard-working, hard-playing yacht crew, are you suffering from a torpid and sluggish liver? Bilious headache and sour stomach? Seeking a sure-fire remedy that’s never been known to fail? By the 19th century, there was certainly ... Read More

You Need Health Problems Overseas Like a Hole in The Head

Posted: 29th Nov 2017

Written by: Simon Dixon

Since the 15th century, ships have had a duty of care towards their crew in the case that they fall ill, but in the past, surgery was more often hazardous than life-saving. Nowadays, what are the provisions for crew in this demand... Read More

Advisory: Rip Currents off the South of France

Posted: 28th Jul 2017

Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

This Advisory is written following a recent tragedy off Pampelonne Beach near St. Tropez in the south of France, a favourite anchorage for hundreds of yachts during the summer charter season. A young French woman attempted to reac... Read More

If You Find Crew Medical Insurance a Headache, Here’s the Cure

Posted: 29th Jun 2017

Written by: Simon Dixon

The first ever obligation to provide medical care for mariners was set out in The Rules of Oleron in the 1100s and it's a judgment that holds true to this day. Thankfully we no longer have to plough through Medieval English, but t... Read More

CHIRP Maritime: Project MARTHA Reports on Effects of Fatigue

Posted: 2nd Feb 2017

Written by: OnboardOnline

CHIRP Maritime has announced the publication of the MARTHA Report, a three year study looking at the impact of fatigue on the wellbeing of seafarers in terms of mental health, motivation and safety. The study surveyed crew operati... Read More

CHIRP Maritime: A Near Miss, Flash Fire and ECDIS

Posted: 4th Dec 2016

Written by: OnboardOnline

CHIRP Maritime has released its latest podcast discussing lessons learned from reports of a near miss between a yacht and a merchant ship, the use of ECDIS and the handling of flash fires during welding and painting. Read More

Anaphylaxis: Adrenaline and Auto-injectors

Posted: 26th Nov 2016

Written by: Rebecca Castellano, MSOS

There are several brands of adrenaline auto-injectors on the market that are available and affordable. Epinephrine itself is an inexpensive drug, but the auto-injector is an expensive method of delivery. Information and education ... Read More

MSOS: Dengue Fever, Chikungunya & Zika

Posted: 10th Sep 2016

Written by: Dr. Spike Briggs

Over the past few years, several viral illnesses have become prevalent in South America, the Caribbean and increasingly in North America. The main illnesses are Dengue Fever, Chikungunya and more recently Zika and the common facto... Read More

Fact of Life: Full Insurance Cover Doesn't Have to Cost More

Posted: 16th Aug 2016

Written by: Melanie Langley

In yachting, crew pregnancy tends to be a taboo subject, certainly when it comes to medical insurance, and many crew believe that pregnancy cover doesn't exist or that it's hugely expensive. Moore Stephens Crew Benefits responded ... Read More

Zika Virus: Information & Travel Advice

Posted: 7th Aug 2016

Written by: Sam Watson

Until now, for those of us in Europe at least, the risk of contracting the Zika virus has felt rather remote. Meanwhile, with cases reported in Scotland and Florida last week, and with the Olympics now underway in Brazil, where ... Read More

15 Minute Safety Challenge

Posted: 5th Jan 2016

Written by: Jane Innes

To watch a beautiful vessel being destroyed by fire is not pleasant. Recent images of te incident in Marmaris are a chilling reminder of the power and devastation fire can cause. No doubt in the coming weeks we will learn more a... Read More

The Human Element in Shipping: Working with Others

Posted: 8th Dec 2015

Written by: Matti Bargfield

What happens when a pilot with 26 years of experience, 10 Chinese crew and a newly delivered 900 TEU vessel meet the San Francisco Bay Bridge? Right - a case study about how humans cooperate with each other, the closure of 27 publ... Read More

Flame Retardancy - Myth Busting

Posted: 10th Oct 2015

Written by: Flamescreen

For some, flame retardancy is not something they are familiar with, so Flamescreen want to share some myth busting questions and answers from enquiries we have received over the years. Read More

The Human Element in Shipping - Fatigue and Stress

Posted: 2nd Oct 2015

Written by: Matti Bargfried

When the US National Transportation Safety Bureau (NTSB) investigated the worst man-made environmental disaster at sea (EXXON VALDEZ) it concluded that the company had not adequately considered the significant increase in workloa... Read More

The Human Element in Shipping: Making Mistakes

Posted: 30th Sep 2015

Written by: Matti Bargfield

In part three of 'The Human Element' we examine 'Making Mistakes'. Making mistakes allows us to develop skills and to learn something – by simply working with the notion that real outcomes and desired outcomes are equal. Making mi... Read More

BMF Health & Safety: Boat Building & Repairs

Posted: 8th Sep 2015

Written by: British Marine Federation

British Marine members in the boat building and repair sectors represent a broad range of company sizes, products and services. This business area frequently requires skills in a number of areas, and achieving good health and safe... Read More

The Human Element in Shipping: Risk-Taking

Posted: 7th Sep 2015

Written by: Matti Bargfried

In part 2 of The Human Element we look at Risk Taking and Making Decisions. The guide helps to identify countermeasures to avoid human errors and bad decisions, and how to manage the human element on all levels – from engine room,... Read More

A Guide to The Human Element by the UK MCA

Posted: 2nd Sep 2015

Written by: Matti Bargfried

Dirk Gregory and Paul Shanahan of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency co-wrote “The Human Element – A Guide to Human Behavior in the Shipping Industry.” It helps to understand how and why human-based accidents and errors occur a... Read More


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